Bloody royal sprog!

Why oh why is there wall-to-wall coverage of the British royal sprog on Japanese TV?

Also, on Hiru Obi today, one of the commentators said that the reason mothers leave hospital within a day of the birth is due to their bigger hips.

  1. ‘Cos her name is Charlotte which is the same as the actress who played Ellie in that “Massan” drama so they are obviously big fans of Japanese morning TV?
    (Cue inevitable product tie-in with NishiMatsuYa)

    Anyhow, I like how they pitch it in the “Entertainment News” section!-)

    And for one American newspaper, the fact that bookmakers were taking bets on it meant it went in the Sports section;

  2. ilikedolphins

    Japanese say the darnedest things

  3. Andrew in Ezo

    I thought having giving birth before makes it easier with the subsequent ones. Maybe that’s what the commentator really meant.

  4. ilikedolphins

    Apologist Fuck.

    White women look like heifers to the antagonistically slim Master Race.

  5. Japanese wide-show TV, to be specific. But the English royals were always batshit popular here for reasons I feel like I understand but do not have the linguistic skills to adequately explain. People want a real-life fairy tale story but the Japanese royals are a bit too regimented and controlled for that kind of thing? People in general like ogling the super-elite, and the House of Windsor has long played like a good soap opera full of beauty and scandal? OMFG adorable famous babiez? Take your pick.


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