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Where to begin… How about the Prime Minister’s speech, which according to the NHK coverage I watched focused on economic recovery, Tohoku reconstruction, restoring Japan’s strength, and education reform, but the main focus was on the economy. However, I then saw a Reuters article that decided it was half about invading China, judging by the column-inches used, despite the DPJ’s Kaieda complaining that China and Korea were never mentioned, and Ishihara bemoaning the lack of talk on rewriting the constitution and upgrading the SDF to a real armed force. I’ve seen people writing in English saying that he is keeping it quiet until he wins a two-thirds majority in the upper house.

Talking of invading China, Abe sent in an advance force of New Komeito’s Yamaguchi to sweet-talk Xi Jinping, and he seems to have been quite well received. That’s another conspiracy theory to write off.

Talking of conspiracy theories, I remember when the DPJ set up the Nuclear Regulation Authority people complained that it was loaded with industry-friendly faces who would just rubber-stamp restarts. However, they have been busy finding faults – anything that might have moved within the last 400,000 years is grounds for concern – and even recently added a new qualification of reactors being terrorist-proof. Godzilla attack is next on the list, but the conspiracy theorists are already postulating that they are putting these restrictions in place to force the government to disband them.

OK, I lied – here is a poster I found through this reddit thread:

Searching the text, we get this entertaining fellow, who is less Fookooshimar and more just FOOOOOOOK!

English subtitles by, apparently, Benjamin "Putting the fool into" Fulford.

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  1. @Dfmoss:



    We’re not dealing with a full box of donuts here.

  2. speaking of assorted stuff and modern journalism this article made me think of some people.
    but they wanna be more abe lincoln: vampire hunter than wise president.

    “Twitter has become like high school, where the mean kids say something hurtful to boost their self-esteem…

    …I’ve said some things I regret on Twitter. The medium is dangerous and tempting. When Abraham Lincoln was mad, he would famously write people scathing letters. He would then file them in his desk drawer, never to be sent. Abe was lucky he didn’t have Twitter. ”

  3. Applause to the unmentionables. The debutants are talking about getting a presence on youtube, with several contributors calling for a place to discuss their issues in Japanese linking into wider communities, this would be a really great step forward. The idea has quickly changed to a channel in English telling people not to come to Japan and the discussion part doesn’t seem important as concerns are already being raised about how to block comments. And the fear of stalking and identity hiding comes back from the biggest stalker around. I hope he finds a volunteer and they get back to the original idea.

  4. I’ve always thought believing in conspiracy theories fulfills a deep psychological need for some people but could never put my finger on it.
    On my break I looked around. This paper from the UK kind of helps explain it, sorta.

  5. “# ** Says:
    January 29th, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Highly highly support this idea. If anything the biggest problem with ******.com in regards to activism is the lack of coverage and the isolated nature of the website.”

    “Or maybe you’re visiting the wrong website? :)”

    Oh puleeeze! It’s been the same 12 to 15 or so for as long as I remember.

  6. Back in the real world of genuine racism, here’s a heartwarming story of true love. Conservative Hyogo politician meets a woman through omiai, proposes to her. She reveals her grandfather was a zainichi Korean. He breaks off the wedding citing political reasons. She is now suing him for 5,500,000 yen. Go her.

    I don’t know how strong her case is – I had no idea “breach of promise” was actionable in Japan.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it would be an attractive topic for the go-getters elsewhere planning an exciting new awareness-raising YouTube channel, as it’s (a) about a woman, (b) not about a westerner (frankly, we’re not sure if she can speak English at all) and (c) in a national Japanese-language newspaper, and we know we can’t trust mainstream Japanese language media, as their sole purpose is the manipulation of non-Yamato for racial propaganda, or something like that. No, hold on…

  7. @Greg


    Debito slam!!

  8. @VK: I don’t know why they are not releasing the guy’s name – people should know what kind of councillor they have!

    @René Artois: The funny thing is that the fear of stalking was all an invention of Jim Di Griz in the first place! :facepalm:

  9. Half are using stalking as a convenient excuse for the real reason they don’t want to go on Youtube. It’s because those “fans” are trolls. Typing anonymously is easy. Pretending to be a fan and throwing gas on the flaming wreck while laughing at the results using their real faces is hard. Making a fan video without bursting into uncontrollable laughter would be impossible.

    The few who did drink the Kool-Aid? Most are just afraid to make their own Youtube accounts to spout their racism. Hopefully that won’t stop all of them. Would love to see their stuff get the Nico-nico treatment. Or just practical issue. When they all turn out to be 50-ish losers, many not even in Japan, or 20-ish fresh off the boaters, and all have shit Japanese, it will confirm what we know already, and they couldn’t stand that.

  10. A university in Tokyo is looking for volunteers for clinical trials.

    Caucasians only.

    Isn’t that supposed to be racism? Shouldn’t someone be starting a campaign to shame them into submission? Shouldn’t someone with an eikaiwa teacher’s schedule be drooling at the thought of picking up 30 man in one week?

  11. @ Rene Artois & commenter1234: Exactly. The most vociferous posters are not domiciled in Japan, and in any case, it’s a big leap from chipping in on a site to uploading a home video. It’s still funny though how so many on there have bought into the ‘Galapagos blog’ syndrome of keeping out undesirables. Oh, the irony.

    On a related tangent, if the Japan Times does open DA’s column to open comments, I predict he will flounce off within a year citing harassment issues.

  12. @Sublight: They already covered something very similar a few months ago, though I believe it was a Japanese drug company in Hawaii that was looking for pale guinea pigs.

    In other news, it appears Don Quixote is all out of V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks.

  13. @Pessoa: I think should just drop all pretenses of rationality and become the EneNews of Gaijin Human Rights. :roll: It’s most of the way there already, what with the latest discussions about the Beijing smog invading Japan. :headdesk:

    @Pessoa: I think I’ll (initially) restrict my comments to factual corrections. Considering some of the total flames and trolls (from all viewpoint) they print on the letters page, and as they’ll be after page views, I expect Japan Times will take a soft position on moderation.

  14. The whole point (or part of the point?) of expanding to video is;
    1) To reach a different audience. Perhaps not as core, and not as intellectual?

    :lol: *snicker* :lol:

    Wanda: But you think you’re an intellectual, don’t you, ape?
    Otto West: Apes don’t read philosophy.
    Wanda: Yes they do, Otto. They just don’t understand it.

    A Fish Called Wanda

  15. @havill:

    I love how he berates someone for suggesting that he do something, while suggesting that someone else do something under the “Debito brand”.

    Totally off topic:
    Did I spot Tokyo Sam dancing in the elevator in that “Gaijin Style” video that’s going around?

  16. I surprised how few comments The Japan Times is receiving. Is this an indicator of the amount of traffic the site gets or is it heavily moderated?
    I can’t blame them for opening a comment section up to get the return traffic when commentators start to get into heated discussions over the pop star from AKB47 who shaved her head. Did you see how many comments that story received? Well, it’s worked for Japan Probe and Japan Today for years. I’ve always wondered if a blogger can supplement their incomes from blogging selling ad space or does it just help cover expenses? A serious question by the way.

  17. @VK: Well, I think I know what Mr Arudou’s response would be, judging by this view on macro-aggression against a Japanese person. :facepalm:

  18. @Greg: Well, if as in my case you have a couple of thousand hits per day, it’s covering expenses and beer money, basically. Get close to 10,000 per day and you can start making decent money with direct sales of ads – I’ve heard that the J-Friends stuff that many bloggers run can be quite profitable, for instance.

    BTW, Japologism with the one lonely sidebar ad and 500 ad displays per day didn’t even make a can of supermarket chu-hai last month. :cry:

  19. Wow! I didn’t even see you ad – didn’t notice. ADHD or blind spot for commercialism, I don’t know.

    Thanks for the information. Maybe I start a blog and call it The Japan Examiner. No, The Asian Examiner to broaden my reach and use the WSJ Blogs as my blue print with absolutely NO moderation; where anything goes. I’ll even step in every now and then and encourage flame wars. “You’re not going to take that are you? Stick it to em, eh!” I could use the money. Isn’t there some scheme where I track trends and coral data for advertisers? Or does that just come bundled with advertising?

    On the Topic of Micro-Aggression, I have a very shallow theory on the topic. I figure with all economic hardship around these days and everyone and their grandmother going to graduate school, there are fewer thesis to be had. The gene pool is pretty thin so to speak. So I figure someone was in Asia and some guy gave them a bit of a ribbing about walking with duck feet lets say. That happened to me, I walk like a duck as opposed to a pigeon. So that person thought, “That was a little aggressive, kinda… micro-aggressive. Yeah, that’s micro racist! Micro-aggressive racism! I got it, I got it! I got my thesis! Grad school here I cooome!
    Huh! What do think?

  20. @Ken Y-N:

    F**king hell. That is outrageous. So, racism in sport is shouldn’t be an issue if it’s against ethnic Japanese? :facepalm:

    Still, it’s worth bookmarking in case you meet anyone who still thinks Arudou isn’t just a preppy little racist.

    As for Japanese football (as if Arudou knows jackshit about it), how bad is it? In 2011 J-League investigated racial abuse by Kashiwa fans against ethnic Dutch Japanese player Mike Haavelaar, the supporters responsible were turned into the authorities and banned by other Kashiwa fans and banned, his coach defended his reaction ( he got a regulation yellow card for abusing fans) …pretty much what happens when racism is found in a British football ground. I don’t kn

  21. …ow what makes him think FIFA is giving Japan an easy time anyway.

  22. (Amid the iphone f-up that led me to post before proofing: Havenaar, not Haavelaar)

  23. @Greg:

    Pro bloggers make anywhere from low four figures (U.S. dollars) for niche sites** based on impression-based ads, and low five figures for performance-based ads (CPC, CPA; cost per click, cost per action {referral, sale}). The top bloggers make low six figures.

    Here’s the thing: performance-based ads (like Google’s AdSense, which is what this site uses) only makes money if what you blog about is related to something that attracts people in the mood to buy things.

    People that go to blogs about high end camera equipment? Yes, they will probably be receptive to clicking on an ad selling an expensive camera or lights.

    People that go to comedy or political blogs like this one? No, they’re not coming here to buy anything. AdSense will do its damnest to find an ad relevant to the user and/or the content (if it gives up, it will actually show a PSA), but you can only lead a horse to water; you can’t make it drink.

    The problem with “impression” based ads (ads that pay regardless of whether people click on them or not) pay minuscule, so you have to have a bazillion page views for that to make any money.

    As for those pro bloggers? They have to choose there topics very carefully, and constantly work on keeping there numbers up by posting regularly. That means it’s hard work and a full-time job: eight to ten hours a day to make around $20K to $40K. And you only get that kind of money if you’re good. REAL good (7DA* of 100K or more). There are some independent bloggers that make over $100K a year, but I’m not at liberty to say who they are.

    For most hobby bloggers (like me), the ads serve to pay their hosting and domain fees (usually dozens of dollars a year) and if there blog is popular, maybe a meal and drink once a couple months.

    TL;DR: Don’t quit your day job.

    * 7DA: “7 day active”; a person that visits a site at least once a week.
    ** I know one independent Japan blog that makes in the thousands range, but I’ll have to check with him to see if publishing the name of the blog is okay.

  24. Graylandertagger

    Now that Debito is considering his own Youtube channel is Japologism going to do the same? I’d love your reputation to expand and expose the methods advocates are using.

  25. “Yet when we get the same kind of jeering in Japan of NJ (Shimizu S-Pulse’s Coach Ghotbi being accused in 2011 by supporters in a banner of being connected to Iranian nuclear weapons;….. nobody calls it “racial discrimination” in the Japanese press”

    from the Yomiuri (aka “the Japanese press”) headline dated 2011-6-6:

    差別的なサッカー横断幕、磐田サポーター2人に無期限入場禁止 7月以降は許可制に


  26. @havill: Ahh, but that quote is missing 人種, which Mr Arudou has pointed out before.

  27. @Graylandertagger: I’m not really sure I know what you mean, and furthermore I think people like 2.5 Oyajis already do a good job of explaining Japan.

    Furthermore, I suspect this YouTube channel, if it ever sees the light of day, will go the way of FRANCA. A good idea on paper, but terrible in execution.

  28. @Ken Y-N:

    Nope… The very first sentence of the same article very explicitly says


  29. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    We have a bad-tempered “clarification” from the man himself, after it appears people “off-list” didn’t get what he was trying to say. It looks like a couple of twitter followers didn’t see what was so wonderfully “ironic!” about racial abuse.

    The “clarification” simply reveals both Arudou’s racism and his habit of holding forth on topics he knows nothing about, in this case, association football.

    He’s trying to claim that racism in Japanese football is widespread, unacknowledged and unaddressed, and compares highly unfavourably with the situation in “Europe”, by which I’m going to come out and say I honestly think he (subconsciously only?) means “white people”. After all, what is the European version of an “NJ”?

    How bad is racism in Japanese football? I don’t get to go to many games these days, although I can’t say I’ve ever noticed catcalls against non-ethnic-Japanese players when I’ve been. However, according to regular Japan apologists the China Daily, “Incidents of racism towards black players are rare in the J-League”, and one of the fans who happily accepted his short stadium ban for going into the opposition fan enclosure to pull down the offensive banner about Ghotbi (ie someone who actually does stuff to stop racism, unlike Arudou) “is adamant that there are no problems of racism creeping onto Japanese stands on the scale of the scenes witnessed in Russia (Roberto Carlos had a banana thrown in his direction while playing for Anzhi Makhachkala) or Belgium (where Japan No. 1 Eiji Kawashima was subjected to a “Fukushima” taunt last month).”

    Is it unacknowledged or unaddressed? The China Daily article details how a Brazilian player says he was called a “chimpanzee” by a Japanese player. What happens? His (Japanese) manager backs him up (as reported in Asahi Shimbun), the J-League investigates. Unfortunately, there was not enough evidence either way – alas, this isn’t the English Premier League where there’s pretty much a camera on every player which allows lipreading – so the J-League instead sends a strict warning to all clubs about future conduct, and actively references FIFA’s anti-racism campaign. Eido has also noted that Ghotbi’s case was openly identified as racism in the Japanese press. I should add that the club banned the supporters responsible. I detailed Havenaar’s case above – club took action, manager backed the player.

    tldr: Japanese football is not entirely free of racism, but by international standards these days it’s pretty good, and the authorities and clubs crack down where they can with the co-operation of the supporters. Compare this with the situation in Italy, in Serbia, in Russia

    Arudou simply presumes that Japanese football is terribly racist, and by citing “Europe” (not, say “England”, which *these days* has a good reputation when it comes to action against racism in football) the clear implication is that white people are better.

    Does Arudou even know who Tadanari Lee and Tulio are? He’s probably been too busy supporting whoever Japan is playing against to notice.

    He finishes his angry “clarification” with


    Yep. I think we all understand perfectly clearly.

  30. Last post stuck in moderation :sad:

  31. @havill: Thank you for the information, it’s much appreciated. I will take it all into consideration.
    I know you are into Photography. You have probably been to the blog, I really enjoy the shots, they remind me of living in northern Tokyo. I used to go to places like Kita-Senju for a change of pace. It was like golden week everyday, the shutters were down and their were few people in the streets. I’m sure it wasn’t so charming for the locals though. I have to say that with the issues those neighborhoods have, they didn’t spill into the streets like it does in the west. Life in Japan, even the nasty bits are more civilized. There’s even a Burakumin area complete with a tannery. Needless to say – I found the area fascinating, have you’ve been? There’s that industrial ring around Tokyo and it bumps up against a redevelopment project North of Kita-Senju. So on one side there’s an industrial area that looks like a scene out of Mad Max and on the other side a very typical new Tokyo generic shopping complex. The only thing dividing them is a road, lamp posts and some shrubbery. I love those contrasts in Tokyo, wish I took a pic.


    OOh.. you’re talking about Soccer.

  32. @VK

    “However, according to regular Japan apologists the China Daily…”

    Superb, I wonder how many “on list” heads that will fly over…

  33. @havill: Do you have a link to that story? I’d like to read it and I’ve been coming up empty trying to search the archives at Yomiuri Online.

  34. @havill

    I just remembered, the horrible shopping complex was called Lala Terrace and here’s the view from Lala at night.


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