Coco Juku: where dogs are held in higher regard than the English teachers

Once again the paradigmation of racisminating gets impactfulled by Nichii Gakkan’s Coco Juku, demoting NJ to sub-canine level. Look, lookit their web site where dogs get featured and even get their own business cards (meishi), unlike the human staff:


Teacher WTF-sensei has written in to tell me that when the NJ howled about their condition to their masters at Coco Gulag (no doubt followers of the brainwasher-in-chief and not-dead-yet-so-I-cannot-piss-on-his-grave Ishihara) they could merely whimper out some stock excuse from their sempai that had been drilled into their unthinking and pliant brains addled by the elites in the mass-media. Such extremist behaviour by xenophobic – but not cynophobia (I hope you’re suitably impressed by my vocabulary; I didn’t need to Google it, but you will) – bosses must be punished, so I am calling on all my readers to go "TUT!" very loudly, then post your racist measured and inspiteful insightful comments about how much Japanese fail to appreciate your superior liberal Western sensibilities.

UPDATE: WTF-sensei informs me that the management got back to them to offer to raise them up to parity with the dogs if they signed a pledge not to urinate on the carpets and to stop dry humping the secretaries’ legs at every opportunity. He also reports some success in negotiating tummy rubs from the customers. Chalk this up as another victory for us at!

(Post inspired by this article on reddit.)

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  1. @iLikedolphins: You said ‘world-famous’, not ‘famous’. Don’t move the goalposts.

  2. @iLikedolphins: Although I suppose, having conversed with you, I can claim to have met a world-famous Internet Tough Guy.

  3. Re David Mitchell – he has a speech disorder (stammering).

    How the hell did he teach his English students?!?

  4. Exactly, right?

    This guy wrote some cheesy book that got turned into a shitty movie and EFL teachers all over Japan are sitting in front of their computer screens, pumping their fists and yelling, “justified!”.

    And yet their job is so easy that the guy STAMMERED his way through it for 8 years.

    This is a p-p-p-p-pen…….

  5. I found this blog detailing the reality at Coco Juku, please share and expose this company for the fraudster that they really are.


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