A Christmas Peace Doge


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  1. So the dog is yellow and speaks “Engrish”…?

  2. Ken on another phone

    @iago: the Shibe is a doge. And it’s satire, or something.

  3. Satire. Indeed.

  4. But he’s not blue eyed!-)

  5. So the comments of Japologism.com have made the English Yomiuri it seems.


  6. And by coincidence, Victor published this today, even though it was recorded a long time ago:


    All about Debito.org and the Japanese Only strategies.

    It’s kind of long; I wish he edited it down more. It gets interesting around 30m in; the first thirty minutes covers stuff we already know re the Tempura shop and travel agency listings.

  7. @Desert Camel:

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  8. Hey Eido…
    Yeah I drop by here every once in a while for a coffee. Perhaps I should have informed you that you’d be ‘in’ my article but I did my homework.

    I was alerted to the fact that da and his org have picked up on it too, to which I give about as much credibility as I would if Zaitokukai were having a shot at me. But, with that in mind, there’s something I’d like to ask you by PM.

    You can find my email address at the bottom of the article (although I suspect you’re already quite adept at finding things) :smile:


  9. @Mike Guest:

    got it. I did not dislike the article, thought it was well done. Just surprised, that’s all.

    I’m surprised that Dr. Mtzplk continues to personally approve* libelous statements on his blog, as his commenters aren’t as bright as they think they are with respect to keeping their real identities and their pseudonyms technically separate. I would have thought he had learned his lesson.

    This is my public-use email address:


    * He hits the approve or reject button on every single comment, and often edits the comments)


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