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I was going to write about yet more stupidity from the Japan Times, but I’ve perhaps flogged that dead horse enough in the last week or two. Therefore, instead here is a relatively tame article from Shukan Jitsuwa ( :roll: ) via Tokyo Reporter entitled "Tokyo cops reluctant to crack down on foreign club touts over racism fears".

Now, the competition is to report on this in the style of your favourite Japan-related character, from the ultimate apologist to Japan’s drunkest greatest investigative reporter. Anything is welcome, but stuff I consider might be libellous or otherwise dodgy will be removed.

Prizes are to be decided or might not even exist at all, but first prize could be a copy of In Appropriate; second prize, as the old chestnut goes, two copies…

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  1. Ho ho ho, such a funny guy Ken. :roll:

  2. Graylandertagger

    Sorry to go off topic, but Eric C just posted not one, but two comments bashing Japan on Debito’s “NYT: Xenophobia in Environmental Ministry re exclusionary Fukushima decontam efforts: “Japanese soil is different”, “NJ assistance might scare local grandmas”” article.

    They are as quoted:

    [Ken Y-N: See this link]


    [Ken Y-N: See this link]

  3. @Graylandertagger: Yeah, but he also said:

    You see, we learned something today. This whole Chinpokomon thing happened because we all followed the group. We only liked Chinpokomon because everyone else did. And look at the damage it caused. You see, Kyle, I learned something, just now. It is good to go with the group. A group mentality is healthy, sometimes.

    [Season 3, Episode 10]

  4. Waaaaiiiitt a minute, isn’t EC NOT in Japan? This being the case, how does he know what is (not) being reported in Japanese media.

    Further, it might behoove him to explore some of the delightful practices of both state and private industry have performed on citizens in the US to cut costs, improve efficiency and just plain get away with poisoning/killing people.

    I don’t excuse dodgy dealings in Japan, but they sure as shit ain’t unique to this place.

  5. @Graylandertagger:




    2011.10松あきら参議院議員の発言について.pdf (65キロバイト)
    ※② の発表として、
     「子供4人と自分の体内からセシウムが検出された。」 ※③
    民じゃない』と、『住む資格はない』と言われた。」※① 旨の発言があったところです。
    ③ 「子供 4 人と自分の体内からセシウムが検出された。」 ことについて、現在まで会津若松市在住

    In a nutshell, there was no fact correspondent to what Mazu said and Matsu apologized.

  6. @6810: I don’t understand. How is something America did relevant to the statement about Fukushima? Is there a connection? If you could post me at a link or something, I’d be grateful.

    ‘I don’t excuse dodgy dealings in Japan, but they sure as shit ain’t unique to this place.’, so what? What’s your point? And why so coy?’I don’t excuse dodgy dealings in Japan…’, that’s exactly what you do mean, hence the ‘it happens EVERYWHERE! statement, right? Look, if you can’t be honest about your apologism here (of all places) where can you be?

  7. @Graylandertagger: I asked you before, please do not just cut’n’paste comments from Debito.org. Either just link or add your own critique, thanks.

    However, I will be making a post later tonight about that thread (breaking a promise I made about Japologism :sad: ).

  8. @: Thanks for that info, and I hope that it also sees the light of day on Debito.org. That minister laughing is representative of the bottom of the barrel that Noda was scraping when making appointments.

  9. Graylandertagger

    @Ken Y-N:

    Sorry about posting the whole comment. I didn’t recall you being against it. My bad. :???:

    As for adding the link can you give me a brief explaination on how. I’d be glad to just post links if you’d want me to save space.

  10. @dug

    Spend a Buddhist moment (stop, breathe, think), followed with a reread.

    My comment only refers to Eric C’s style of comment in whichJapan comes up as the world’s worst country, fraught with mismanagement and incompetence that apparently only the Japanese are capable of performing.

    Why the comparison? Because bad stuff also happens and is done by both bad and good people in magical, mystical utopias we know as the west, where everything is, of course the best. :roll:

  11. @6810: Hi 6810! :grin:

    ‘Why the comparison? Because bad stuff also happens and is done by both bad and good people in magical, mystical utopias we know as the west, where everything is, of course the best.’

    Did someone at debito actually say that?!? Wow! Show me a link! :shock:

  12. @iLikeDolphins:
    Strange. Both sides think the other side’s misconceptions arise from them being overpaid english teachers with poor language skills and cultural awareness. One side is probably is suffering from an overconfidence effect on their language ability awareness. And anyway I thought most of the debito writers were ex-english teachers that has left Japan some time ago?

    If only there was a self-confessed well-integrated working class hero who could tell me if there are really problems for NJ in Japan?

  13. Well, at least they are expanding their world view.

  14. I’ve got 99 problems but being a gaijin isn’t one

  15. @beanstalker: Nice answer – I did feel that that post could refer to either groups.

    Anyway, I don’t want to get involved in remote argueing.

  16. Jesus fuck Mr Ken.

    Spelling and Grammar.

    You know the pros are watching.

  17. Ken- I would implore you to stick to the orginial ‘no Debito’ promise. His ‘org.’ offers no insights or meaningful analysis and the follow-up commentary is quite frankly, infantile. Now that he’s widely seen as little more than a racist pamphleteer there is no reason to legitimize him and the bigotry he endorses, nor to engage the double-digit IQ crew that follow him, in any way.

    The only times to bring him up is if, first, it comes to light that some foreign organization sees him or treats him as a representative of NJ voices (God forbid!) or treats him as a bulwark of human rights (ditto!). In that case, the ill-informed person seeking Debito’s advice should be made well aware of what Debito stands for with some vigorous direct input from some denizens of this site. Some of Debito’s more egregiously bigoted, narrow-minded commentary and myopic brainfarts should be saved somewhere for preciely this purpose, but not dwelt upon otherwise.

    The second case is if a legitimate NJ human rights issue is initially sent to Debito. In that case, it should be brought to attention here so that it might re-directed to more responsible parties.

  18. It’s a cry for attention. The “Apologists” have apparently not been engaging suffciently. As Oscar Wilde observed, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

  19. I’m glad someone was thinking the same thing. Debito’s career as a fledgling activist is pretty much over. Surely almost everyone has noticed that Debito gets less and less media exposure as time passes.

    Gone are the days when a wide array of Western journalists would rush to get quotes from him whenever a “human rights” issue surfaces in Japan (the Japanese journalists gave up on him long before that). Universities aren’t booking him left and right for speaking engagements anymore; in fact, they’re not booking him at all. The Japanese government (actually any government) isn’t requesting consults with him. He’s completely neutralized now, limited to his personal blog (despite the .org moniker) and monthly op-ed column in a local English-language newspaper with a fairly small circulation.

    When the Japan Times stops publishing him, I suspect that he will grow seriously depressed. That day will come, sooner or later.

    I also strongly suspect the reason for his overall failure is the accumulation of negative criticisms about his activities over the years, not so much from the blogosphere (look hard enough and you’ll find some blogger complaining about somebody somewhere), but more importantly from more authoritative and telling sources like book authors on Japan, journalists, op-ed columnists, respected business professionals, scholars on human rights, and (my God) even his former wife!

    In all honestly, I feel a little sorry for him because I don’t understand how he gets up out of bed in the morning and continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Somebody once likened it to a slow train wreck in which the person couldn’t help but watch even though looking away would have been the right thing to do.

    The only time it’s perhaps worth bringing up Debito Arudou’s public declarations anymore is if the Japan Times editorial staff encourages readers to look at one of his off-the-wall columns. Otherwise, I have to ask: what’s the point nowadays?

  20. @Dug,

    see post by ILD directly below mine. Typical hard worker that dolphin wrangler…

    Or wait a minute, were you being ironic? Dang, fell for it then…

  21. @6810: Thanks, but I don’t want to read ILD’s posts anymore. All that homo-eroticism creeps me out.


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