And so to bed…

Well, today I turned off the auto-renew on this domain, although it’s still got over a year to run.

As can be witnessed by my lack of updates, my heart is no longer in it, and quite frankly I feel sorry for Dr Arudou these days. Furthermore, it would appear that Japan Times has decided to lose the racism and complete all transactions with the said Doctor, as witnessed by (a) the lack of Just Be Cause this month and (b) said Doctor committing, in my opinion, copyright infringement with Japan Times twice this month, whereas previously he always just published extracts from JT columns.

For other topics, the Fookooshimar idiots are sadly still in force, but repeating the same debunking of their nonsense is a pretty futile endeavour.


  1. 50 shades of Di Griz

    Er, yeah, coz the whole ‘Japan isn’t a fascist nightmare’ apologism kinda falls on it’s face today, y’know, the day when the unconstitutional ‘security’ legislation comes into force…

  2. If you’re waiting for the domain to die, you probably should turn off the comments.

    P.S. Good decision. A lot has happened since the occasion of spending a half-a-decade in Hawaii.

    Time to Move On with people/topics that still have something to do with Japan.

  3. You feel sorry for Arudou? Don’t feel to sorry for him. He’s a doctor of whatever in Hawaiʻi. He’s doing alright.

  4. Your Friendly Nigerian Tout

    He lives in a run-down 70s condo in Honolulu, doing part time (random) jobs but mostly unemployed, 50 yo with no career whatsoever, Jen pretty much supporting him, and he still have 11 years to go till he repays that loan he got to build the house in Hokkaido, it’s not exactly what I’d call “alright”…So i guess this is an end of an era an era that lasted what? 16+ years? anyway good luck in all your future (and less futile this time) endeavours.

    Salute, Comrades!

  5. It wasn’t all Debito all the time though.

    Some great memories, making Adrian Havill cry, using VK’s face as toilet paper for my arse, English Teachers furiously stabbing at their calculators with this is a pen to work out my overtime rates, shouldn’t this place be archived as some sort of shrine to me and what can be achieved by a singularly-minded determined immigrant to Japan?

  6. Move On, ild, Move On.

  7. Well I guess we all have Adrian, Uncle Ken’s putting a bullet in a lame horse’s brain.

    I like your ‘move on’ catchphrase very much though, maybe you should start a website with it. You like computers, right? And you probably have some downtime working at the helpdesk.

  8. yawn. Move On, ild, Move On.

  9. Sure. But tell me again, exactly how many thousands of dollars did you pay a month to be put up in substandard public housing when you were a novice dancing english monkey?

    It was a lot wasn’t it Adrian. And you had to catch the bus.

    I don’t even know if taking gormless two shots with Fakey Jake at the pretend journalists country club can wipe that stench off of you Adrian.

  10. [I gotta vary these replies ever so slightly so the spam filter doesn’t reject them.]

    Move on, ild, Move on.

    You’re hanging on to your fictitious glorious past. Just like CJ.

  11. @Your Friendly Nigerian Tout: Oh! Well the schadenfreude is thick with that post. I certainly hope you can find some happiness in life. Best of luck.

    Eido Inoue, haven’t heard that name in years. Ah, digital memories but it really is a time to put a nail in it.

  12. It’s the real rub isn’t it, that you studied all them hard kanjis and a guy like me with nothing but sass, gumption, and broken Japanese took it all the way and made a name for himself in the iron heart of heavy industry while you languished in the gaijin ghettoes of IT and ‘websites’.

    You never explored, never broke any barriers. You never did anything of worth Adrian. Only followed in the safety footsteps of nerds before you.

    Somewhere in the annals of Internet lore that you desperately need to believe untrue will always be that working class guy who did more than you with less. That’s the legacy of the forum we shared.

    Good luck with your keyboards, telephones, computers and text books. At least CJ burned brightly you fucking geek.

  13. You sound desperate.

    Move on, ild, Move on.

  14. Desperate for what exactly though?

    For a human response other than your autistic catchphrase?

    Maybe at one time but the site is closing now.

    It’s more or less a summation of how I pushed your face so far into the mud you couldn’t leave me alone. I’m not your lover Adrian, that’s probably a tissue or a plastic vagina,
    but if you ever want to have a beer you can just buy one at the conbini.

  15. Ken, ild is like a jilted ex that can’t accept that it’s over. He needs some sort of personal closure. Let’s help ild move on.

    Move on, ild, move on.

  16. You’re not very busy on that help desk are you?

  17. I really should stop showing my ability to control you. Every time I post I force you to reply. You can’t help yourself. Because I control you. I really shouldn’t do that, as you need to Move On.

    I now command you to reply with a retort. Dance for me, my puppet. I control the strings of the your fake puppet persona.

    I await you to do my bidding and reply with what you think is a witty retort. Doesn’t matter what the retort is — I’m not reading them. But I appear to be able to make you respond at my will. That’s because I own you. I’ll prove it: You MUST reply to this comment. Do it. ☺

  18. nerd

  19. hahaha! You couldn’t help yourself! Thanks for dancing for me! Even though let’s face it, you had no choice. :mrgreen:

    Now, ild, for your own mental health, please:

    Move on.

    (I know you can’t help yourself and will reply to this comment anyway, because when I comment, you have no freewill and are compelled to respond. Your greatest fear is that Ken will turn off the comments before you get the Last Word)

    Now, my dear dolphin, dance for me again. Type something. Doesn’t matter what. I won’t read it anyway.

  20. 50 shades of Di Griz

    Sarcasm aside, Ken, what do you say to the rumor that you’re only closing down this site coz your employer didn’t renew your one-year rolling contract this year, and threw you under the bus, giving you a ‘Gregory Clark’ moment where you realize that you were wrong all along, but can’t admit it? (I guess if you can’t admit it, you won’t be able to reply- pointless question then).

    @ Havil,

    Where will you go to fulfill your ‘I’m an important gaijin who has made it, and people want to hear my opinion’ fantasy now? Can’t you start your own blog or something, being an IT geek and all?

    @ Mike Guest,

    I still REALLY want to hear your opinion on Sean K faking his academic credentials as a ticket to marketing himself!


    You would have made a better comic book character than Charisma Man! AND a better comic book than ‘Darling is a gaijin’ (so I exploited his ‘otherness’ and then divorced him- that shoulda’ been the sequel!).

  21. ‘my dear dolphin’ he cackled, playing the piano madly.

  22. @50 shades of Di Griz:

    Actually, 50, I can answer that: Ken and I were having drinks and dinner a couple months ago and I suggested shutting it down because it was becoming clear that was becoming increasing out of touch and irrelevant due to the mod being so far away from Japan and having so little personal connection. And more importantly, the Fookooshimar group is taken far less seriously these days — much like the 9.11 truthers.

    The icing on the cake that prompted the move was JBC losing its status as a monthly column on JT. After I confirmed that the last time a JBC was published online was Jan 31st, we decided now was the time.

    Debito is now a part of the past wrt Japan. Even if he doesn’t know it or want to admit it.

  23. @50 shades of Di Griz:

    Oops, forgot to reply to your direct Q to me:

    I’m actually officially on the record in a JT article as having declined an opportunity to express my opinion because I don’t think I’m important:

    … Inoue declined to comment when approached by The Japan Times for this article ….

    “I certainly don’t consider myself to be a media watchdog,” he said in an email [declining the offer to be interviewed or comment]. “My opinions are not formally published anywhere except for a few minor indie blogs which are not read by many people.” Inoue wrote that he was simply a “private individual” and “yet another resident of Japan with an opinion on the media and [who] makes comments on news stories”.

    My full reply to that reporter that tried to get me to talk about CJ on the record is published on this website (because the reporter took some, but not all, of my reply out of context).

    So my answer is: I could care less. I’m looking forward to having this blog, with all of my comments, and ild’s comments, get wiped out. Debito and the fookooshimar’s are pretty much wiped out, so there’s no need for it to continue to exist.

    Hope that answers your question.

  24. As far as I’m concerned, I/we accomplished what I said I would do, on, many years ago on 3.11:

    If or “Just Be Cause” doesn’t or can’t be reformed, I’d be satisfied with discrediting them, so that no legit press, international or domestic, would dare attempt to use them as a source, lest they be caught and shamed and laughed at for using such a unreliable information. … That’s why I read and comment on

    Mission Accomplished. Thanks Ken!

    Shut it down and kill it.

  25. It’s like you lost a fight on the internet once and you take the webmaster out for dinner and drinks to delete any evidence of it.

    I must have got your number Adrian.

  26. You’re still here commenting? Must be driving you mad to know that I control you and can make you respond at will, even though I’m not reading nor caring about what you write.

    I’m flattered though, but please, prepare yourself: your persona and presence (comic relief personality, like triumph the insult dog) is like this site: no longer necessary.

    Move on, ild, Move on.

  27. Would it be inappropriate to say that ‘comedic dabbling’ is indicative of having a stable and loving relationship with Japanese society in general and that your dour, po-faced attitude to web-based ‘gaijin’ issues an indicator of a lack of good cheer, friends and family in your life?

    Kill the savages!

  28. [random text to disable dup comment detector here: 12345]

    Move on, ild, Move on.

  29. Jimmy, that’s a great rumour!

    Eido and Dolphins, get a room or get banned!

  30. @Ken Y-N:

    I choose banning. :cool:

  31. Don’t shut them down, I miss an old timey jism row.

  32. So long, and thanks for all the fish! :lol:

  33. hawaii five-oops

    I have a couple of questions before curtains.

    1. Why did DA leave his employer in Japan? Fired, contract finished, hubris, what was the actual reason? For all his bleating about how he was a made man, it seems quite astonishing that he would quit and have no credible plan at his age. Particularly given the current situation where he is being supported by someone else.

    2. For anyone who knew or knows him socially. How different is he in person, when not on a narcissistic crusade? I cannot find any positive comments on this for many years. Seems at one point in time he actually did manage to have a social network rather than joke accounts on his social media.

    3. Anyone think he has a chronic psychological disorder? What do you think it is?

    4. Why do we have such an interest in his exploits? I am at a loss to explain why I became interested, well at least anything deeper than having a slack jawed gaping at the catastrophic train-wreck unfolding over the years. Perhaps that is really all it is?

    After all, I am posting on this website. There must be something more compelling. Maybe we can all recognize something of ourselves in his conduct.

    To finish on a more positive note, what would you suggest he do to resurrect (perhaps that is to strong a term) his career or his life in general terms? I get the feeling he should just walk away from social media and this deranged campaign of projecting his disillusionment and angst against all things Japan-Inc would go a long way to giving him some peace of mind. While it is quite clear he gets something out of kicking against the pricks, it seems that the costs now outweigh the benefits as he gets older and more isolated.

    For me, the end of this site will be the end of my interest. I think that is a good thing, so thanks Ken.

  34. That’s a bit of a stalker-like question, so I’ll not answer, but try Japan Circle Jerk on reddit if you want the gossip…

  35. @havill:

    Congrats! Excellent job!
    So what will be your next mission? Discredit rumors that Shinzo Abe is a communist?

  36. 50 shades of Di Griz

    @Hotaru zoku:

    Ooh! I had almost forgotten about that! Thanks very much, I love that comment by Eido/Havill!
    I think that it’s the most honest thing he’s ever written that I’ve seen anywhere on the internet; an veritable window into his soul. And what a nasty place that is! Full of spite, hate and entitlement with not a jot of irony or sarcasm to mitigate it’s authenticity as his ‘real self’ spilled out onto the internet, brain to keyboard, with no self-awareness at all of how unattractive a human being it makes him look;

    He absolutely believes what he wrote, and he believes in its validity.

    Stupendous. It reveals that everything else he has ever written is ‘Concern Troll’ fake worry about Japan’s international image, or newbies getting the wrong idea, when the reality is that (for him), it’s really ‘all about Adrian’.

    A small man of small character who should be devoting 100% of the little he has to work with in the first place to elevating himself, but his spite compels him to squander his meagre attributes on denigrating others instead.

    Getting ahead and fitting in for sure.

  37. *removes bookmark*

    With the number of foreign visitors exploding and the resident worker population higher than ever before (even pre-3/11), it’s obvious that our work here is done. Besides, complaints about not being able to get into a couple of bath houses seems to pale in comparison to the rhetoric spewing out of the United States of late. Better a microaggressed gaijin in Japan than pretty much any minority in America right now.

    I mainly lurked here 99% of the time but enjoyed everybody’s spirited ramblings nonetheless. May you all see good fortune in your future endeavo(u)rs, NOVA and otherwise.

  38. beneaththewheel

    I went through a phase of loving Debito, disliking Debito and then to a final long stage of having no real strong opinion. Hate and the Internet are both tiring and it’s really easy to just wish people the best and save opinions for people I am actually connected to.

    I am glad this place will not be active, and wish everyone (here, at Debito and anywhere else) the best.

  39. Spring in Tokyo


    Not sure if you read the messages at “contact” but left you a message there.

    Wish you the best in your future endeavors

  40. I was FightBack by the way

  41. I will always miss ILD for his pure anger and hurt. No GF. Blames Whitey for his virginity. A self hater because of his Asian ethnicity But more than that, the HILARIOUS youtube video showing this bald, fat, factory worker (making ¥2000/hr!) nodding his head to drum/bass music.

    Good night, sweet prince. Wherever you are….

  42. @Frank: The site isn’t shut down until I see that Video!

  43. Yeah, me too.

    I never knew I was Asian.

  44. @claude wish I could but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. About 2 years ago ILD had a fit on this site when someone posted it.
    Calling ILD a loser after seeing the video is an insult to losers, believe me.

  45. @ilikedolphins: Well its tough to say due to your baldness, but your face does look as if there is Asian blood for sure.
    Since you haven’t mentioned my other points, Ill take that as confirmation.


  46. It should be pretty obvious that this site is by white people for white people.

    No niggers, chinks, or Irish in here bro.

    Who sees an empty box to enter a username and says “ooh, I know, I’ll be “Frank””?

    You’ve created a fantasy cocktail of Japologism memories. Let’s call it a Fuzzy Dolphin and stick an umbrella in it.


  47. OOOhh! I hit a nerve! So you DO have Asian blood! Nothing wrong with that, Sweetie. I just hate to see people who hate their own lineage.
    Ah well, put those little headphones on your bald, sweaty head tonight, hit play on your computer, listen to the worst music known to humanity, and bob your head.

    Just DONT fixate on all the poontang Whitey is getting tonight.

    Best Wishes,

  48. I mean I’ve wiped Asian blood off my dick with my bare hands if that counts but bonus points for originality I guess……Frank?

    You have me at a disadvantage (with your mental illness)

    You’re talking about “drum slash bass” right, which you don’t like? Again, guessing here.

    Is there a similarly brash person on the Internet you’ve somehow got my disturbingly well fleshed out story intertwined with?

    During my active periods on this site I’ve touched a lot of people in a lot of ways. For you, maybe more bad touch than good touch.

    But I’m happy. Happy knowing I’ve caused someone enough PTSD for them to have a vividly pictorial hallucination of a teenage Japanese version of me, young, alone, fat, balding and middle aged, wasted on on the dance floor nodding to heavy rollers and hating white people for a whole new slew of reasons.