A reluctant Fukushima kenmin and a Fookooshimar fail

I read an article in the Japan Times entitled "Fukushima: health disaster or PR fail?", written by their resident scientist of exemplary qualifications. To save you the bother of reading, the answer is, of course, B. However, especially when you contrast the tone with last month’s anti-whaling article by the same author, where he even went as far as putting italics in the headline, his lack of passion for the lack of health problems forecast by the professor he interviewed is quite, quite disappointing.

Here’s also a Tokyo equals Fookooshimar site that tried and failed to chase away the Olympic committee, and all I can see reading the numbers is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I wonder what the figures would be if a similar survey was conducted in Istanbul or Madrid?

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  1. All I care about is what the net effect is…

  2. Is anyone else gettng fed up with the intellectually bankrupt response of corruption and graft as a knee-jerk method of explaining away inconvenient truths or personal convictions?

    Tokyo wins the Olympics for 2020. Don’t like it as a choice? Claim that they won it because they could pay the biggest bribes! Nothing about relative merits or demerits. Without any evidence, simply claim that a choice or belief you don’t agree with can only be explained by corruption. Hey, the logic goes, corruption has occurred in the past with the IOC so this decision can be THE ONLY logical reason Tokyo’s bid won. We wouldn’t want to admit that Tokyo has actual virtues and that Fukushima’s effects might be limited, do we?

    Seaking of which, Gerry Thomas claims that the health effects of Fukushima will be negligeble. Don’t like that? Claim that she is corrupt, paid off by the nuclear industry. Forget any scientific evidence or credentials, if you don’t like the conclusion accuse her, without any evidence– with only total speculation at your disposal, of lying. Gerry Thomas actually knows that the health effects of Fukushima will be catastrophic but she’s willing to let thousands of people die from cancer, and throw her scientific integrity out the window because– well she must have received a big, stuffed brown envelope. She is a morally defective person. We know that large industries try to win favour with academics so that MUST be the case with Dr. Thomas!

    Yeah that’s it, people with other opinions and conclusions are actually morally worse than us (ever notice how all of AD’s ideological enemies get portrayed as being moral failures?).

    Me too. The nuclear industry gave me $100 to write this post. It can’t be my REAL opinion, of course. I realize that, in doing so, I am endorsing my own cancerous future and the deaths of thousands of children but, hey, it’s a hundred bucks!! Unlike my ideological opponents who have upstanding moral integrity, I’m a slut. That’s the only way to explan it.

    Hey, even us lowlifes who post here or on the JT comment board– we don’t actually like living in Japan, do we? Nah– we just prostrate ourselves to gather up the crumbs from under our master’s table. We too, are moral sellouts, asslickers, only defending our life choices because we know that our overlords will reward us. Only that can explain why we might be inclined to defend aspects of the society we’ve chosen to integrate ourselves in.

    Just like “The Rocket” said earlier, with his impeccable logic, we all actully regret our choice to live in Japan. Why don’t we just man up and admit it, then join AD in saving it? The logic is just soooo compelling!

    PS @ Sublight– I think of myself as being on the same team as the Japanese. I’m one of their import players. The kind who fits in.

  3. @The Apologist: Well said. The sexist version of debito.org logic: “I think we all know how she got that job/promotion.” The racist version of debito.org logic: “We all know if it weren’t for U.S. affirmative action rules he/she wouldn’t have gotten into [insert company or university here].” The debito.org version, as you mentioned is: “I think we all know the real reason [something good] happened in Japan…”

  4. All along as a career fades, I can’t see how the professional war journalist can ignore one of the axioms of sensationalist yellow journalism that has guided him all these years.

    “You must build them up before you can tear them down.”

    Who is practically the only outlet the pro war journalist has these days for his rants? And he never really asks himself “Why do they give me an outlet?”

    He is so blind that he probably has only thought “because I’m onto something big!”

    If anyone should know not to trust a journalist, it is the war blogger. Why does he trust his editors? The editors that already outed his involvement in the Braun story.

    Must be just a mistake!

    It’s so train wreck seeing him willfully being played, strung along to keep him in the Japan public eye, and when people get bored with it (soon now) his last remaining outlet will cash in on their investment, and can get their most popular story of the month when they print the expose on HIM. Excerpts from his private emails to them. All the stories from the FCCJ and sources in immigration. It will be a fullp age story worth a read, a chuckle, and then forgotten.

    Just keep heading for that cliff and trust your “friends”. They really care about you personally and have no other motives!

  5. @havill: I think you’re getting debito.org confused with globalCJlite. Or are you…

  6. @Greg: Yup. You were right…

  7. @Greg:
    Considering his own stance on ink in Japan and being denied services for being tatted, I’m really curious to see how he twists this in order to be able to bitch about Japan even more.


    “But a word of caution before you go off half-cocked: If management requires shoes and shirt from everybody for service, put on the shoes and shirt. If it is a matter of refusing people with tattoos (which is unfortunate for you–you chose to get tattooed, and in Japan it carries the image of organized crime), ask if covering up the offending area would suffice for entry. If not, sorry, but you’re going to have to live with the fact that Japanese society considers a tattoo a branding. It’s not an issue of race here.”

  8. Has anyone Goggled Debito’s site? I’m getting:

    Viagra online order – debito.org
    This site may be compromised
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    OK which one of you did it?

  9. @Irezumi_Aniki: And… I think you have your answer. Ever the sophist, our activist can move goalposts with the facility of one born on a football field.

  10. @Greg: Wasn’t me, I was too busy haxxoring Gaijinpot. :roll:

    Anyway, it looks like Google has had enough, and has chucked the blog side of his site out of the Google index. If you are reading Dr Arudou, this report might help you find your problem.

  11. @Ken Y-N: Ahh, the site’s been cleaned up now.

  12. @Ken Y-N: It was a pharma-hack. How do they choose what site gets the steroids ads or the Viagra? Do they go to Google trends and look at the demographics and then take a peek at the site and notice that Deb’s site is mostly miserable middlemen-aged men? Then, proceed the hacking with Viagra ads?

  13. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Looks like debito’s blog has been hacked by someone who instead of talking about “human rights in Japan” is a self-professed expert on international relations and security issues.


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