A quick geography lesson

Fukushima, Osaka:

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Fookooshimar, Osaka.

I count four out of six straying towards Fookooshimar, and the Tai-chi instructor on about spirulina, chlorella and modifilan is in total tinfoil hat territory.

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  1. And in this month’s Phrases That Don’t Mean What I Think They Mean:

    Bread and circuses.

  2. And this lovely little bit of Asians-as-children orientalism:

    Japan as a government or society is not mature enough to handle huge international events.

  3. @VK: But he does then go on to list the several major international events that Japan has successfully hosted.

    TBH, one probably shouldn’t knock having a track record of success until one has tried it…

  4. @iago:

    The fact that “We know Japan can organise these things without hitches” was a common cited reason for delegates to have voted the way they did seems to have passed him by. The whole of the IOC are apologists, it seems.

  5. Odd there are no comments yet. Zealous moderating, or has the entire world suddenly learned DNFTT?

  6. Image a world in which Debito provokes no reaction even from within the gaijin community…I imagine that would be a fate worse than death for him given that the Japanese government and Japanese-language readers already have no exposure to him.

    His critics should try it some day just to see what would happen. I suspect it would be the equivalent of punching him in the stomach….it would probably hurt that much.

  7. @VK: I’ll probably not do a details critique of this one, but I did feel the whole thing was written without actually checking any details or having followed the bidding process in any detail whatsoever – was he aware that Istanbul’s bid was about 10 times the cost of Tokyo’s, for instance?

    nothing is left to chance, and nobody will be allowed to spoil the party

    Which is the main reason that Tokyo was chosen!

    conveniently playing on widespread Western fears of a religion and linking it to social instability

    You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that suggestion or any other than Inose has a big mouth and no sense of tact. Is he honestly suggesting that that gaffe was actually a plus point? And save your irony until the Zaitokukai start suicide bombing Korea Town. :facepalm:

  8. @Ken Y-N:

    As I remember it even the Japanese news was pointing out that knocking down other candidates as part of your bid was against the spirit of the process, and generally taboo.


    Satire? Perhaps the plug for his book on assimilation, at the end of all that, was! :grin:


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