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EU cookie notice regulations

By the way, to comply with an EU directive, you now get a message at the bottom of the screen telling you that I use cookies.

It seems rather pointless to me, but Google requires me to do something… If you notice it misbehaving, etc, please drop me a note.

A quick note re for my more excitable readers

For the best part of a year now, has been infected with a Viagra-pimping hack that seems to have been around since at least 2010, and which installs a backdoor that has been known to hang around for months. Furthermore, by September of this year Google chucked the site out of their index due to said chronic penis spam, yet as far as I could determine it was another month before Mr Arudou took action, but that appeared not to be sufficient, as the spam redirects still operated.

Now, you can choose to believe either that the Pharma hack trashed his site (either due to bugs in it or a botched clean-up by a self-admitted non-expert, etc) or that coincidentally Evil Hackers out to ruin his reputation also haxxored in, but Occam’s Razor tells me the first is most likely true.

Personally, I think having the site up and actively displaying the comments it does is far more damaging to his reputation than a blank screen, and quite frankly I miss my regular dose of :facepalm: and :headdesk: .

Here we go again…

Mr Gundlach brought to my attention that despite my pointing out to a poster that a claim against him had already been rebutted by Mr Gundlach himself, and then redacting said comment (and another), he is still not happy, and in fact quite clearly states that it was me that made the redacted comment:


(Well, if you were being pedantic, you could, I suppose, claim that the meaning of "assertion" is "allowance of comments to be freely published on his site" or "failure to read Mr Gundlach’s mind") But anyway, thank you for clearing up the point again.

For the record, it was not me (I find that suggestion most offensive) nor to the best of my knowledge my regular visitors (well, it could be remotely possible that someone I know is commenting off their own bat) who made these comments either here, on Mr Gundlach’s site, or on Mr Arudou’s, and in fact I wasn’t even aware of the phoning-up incident until the commenter posted it. Indeed, even the most cursory examination reveals a commonality in style (short lines, random CAPITALISATION, repeating the same assertion multiple times, etc) between Mr Gundlach’s "John" (Google him yourself) and Mr Arudou’s "Anonymous". Furthermore, my commenter with the every-changing handle is, I am all but certain, the same "Anonymous", who usually uses open proxies, making determining who he all is more difficult.

This Anonymous has been chased off here and Tepido at least twice, once for refusing to provide evidence for his 2 million Japanese train-jins, and another time for cutting and pasting stuff from 2ch without full understanding of what he was doing (posting as "Bob"), and in fact a third time he caused a bit of a kerfuffle with by copy-pasting a comment on a topic the regulars here were getting quite fed up hearing about (it looks like I purged it from Japologism!), so Occam’s Razor would say that he’s not one of us sock-puppeting.

Talking of sock-puppets, I have never really understood the whole obsession with them. It’s pretty obvious to me that Japan Probe’s 24 contributors are all different people, and quite frankly going on and on about it makes these people’s stances seem all the more ridiculous. :facepalm: I have pointed out above how "Anonymous" has an individual and consistent style despite his many handles; the sock-puppet-obsessed have failed to demonstrate anything above "they all talk about the same thing".

An article on I 100% agree with

He says in this article:

For the record, this section:

Nicolson has found the time and energy to lead a group of cyber-bullies who hounded US-born rights activist, author and Japan Times columnist Debito Arudou out of Japan.

is not true. I am in Hawaii for research purposes, working on my PhD. Activities in cyberspace are unconnected to my overseas hiatus.

Thank you very much Mr Arudou, and I do mean that most sincerely!

Sock puppets and Google jiggery pokery

Three points I am as sure as I can be of:

  1. Eido has never employed sock puppets on Japologism, and is most certainly not James of Japan Probe, VK, Level3, nor the man on the grassy knoll.
  2. However, Japan’s greatest journalist, Christopher Johnson has employed many, from the recent A Concerned Citizen, via RollingWagon to imcanjapn.
  3. Accusing Eido of fiddling Google search rankings is as rational as accusing your bank manager of popping down to the Royal Mint/Department of the Treasury/whatever in the evening to run off a few fivers.

Now, some free advice to CJ; if you actually stopped making wild accusations that draw negative stories your Google (and Bing) rank might improve. Furthermore, cutting and pasting the same text over half a dozen blogs, author profiles on Amazon, etc, sets off the alarm bells at Google for spamming, and also trips the duplicate content penalty. Manifesto take 2

Thanks for all your input to the previous manifesto post!

Now, I’ve thought a bit more, and I think the watchword I want is "constructive". Both and could be seen as "destructive", so I think trying to make a positive contribution (to what?) is a noble endeavour. Sparked by the discussion around Govinda Prasad Mainali, it seems a number of my readers go further than just the English press and a quick online Japanese newspaper search, thus perhaps we can arrive at a fuller understanding of news past just the headlines. One of the reasons for posting about the Mr Mainali story is that I suspect other sites may see this as just "The Japanese fitting up The Gaijin again", thus I wanted to try to present a fuller story. (Note: It of course seems very clearly a case of the Japanese prosecution and one of two judges fitting up a foreigner in a vulnerable position.)

So, with that in mind, if we get a good discussion going about various issues, it would be useful to summarise the output and produce a FAQ-like highlight of the matter at hand. Furthermore, sharing the output through somewhere like Google Docs and placing them under some form of Creative Commons licence would mean that they can outlive this blog.

So, what will happen to

My plans are:

  1. Keep the content as-is as a historical record.
  2. Change the top-level URL to and update all internal links to keep it there.
  3. Sell off the domain, although naturally not as a going concern nor any of the contents, just the URL itself.

Japologism’s manifesto

Oh look, it’s another new blog about Japan!

Over at, I feel I managed to create a space for a group of people who, despite its flaws, call Japan their home. However, Hikosaemon opened my eyes to being not much more than a virtual todger-waving contest, so I decided enough was enough for that domain.

Since that event, I’ve had a few emails from members of Notorious 12, I’ve had a think, and I feel there is a definite gap in the market for a blog that:

  1. Highlights both overly gushy and overly doom-laden articles in the foreign and local English-language press (I’ll try to stay away from personal blogs) with a fact-based response. People like Shisaku and Ampontan, for instance, have a very obvious political bias in their spin, making it easier to discount their views with an "Of course, they would say that!"
  2. Criticises the use of lazy stereotypes in the press.
  3. Is science-based, not emotion-based, especially with regards to the ongoing nuclear issues, stripping the tinfoil hat off sites like EneNews.
  4. And, of course, has a good laugh at stupid stuff like the Gaijin Gulag Guy.

There is of course other reasons for launching a new blog despite appealing to a similar readership as; will strive to avoid being involved in schlong-measuring, trolling, slamming and of course the completely overused and abused stalking. You’ll note that this would appear to contradict point 4 above, and you’d be right.

The old commenting rules will be basically retained but tightened a little, although The Wall will probably not.

Oh, and this seems rather appropriate:

You’re no fun any more