Damn, I have to wait another week for my 初笑い


UPDATE: It turned out to be 初 :roll: .

BTW, is that a dwarfist cartoon? Let’s run down the list:

11. A link to his character assassination of Marutei Tsurunen.

10. and 9. Two deaths of people connected to Japan, but hardly current human rights issues-related. Note, if you replace these two with Donald Keene not being dead, you get a nice round ten – I wonder if his editor had a word with him?

8. and 7. Another two links to past JBCs.

6. I’d call it conceit rather than xenophobia, but who is this Hidehiko Nishiyama? The New York Times article he references (why no hyperlink to a sister paper?) does indeed call him deputy director at the environment ministry, but Google tells me he (or someone with the same name) is an ex-“successful career bureaucrat at the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry” who was ex-ed in 2011 for allegedly shagging a underling. Looking at Japanese Wikipedia, he was at that point “環境省水・大気環境局福島除染推進チーム次長”, which seems to me to be deputy team leader, not as implied second-in-command of the whole of the environment ministry.

5. More references to his own articles, but no links though. However, I take exception to this:

fiddling with definitions of “domestic violence” to include acts that don’t involve physical contact

I think most people agree that domestic violence need not be physical – Wikipedia says:

Domestic violence and abuse is not limited to obvious physical violence. Domestic violence can also mean endangerment, criminal coercion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, trespassing, harassment, and stalking.

4. Yet more links and references.

3. He gets the Miki Dezaki story all wrong. Mr Dezaki published his video after his tenure with JET finished, and in an interview he does not associate going to a Buddhist retreat with the abuse he suffered.

2. More self-references! Furthermore, I think he gets the “ethnic nationalist” label wrong – that is the bad kind of nationalist; it is civic nationalism that is soft and cuddly. Interestingly, in a recent article Eido Inoue states that it is actually the left in Japan who are ethnicaly nationalist, so perhaps Mr Arudou got confused?

1. No links to his own articles, so it must be an important point! I am of the suspicion that the new Secrets law is not particularly better or worse than the UK’s Official Secrets Act, for instance, and I await someone to do a reasoned comparative review of the Japanese statute. Mr Arudou also says:

Moreover, this law expands “conspiracy” beyond act and into thought.

Whatever next, people calling for a law to expand “racism” beyond act and into thought? Oh, and isn’t a conspiracy by definition a thought? I will note, however, that US federal and some state laws require an act as well for prosecution.

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  1. It’s out now and is actually quite good.

  2. Ok. I lied. But it is out.

  3. Ken on the phone

    @Beanstalker: it sneaked out while I want looking. I thought just the usual dull self-referential stuff at first, but on a closer look it’s got some egregious errors. The Miki Dezaki timeline is wrong – he released the video after he finished his JET job. He also confuses ethnic nationalism with civic nationalism, a surprising mistake.

  4. He grabs. He holds. The one video of a dirty Jap girl cursing Koreans. And he never ever lets go. Sure there were tens of thousands marching against but only because they felt obliged to. Lip service. To the white bloods.

  5. proverbial variation of the day from lilywhitearseholes.org

    “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down (and so just goes out and gets hammered a hostess bar as its only release).”

    Even after 20 years of laughing at foreigners in Japan I still fail to be less than gobsmacked at the sheer dross banal lameness of it all. People have never looked stupider.

  6. Comments on Debito’s latest over on the JT are a bit drab and serious as well….hardly worth deleting cookies for.

  7. KT88 (the lover of lovers of Mr Lundgren)


    At the risk of repetition (not that I ever cared about that direction anyway), good sir, when you are on, you are on. Nail on the head indeed.

    Given the lukewarm state of affairs in Debiland, perhaps it is high time for The Hyphenated to revert the name of this site to its old one?

    In terms of new content… let me see… is Mr Baudrillard just a little too effusive? Is his fandom not a tad too cloying? Well, ever since Fightback retired, big shoes to fill, multiple persona (what? not you again) …lity disorder and all that, I suppose.

  8. @KT88 (the lover of lovers of Mr Lundgren): It would appear that Fight Back might very well be happyjapan. Yeah, why shouldn’t graduates taking a year or two out to do Japan at the government’s expense with the only qualification of being born in the “right” country be treated just the same as real teachers with lots of relevant training? :headdesk:

  9. Good lord. I always thought Ms Chavez was a bit on the dull side. Frankly, she tends to lean a little toward the moronic (a little?). But really, critical thinking skills?

    That pseudonym (surely she can’t be serious let alone real?) needs to learn Japanese and spend some with local educators, the people who train them as well as some time in classrooms.

    When will this repetition of tired, uninformed tropes ever end?

    I guess I just feel redundant. iLD is getting it right so hard, so frequently… I might just quit my job, quit this site and sign up at the local KB club.

    Sure, it’s a pay cut but at least the dirt, grime and hard drinking reality with real men has got to go some way towards washing the foul taste of the Debis, Amys and Locos of this country.

  10. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    The points Amy Chavez makes demonstrate why Japan will never be selected to host a major sporting world cup and why it has never before been selected to host the Olympics.


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