A quick note re Debito.org for my more excitable readers

For the best part of a year now, Debito.org has been infected with a Viagra-pimping hack that seems to have been around since at least 2010, and which installs a backdoor that has been known to hang around for months. Furthermore, by September of this year Google chucked the site out of their index due to said chronic penis spam, yet as far as I could determine it was another month before Mr Arudou took action, but that appeared not to be sufficient, as the spam redirects still operated.

Now, you can choose to believe either that the Pharma hack trashed his site (either due to bugs in it or a botched clean-up by a self-admitted non-expert, etc) or that coincidentally Evil Hackers out to ruin his reputation also haxxored in, but Occam’s Razor tells me the first is most likely true.

Personally, I think having the site up and actively displaying the comments it does is far more damaging to his reputation than a blank screen, and quite frankly I miss my regular dose of :facepalm: and :headdesk: .

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  1. Can I be the first to say I have no idea what you’re going on about?

    For example: I have never had any attempt to sell me Viagra turn up on my screen either as an advert on Debito.org, or as a pop-up.

    I also don’t know how back doors get installed.

    Arudou doesn’t seem realise that we like his site being up. Without it we’d be Victorians in desperate search of a freak show.

  2. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Deary me. Check out debito.org at the moment for evidence he reads this blog:


    has been hacked.

    I’ve taken it offline until I get it fixed.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Given the controversial nature of some of the topics we deal with, I guess a hack was inevitable.

    I’m not the most tech-savvy person (although some of our critics certainly are), so if you can help out with fixes and security, please email debito@debito.org.

    Or if you want to donate to help get a professional de-hacker involved, my Paypal account is a different email address here: deb…@me.com (click on the three dots there to reveal it)

    Back as soon as possible. Thanks as always for reading.

    ARUDOU Debito, webmaster, DEBITO.ORG

    And, of course :roll:

    UPDATE DECEMBER 4: Here’s my latest Japan Times JBC Column 70, excerpt:

  3. I sometimes visit the site, and it does highlight some important issues, but like too many activists, Debito gets way too full of himself and his cause, easily spilling into hyperbole and sometimes seeing abuse where it probably does not exist, all too ready to become a martyr.

    The claim about the hack being an “inevitable” consequence of the nature of his blog is a perfect example. My blog was also hit by the Pharma hack, but I do not vainly attribute it to political motivations. These things happen.

    Debito would be easier to take seriously if he did not blame those he criticizes every time he stubs his toe on a crack in the sidewalk.

  4. Ken on the phone

    In other news, it would appear that bachome has also been haxxored, or is taking sponsorship from dodgy scareware vendors.I went there and got redirected to a fake virus alert page.

    When will people learn to look after their sites?

  5. Back home, trying to visit bachome DOT org from Google gives me this page, then following through to the hosting network page, it says over one in forty of the sites on that host are haxxored. :shock:

  6. The only thing inevitable is that conspiracy theorists will exploit any random hack of their blog, even deliberately be lax with security hoping it will happen, claim it as proof of the conspiracy, and delay fixing it as long as possible to generate “donations” to fix it.

    Even if they already have the resources to do so.

  7. Oh well, looks like Occam’s Razor went a bit blunt on me. :facepalm: It seems he really was targeted for haxxoring after the drive-by viagra shot. :shock:

  8. But none of you all are big enough to prove that you are the *better man* and actually apologize for all of the above comments, now that Debito can proved he was hacked?
    I thought you all enjoyed p*ssing from the moral high ground?

  9. I’m curious about Arudou’s “hypocrisy” being the prompt for any attack. It’s not the first thing that springs to mind in terms of rude things people say about him (Personally, I’d have gone for “bigot”). “Hypocrite” is the kind of accusation laid at someone who’s not extreme enough in the eyes of the accuser – think communists laying into social democrats, or out and out Nazis having a go at mainstream nationalists. Are we dealing with someone who hates the Japanese even more than Arudou?

    My money’s on Jim di Griz.

  10. @VK:

    Doesn’t prove anything, but as “hypocrite” is a rather unique charge, I tried searching for the phrase “debito arudou hypocrite”. It does bring up a old defunct blog I’ve never seen before.

  11. I noticed that site many years ago when I was first investigating Debito for alleged hate crimes under the auspices of the CIA. It made mention of an uncommon pejorative that first surfaced in an early 90s pre-blog.

    Jank was an amalgam of Japanese and Yankee or Yank, introduced as a self-referential term for an American immigrant who had found work at a Japanese company, bought a house, and believed himself to be fully integrated. To underline his success he attended various cocktail parties at Eikaiwas and wrote disparaging comments about English teachers. As you do.

    The term Jank never caught on so is there a connection between criticism of Debito, Jank #1, and early English language proto-bloggers in Japan? I think this may run much deeper than any of us realized.

  12. The email from someone claiming to be the hacker is just from a troll – a real troll (not a troll as in “this person disagrees with me and is therefore a troll”).

    If the troll successfully starts a flame war, he got his lulz.

  13. @The Dude: Good point – there’s no evidence to suggest that the person who mailed and the hack are connected. As the Sannomiya Stalker himself, that great orifice oracle of truth JDG once said, “we” collectively identified 63 debito posters, surely “our” MO would be to go in and out without leaving an obvious trail?

    Then again, if it were random hackers doing it for the lulz they would have defaced rather than disabled?

    Hmm, I’m still missing a motivation for the course of action. :???:

  14. @Ken Y-N:
    @The Dude:

    :headdesk: Of course: Why would you send a message by private e-mail if you’ve hacked the site and could leave it there for everyone to see?

  15. @Ken Y-N:

    The motivation for which action?

    The motivation for the hack was to raise the Page Rank of a viagra site to get it featured more prominently in Google search results, to make money.

    The motivation for the email was to troll, to make opportunistic lulz.

    The hack and the email are probably unrelated. Actually, I’d say they are totally unrelated.

  16. God Hates Janks!….it was a great blog taking a piss out of all the Janks in the world.

    The site owner had a theory that Japan + Yanks = Janks = EFL instructors named “David”


    The site went offline a long time ago, but God Hates Janks! can still be accessed in archives.

  17. There was another site. A man who claimed to have coined the term ‘Jank’. He felt he had integrated more fully into Japanese society and spent a lot of time deriding English teachers in general rather than specific sites. It may be lost to time but not to memory.

  18. I had a blog, but it was hacked. Almost certainly by debito fans. You ask for proof?

    No, they didn’t leave an advertisement for In Appropriate or demand I bow to them, or anything about human rights, it was haxxored to link to some Russian pr0n site.

    That’s not proof enough?

    Then look at this an email from a throwaway account that was totally not written by me or any of my troll fans.

    Absolute proof! Apologize debito fans!

    Also, someone did a prank call on me last week, just hung up, no heavy breathing or threats to my kids, so I know it wasn’t to do with a journalist. Obviously it was debito fans! Apologize!!!

  19. I see Arudou has approved the C&P republication of a work by conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite Yoichi Shimatsu.

    There’s also this invitation to cod-psychologise and misquote Jack D. Ripper on “the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

    – “Do you still honestly believe it is Japan that is manipulating the US?” Answer: Yes I do.

  20. @VK: I considered doing an article dissecting that cut’n’paste, but I don’t think it deserves the extra attention, although I did like the bit where the author claims that Shintaro Ishihara founded Aum. :roll:

  21. Hmm… His site appears to have been excluded from Google search again. I don’t think I’m going back there until it is less toxic…

  22. KT88 (the Canis lupus dingo)

    @iago: The whole lot of ’em, the Debbis that is – they’re nuts. Just nuts. Conspiracy theories? House gaijin? WTF?

    “Apologists took my boibee!” :cool:

  23. @Ken Y-N:

    Unless Shimatsu gets published or cited by a mainstream media organisation, I think the less attention he gets the better. If he does, it’s better to have a go at the organisation doing it. He’s waaaay beyond the pale (He writes about “Jewish norms of rampant consumerism, aggressive greed and domineering sexual violation” and thinks Israel blew up Japan’s secret nuclear weapons facility at Fukushima because Japan supports the Palestinians.)

  24. @KT88 (the Canis lupus dingo): As I said, an up-and-running Debito.org does his cause more self-inflicted damage than anything a hacker could hope to do. Is no-one willing to say, or is Mr Arudou not willing to let a comment through saying that Zero Hedge (Japan Focus-level bias) or Global Research (batshit crazy) may not be the best of sources.

  25. Ken on the phone

    @Ken Y-N: I think I’ve realised why everyone is anonymous on Debito.org – with them now linking to beforeitsnews, people are too embarrassed to use their real names and let on they are readers.

  26. @Ken on the phone:

    Yet we all know the name of the official censor approving comments suggesting not only that the 2020 Olympics will be Berlin 1936 all over again, but that there’ll be extermination camps for foreigners. (As a side note, I believe the standard translation is 働けば自由になる).

    In an Orwellian move, his “foreigners should leave Japan” column has been disappeared from his monthly blog summary.

  27. Ken on the phone

    And it’s down again! Doesn’t look like haxxors this time however.

  28. We did it! Just by saying sorry!

  29. Jesus! Greed? If all of this is true, Terrie lloyde is a full fledged sociopath. Debito is a cuddly teddy-bear in comparison. If you see Deb give him a hug for me, he’s the least of anyone’s problems in the expat community.

  30. The Devlin-Lloyd feud is definitely cause for breaking out the popcorn. Less good-vs-evil or David-vs-Goliath than Scumbag #1 pissed that Scumbag #2 managed to out-scumbag him.

    The only unequivocally true thing to be learned from their mutual accusations: never agree to anything with either of them unless they pay cash up front.

  31. @dfmoss:
    Please tell me his blog got hijacked and he’s being parodied.

    That is just…


  32. @Sublight:

    not going to make easy jokes about of course he digs some Japanese women who provide a roof over his head, handle police questions again and again, do all Japanese language harassment he can’t do himself. no, not going to.

    my new year resolution is to stop paying attention to insignificant bloggers


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