And so to bed…

Well, today I turned off the auto-renew on this domain, although it’s still got over a year to run.

As can be witnessed by my lack of updates, my heart is no longer in it, and quite frankly I feel sorry for Dr Arudou these days. Furthermore, it would appear that Japan Times has decided to lose the racism and complete all transactions with the said Doctor, as witnessed by (a) the lack of Just Be Cause this month and (b) said Doctor committing, in my opinion, copyright infringement with Japan Times twice this month, whereas previously he always just published extracts from JT columns.

For other topics, the Fookooshimar idiots are sadly still in force, but repeating the same debunking of their nonsense is a pretty futile endeavour.


  1. I got you pegged to a “T” and we both know it! ILD uncovered! Alone. No GF, no mate, nothing. Dead end job at a factory with much ballyhooed job “perks” ending up as a mirage. Thought sucking up to the boys at work would change how they felt about you, but nope. Even tough you probably lay claim to (quarter or half?) Japanese lineage, they see you as just another foreign monkey boy to have the odd beer with from time to time.
    Your weirdness and anger eventually chafed on them as well. They don’t want your company so much these days
    Now, pushing 40 and no woman, no prospects for a woman, and a dead end job.
    EXPOSED on this very site for that absolutely embarrassing YouTube video bobbing your head to the drum/bass horseshit you aspire to DJ.

    The horror……..the horror…..

  2. I’m well into my forties already but other than that you’ve got me bang to rights guvnor.

    It’s the Asian blood you see, we call it the taint.

    Now I know you’ve gone full Aryan, you prefer Top 40 hits over that awful “drum bass” music, and you’re “lucky with the ladies”, tell me, what English school is it that you teach at again?

  3. @ilikedolphins:

    Someones a 40 year old viiiirrrrgiiiinnn~!

  4. Tell us why you don’t like drum and bass Frank.

  5. Well ILD, Its horseshit computer generated sounds made by and for computer geeks who don’t have one iota of musical taste or talent.
    Its the ultimate shortcut for untalented non-artists who want to be seen as talented artists.

  6. Wow, that’s cool. I haven’t heard anyone talk like that since the early nineties.

    I guess they just push a button and the music comes out.

    So, what do you do in Japan anyway? Do you manage your own English school or something like that?

  7. 50 shades of Di Griz


    “Price down!”?

    I guess you need it spelled out to you;

    Obsessing over Debito is finished now. Even Ken is embarrassed at having devoted so much of his life to it. It’s kind of the point of this whole thread.
    It’s all there in the header. :roll:

  8. @ilikedolphins: Pretty much that. Push play and sit on your ass.

    Tell me, What factory do u punch into? Do u get a 30 min or 40 min lunch break?

    Outside of prostitutes, have you even talked to a girl in the last 5 years?

    I beg you. PLEASE put the YouTube video up. You owe it to humanity

  9. Once I get home, you’re all getting so banned.

  10. Not sure why I would be talking to prostitutes if I was a virgin but girls?

    Hmm…..I talk to my daughter sometimes. If she isn’t playing Nintendo!

    I think a lot of people share your complaints about modern djs, however I think they still mostly DJ standing up.

    Drum and Bass production on the other hand, really is a marvel of audio engineering. It can take months, and a lot of skill, to produce just a single track.

    It’s certainly far cheaper to get set up with the gear these days but without an ear for the sound you are trying to achieve its easy to get nowhere fast.

    Anyway it was over 20 years ago when I was active on the scene. There were no smart phones then, certainly no YouTube, I only have some old photographs really.

    We have an hour for lunch and I work in Factory No.1

    Unions are much stronger in blue collar jobs and we seem to have it much better than a lot of IT workers or office slaves!

    What do you do by the way? Is it to do with teaching or something else?

  11. Ahhhh..,,

    I thought it was that or the Phil and Dallas one.

    That’s not me bro unless you think he works for ¥2000 an hour in a factory.

  12. Ban Frank – ILD has been golden on this site. Frank- you’re not funny, IDL is and was. There’s history – with you, you’re just a 30 line wannabe!

  13. @Tohoku oyaji:

    Well, you’re half right. Morley has been funny on this site.

    Did you check out his head bobbing!?!

    And Morley does have a history – of being a self-hating, manic-depressive with great flashes of anger ( and some very racist diatribes to boot!)

    But its his anger that I will always remember. I see the horror that has become this poor little man’s life.

    That, and his fat bald sweaty head bobbing back and forth….

  14. Jesus Frank, you’ve got a raging hard on there for poor old Morley.

    Although you banging on about him being a half-caste and jealous of whitey could also be interpreted as racism by some.

    Do you teach adults too or just kids?

  15. But ILD works in a factory. Morley too old to sweep the Japanese maple leafs off the front walk without dropping dead. Morley’s wife is ageing like a fine wine, though. I wonder if she’s dating? You have to love Japan and all those dysfunctional marriages.

  16. Damn, I mucked up turning off comments last night…

  17. @Claude:

    well more time for Marley to sit in his room and bob that big ol’ sweaty head to basses and drums. (Cant go out you see. ¥2000/hr and those much ballyhooed job perks didn’t quite work out, you see)

  18. Which particular job perks are you referring to Frank?

    I love your tenacity by the way.

  19. Ken,

    Late to the party – but thanks for this and tepido. Tepido especially helped keep things sane in 2011.

    I agree that the fun has gone out of it. It’s all rather sad what’s happened to Arudou, and I’m now seeing his generation of followers who are still here in a slowly dawning mess as they hit their fifties – in increasingly insecure work, with no idea how they’ll manage retirement.

    There’s still a lot of bollocks out there, but there always will be.

  20. I’m going the miss the gaijin slapfights on this site. It’s always entertaining to see the blind making fun of the cripples.

  21. VK!

    You teach English though right!?

    I’m a little surprised you see yourself tut-tutting away as the man in the high castle when you’re pretty much in the same boat as any other shitfaced foreigner down at the Hub.

    Get that forklift licence bro and then we’ll talk.

  22. @ilikedolphins:

    Come on, you can do better than that. Make an effort. For old times’ sake?

  23. Sekkusu shinai shokogun

    For all his faults, Debito had the balls to do something that none of you will ever do, he got a PhD on his late 40s and most importantly moved to another place after living in Japan for almost 26 years. Despite the current, admittedly, dire situation i believe in the long run he’ll be in much better condition than most, if not all of you (read: Japan’s unsustainable economy/Demographic collapse/Major earthquakes) trying to figure out how to survive on a poverty levels retirement and an economic environment much worse than it is now.

    Better days are coming, indeed :lol:

  24. Yeah, I’m definitely never getting a Ph.D. in my late forties.

    Hey VK, now this site is closing down where are you going to go to keep pretending that you’re intelligent?

  25. Fukin, he didn’t! I’ll pop the popcorn.


    ILD is Morley Robertson. Behold this fat, bald, sweaty douchebag doing his thing.

    Thank me later, folks! Ill accept pints of the black stuff at your local Hub!

  27. @ilikedolphins:

    wtf? I don’t need to go anywhere to pretend to be intelligent. I work at a university. You’ve just described my day job. Poor show.

  28. Yeah I get that people give you mad respect at work because you’re the only guy who knows all the words to The Wheels On The Bus but you know you came in here trying to be all hefty and then got deflated like a lead balloon by a guy that you thought needed a better user name.

    Well, look at me now bitch. I’m slightly internet famous. And you’re teaching conjunctions.

  29. How does a lead balloon deflate?

  30. slowly, sadly, and with the sinking realization that there’s no going back up?

  31. Why would a lead balloon go up in the first place?

    Are you sure it’s not just a toy forklift you’ve got and just tiny, tiny hands?

  32. I didn’t buy my own forklift you lumbering dancing monkey sloth.

    My hands are scarred, robust, dirty, and alive.

    I’m sure you hold a pen well.

  33. Morley Robertson, you ARE slightly internet famous! Just look at your YouTube channel !
    By the way, always wondered, do you get a locker at your factory? Are you and the other forklift drivers allowed to listen to basses and drums while you forklift?

  34. Hey hey, just one minute! ILD is a welder not a forklift operator. Why would you need a licence to be a forklift operator, anyway? Poetic licence I understand. Plenty of that in ILD’s posts. I know I know, you have all the skills of a real man and I’m useless and I can’t chew gum and walk at the same.. blah blah etc etc..

  35. Oh no, he’s come up with “I’m sure you hold a pen well.”

    I am defeated.

  36. deflated like a lead balloon is more like.

    You need a licence to weld.
    You need a licence to drive a forklift.
    You need a licence to drive a car.

    What you don’t need a licence for is Teaching The English.

    It’s a FOB job. Even if you do it for 29 years and kid yourself into thinking you’re successful.

  37. Awww. Is this about an ex-girlfriend?

  38. I wouldn’t call you that. You’re more like a guy I met on the Internet.

    I was abusive I guess but you kept coming back. Didn’t know how to walk away.

    And the hits kept coming.

  39. What was her name?

  40. Well I’m glad you’re not pretending to be intellectual anymore although me having an ex-girlfriend who taught English for 29 years makes as much logistical sense as Morley driving a forklift down by the docks.

    Poor VK. Your witty banter won’t fly at work and your career as the resident gaijin gatekeeper of this site is coming to an end.

    You’ve always been a bit too anonymous to leave a mark. You certainly know a lot more about me than I do about you.

    But I’m more interesting. I just do more stuff than you do. I always encouraged you to widen your horizons but you’ve shriveled instead.

    Tell me. Seriously. You hate teaching English right?

  41. It’s true I haven’t ever felt any need to validate my life choices in front of random people on the Internet.

    Do you think I would be more “interesting” if I did? How’s that working out for you?

  42. Pretty good.

    Other people kind of think you’re dull and I don’t blame them. Plus you kind of follow me around like a lovesick puppy dog so I’m hardly random.

    All I’ve done is tell the truth about everything. Your refusal to ‘validate’ simply leaves you looking like your life is so boring you’ve got nothing to hide.

  43. My “refusal to validate”? Are you posting from Hawaii?

  44. Kawasaki.

    I’m here on business overhauling a couple of gearboxes on machines that produce stabilizing agents for epoxy resins.

    It’s for a company at the heart of the Japanese Industrial Empire.

    Do you have any interesting work stories? Even just one?

  45. Have you thought of asking one of your co-workers out for a drink? That might be a good way of tackling your loneliness. (To be honest, I don’t find talking about gearboxes interesting, but thanks for sharing.)

  46. This thread is going so swimmingly, I’ve made a room for VK and Dolphiboy. Please visit VK and ilikedolphins handbagging for continued back-and-fore insults. :roll: