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Our Honorary President speaks!

Watching Newswatch 9 last Friday I watched Our Glorious Leader Donald Keene殿 being interviewed. First off, a big thanks to my friends in NHK for writing the intro that described how his naturalisation was spurred by flyjin, and then Sensei Keene opened by elaborated on the guestist stance that it is rude for resident foreigners to complain about Japan. Go Sensei!!!

Warming up, he moved on to his main theme of the current political situation; looking at the relationships with Japan’s neighbours, and based on his experiences in the Second World War, he reckoned we should all goose-step behind Ishihara and nuke Beijing … or did he? Removing my rose-tinted ear-muffs, I listened again and actually he said all this talk about a Strong Japan really is appalling, and can’t we all just get along? Furthermore, Hashimoto is uncultured to cut Bunraku funding, and politicians should remember their humanity first.

:shock:   :?: !!WHAT!! :?:   :shock:

I had been led to believe by that Decrepit Don was as one with us, sucking the twin teats of the ministry of culture and the imperial household whilst lining up to visit the graves of the so-called war criminals at Yasukuni, but now I see the coffin-dodger is nothing but a hater! I propose a motion that his lifetime membership of the Japologist Society be rescinded for his flagrant transgressions against Rule 3.

A couple of random fact checks that have been bothering me

A catastrophic deletion?

Third hit on Google for the full ordinance title, but Wikipedia doesn’t link to it, so that proves that page doesn’t exist.

Just a third believe in blood types, or is it two-thirds? Which is at least better than 78% believing in creationism or "intelligent design".

Finally, a prediction I got wrong – Ishihara has teamed up with Hashimoto. On tonight’s Newscaster, they mentioned that they’d swept the TPP and VAT differences under the carpet and made Ishihara leader of Japan Restoration Party :roll: , but they failed to mention the difference in nuclear power stances. I have now officially gone off the JRP.

Japan Times hits a new low!

I have highlighted previously how some of Mr Arudou’s previous articles have been insinuating that Japan deserves to get its arse kicked by China, but now a letter gets printed that disposes of all these niceties. It is from a Chinese citizen (or naturalised Chinese, etc) in America, judging by the name, who first brings up whatever the Pacific War equivalent of Godwin’s Law is.

It is disgusting that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda talked about honoring international law. Did Japan care about international law when its soldiers massacred millions of Chinese civilians during its occupation of much of my beloved motherland during the Pacific War?

He/she then goes completely hatstand with:

we Chinese are no longer under the communist yoke.

I suppose he means "we Chinese who have emigrated".

Now the meat:

For ordinary Chinese, the second anti-Japanese war has begun and will end up with full independence for our friends, the people of Okinawa.

I don’t think they are your friends…

We will make sure that this time all elements of military expansionism are eliminated from Japanese society.

Surely Japan Times cannot be that desperate for traffic that they are reduced to printing such incitement to racial hatred?

Coco Juku: where dogs are held in higher regard than the English teachers

Once again the paradigmation of racisminating gets impactfulled by Nichii Gakkan’s Coco Juku, demoting NJ to sub-canine level. Look, lookit their web site where dogs get featured and even get their own business cards (meishi), unlike the human staff:


Teacher WTF-sensei has written in to tell me that when the NJ howled about their condition to their masters at Coco Gulag (no doubt followers of the brainwasher-in-chief and not-dead-yet-so-I-cannot-piss-on-his-grave Ishihara) they could merely whimper out some stock excuse from their sempai that had been drilled into their unthinking and pliant brains addled by the elites in the mass-media. Such extremist behaviour by xenophobic – but not cynophobia (I hope you’re suitably impressed by my vocabulary; I didn’t need to Google it, but you will) – bosses must be punished, so I am calling on all my readers to go "TUT!" very loudly, then post your racist measured and inspiteful insightful comments about how much Japanese fail to appreciate your superior liberal Western sensibilities.

UPDATE: WTF-sensei informs me that the management got back to them to offer to raise them up to parity with the dogs if they signed a pledge not to urinate on the carpets and to stop dry humping the secretaries’ legs at every opportunity. He also reports some success in negotiating tummy rubs from the customers. Chalk this up as another victory for us at!

(Post inspired by this article on reddit.)

Arudou, Kamei, and Godwin

Two connected stories for the price of one tonight. First, Just Be Cause should be out soon, but looking at the preview on Mr Arudou’s site, I count one :facepalm: error, a second probable error, and one misreading of the political cards, plus his article is now out of date, as we’ll see in story number two. First, the preview:

He suggested political alliances with other conservative reactionaries and xenophobes, including Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Tachiagare Nippon (Sunrise Party of Japan) chief Takeo Hiranuma (Just Be Cause, Feb. 2, 2010).

Well, it’s true he suggested them (I’ve not seen evidence that Hashimoto is a xenophobe, though), but last week it was pretty obvious that the chances of linking up with Hashimoto (and Your Party, which doesn’t get a mention) were low, and as one of the founders of the Sunrise Party, it’s hardly a shock that Ishihara is is talking to Hiranuma.

And all before a Lower House election that must be held within two months.

This is Revision 12, and neither you nor your editor have noticed anything wrong here?

He is in fact a hate-mongering racist bigot. This is the man, remember, who began his governorship by calling for foreigners to be rounded up on sight in the event of a natural disaster — for they might (unprecedentedly) riot!

Looking at the New York Times report, he didn’t say anything about rounding up or riots. His comments were, of course, objectionable, but misquoting him is not good form.

However, I seem to have found a more accurate report of his words, from a link off Wikipedia:


We get riots there, but no round-up.

Now, to the second part of the story, Ishihara’s quest for friends. He and Hashimoto had a rather unproductive meeting on Sunday in Kyoto, and on a news analysis corner this morning, Ishihara said something condescending like "Next time I’ll talk to his mother" (I didn’t quite catch the exact quote), but even more fun, Kamei, ex-People’s New Party, told Ishihara to FOAD, or in Japanese, 「一人で死ね」. That article also invokes Godwin’s Law, with this other quote:


I tentatively translate that as "There’s no Hitler in Japan right now, but if we carry on this way, Ishihara will become President Hindenburg."

Oh, and as a bonus, the Japan Times also prints responses to last month’s article.