A fried rat and a love rat

Here are two stories that caught my eye. First we have mutant rodents sabotaging Fukushima. Many of the TV reports I saw pointed out that (a) they still only have a lorry on site with all the switching gear on it, and (b) there is no built-in redundancy in their power supply and they are all interconnected, so when one popped a fuse making rat toast, they all fell over in succession on detecting an anomaly in the power lines, or something like that.

Second, we have a child custody battle between Australia and Japan, with the rodent this time being what appears to be a love rat:

According to the judgment, he convinced the mother, who he met while his first wife was pregnant, with the promise of a reconciliation to their own troubled marriage on arrival in Australia.

But that didn’t happen. Pregnant and alone, she was convinced to hand her in-laws legal guardianship of the boy while she returned to Japan, where her ex-husband was working, to sort out her affairs.

While she was there, she caught him cheating with his now fiance. When she called her mother-in-law to declare she wanted her son back, she was told the boy was going to New Zealand to live.


This story also has a little bit of Fookooshimar:

He granted the mother sole parental responsibility, finding the boy was not at "unacceptable risk" from radiation exposure back in Japan.

Looking at the court judgement (PDF), it appears that the mother lives in Tokyo, and paragraph 191 says:

Each country has risks. In Australia, there are risks from venomous spiders, sharks, bushfires, floods and other natural or man-made dangers. In the Court’s view it is not a matter of placing a child in a position where the risks of the ordinary exigencies of life are non-existent.

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  1. That second article is rather poorly written and hard to understand. Then I read the court judgement and figured out why it was hard to understand. Way too many aliases and parties involved.

    This bit caught my attention:

    The father shall use his best endeavours to ensure the following in
    relation to the child:
    b. That the child continues to learn about his Japanese culture
    including festivals, food, sports, martial arts and the like;

    If you are going to learn about Japanese culture, you HAVE to learn about martial arts. :roll: Oh well. They should have included things like anime/manga and AKB48. :lol:

  2. So, Michael Q Todd has been at it again then?

  3. From what I’ve read on social media and the Internet, it would appear that all New Zealand men are irreparable love rats. It is because of their inward-looking and feudalistic Victorian culture. The young people just grow up to become older people. No forward thinking woman should marry one. It’ll only end in tragedy.

  4. They are love rats by default- apparently the pickings at home are less than appetizing.
    *I didn’t say it- the Kiwis I have met said so, truly.

  5. Apparently the women down there don’t have enough critical thinking to meet their philosophical and sexual needs.

  6. Sorry for the interruption, but
    appears to be closed for comments, but this,
    is very close to it’s original topic.

    This particular quote struck a chord….
    “I’ve seen lots of different kinds of mothers, one thing that really hit home is how much the temperament of the mother mirrors onto the kids,” Loynes says. “Mothers that were panicky after every aftershock, their kids were terrified. Mothers that sat very calm and were collected, their kids were sensible, they were wary but didn’t panic.”

  7. @iLikedolphins: Or they have too much critical thinking?

  8. @Andrew in Ezo: I just remembered that a friend of mine’s father was from New Zealand (or he emigrated there?) and my friend was quite proud that his father had basically shagged his way around the world, and had probably sired a number of brothers and sisters that he had never met.

  9. Wat.

  10. @The 2-Belo: Sorry, the spammers have been working overtime to get past my filters recently. :cry:


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