A curious link between Obama and Ishihara

I just happened to come across this link in passing on how the Heritage Foundation initially proposed the idea that became ObamaCare, and perhaps we all remember that Ishihara’s plan to buy the Senkakus was first floated at a speech at the Heritage Foundation.

I don’t know what this all means, but I’m sure some tinfoil hatters can tell me!

  1. Sorry to disappoint you Ken, but Romney is basically talking bullshit. He needed to oppose Obamacare to win over the right and the tea party, so he has to pretend that he didn’t actually introduce a form of universal healthcare when he was governor that provided a demonstrable model when Obama was trying to get the healthcare legislation through congress.

    It’s all a bit surreal, really.

  2. @VK: I haven’t a clue what you are talking about, I’m afraid. :shock: I’m also not interested in the day-to-day ins and outs of the US elections either, and I note that the Heritage Foundation do not support what ObamaCare has become. I just found the common link quite curious!

  3. Not paying much attention to US elections either. Don’t need to. It’s the same thing every 4 years – two rich guys with rich friends who will end up doing almost the same thing. Spending other peoples’ money and demanding credit and praise for it. Only difference is one side tries to pretend their guy isn’t rich.

    I’ll assume the left has painted Romney as some sort of demon. A guy who doesn’t even drink caffeine? Must have been tricky. I assume the only angle left is that he is rich and corporate and therefore greedy and evil? Accompanied by sudden 10,000% increase in mass media just happening to do stories on how odd those Mormons are? The only religion that deserves our tolerance is Islam, after all. :roll:

    But anyway, what are the consequences for me in Japan. Such as;
    How low will the yen exchange rates go?
    How will the US respond to Chinese escalation in the Pacific?
    If Romney gets elected, will I hear 4 years of gaijin bitching about him? :wink:

  4. @Level3:

    You said it for me. Several years ago I found myself withdrawing from politics as it seemed ever clearer to me that it is all one elaborate pantomime played by a lot of rich people to help their rich friends.

    Sure, there are some goodies and baddies among them but when we sit down to reflect on what might be called achievements or advances brought about during their reign all we see are agencies renamed from “a” to “b”, taxes cut from “X” for “Y” and the opposition claiming to reverse whatever was done.

    We get empty promises, failed infrastructure and more poor people, less social stability and more parking.

    Oh wait, that’s just Australia, were we taking Mitt/Romney?


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