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Slag off Zainichi, get blackballed by Osaka TV stations?

As I have a Google Alert set up to catch any mention of foreigners in Japanese news, I caught this interesting gossip article entitled 在日外国人批判で大阪のTV干された? フィフィ「言い残すことも未練も無い」意味深発言. Fifi is apparently an Egyptian woman, and her Wikipedia page has more gory details of a Twitter flame war she seems to have got involved in.

Interestingly, her stance is that she too is a Zainichi Gaikokujin, and there seems to be something to do with her criticising the Korean Zainichi and their social security and preferential treatment for the North Korean schools compared to other foreigner schools. The Koreans she was arguing with tried to pull rank and say they were a minority, while she was just an immigrant.

Some depressing news regarding JETs

Sadly, the government has announced a doubling of the gaijin dancing bear population.

Although I have it on good authority that the rewrite of the constitution to INTRODUCE CONSCRIPTION will also oblige these JETs to sign up as CANNON FODDER for the 4th ライヒ, so things aren’t really that bleak. Seriously, the real issue is that outsourcing is causing a lot of JETs to have illegal (or at least dubious) work contracts with the various dispatch companies. I’d like to see a tightening up in the policing of employment regulations to match the increased intake. UPDATE: Apparently I don’t know the difference between an ALT and a JET. :facepalm:

In other news, Colin Jones, who I don’t usually agree with but I respect his legal knowledge, had the following to say about protection from "No gaijin" renters:

The traditional view of a constitution is that it protects an individual against the government, but it doesn’t necessarily extend to discrimination by private individuals.

There is certainly an effort by the government to encourage people not to discriminate — it is almost badgering people and saying ‘discrimination is bad’ — but it has no teeth. There is no formal mechanism for challenging discrimination.

There are of course a number of cases where people have taken on The Man and won, but I think what is missing in Japan is not merely a statute, but the societal changes that would mean that such discrimination is promptly and publicly addressed.

SITYS: Race riots in Saitama

Japan Today proves what I have been saying all along, the result of the LDP government and the shadow premier Adolf Ishihara ratcheting up the rhetoric against disenfranchised NJ such that some innocently minding their own business were lynch-mobbed by no doubt Zaitokukai brown-shirting bully-boys who…

what, there was two drunken gangs and three Japanese were allegedly stabbed by a gaijin

…well, how do we know that these Zaitokukai did not stab themselves then plant the knife on an innocent NJ? The historical record tells us that the fascist police are indoctrinated with the derightification of NJ and with the courts merely fait accompliing the trial, of course it would be all too easy to set them up!

Even if the NJ did do it, we at believe that the pressure of working as a slave for a Japanese task-master who longs for the return of the Imperial Army, and that burakumin Hashishita denying Nanking is full justification for his action, not that we condone it.

Look, if you all fail to mollify the binary, next time it will be your gaijin half-kid having his head chopped off and his assailant being awarded the Order of the Chrysanthemum!

Here we go again…

Mr Gundlach brought to my attention that despite my pointing out to a poster that a claim against him had already been rebutted by Mr Gundlach himself, and then redacting said comment (and another), he is still not happy, and in fact quite clearly states that it was me that made the redacted comment:


(Well, if you were being pedantic, you could, I suppose, claim that the meaning of "assertion" is "allowance of comments to be freely published on his site" or "failure to read Mr Gundlach’s mind") But anyway, thank you for clearing up the point again.

For the record, it was not me (I find that suggestion most offensive) nor to the best of my knowledge my regular visitors (well, it could be remotely possible that someone I know is commenting off their own bat) who made these comments either here, on Mr Gundlach’s site, or on Mr Arudou’s, and in fact I wasn’t even aware of the phoning-up incident until the commenter posted it. Indeed, even the most cursory examination reveals a commonality in style (short lines, random CAPITALISATION, repeating the same assertion multiple times, etc) between Mr Gundlach’s "John" (Google him yourself) and Mr Arudou’s "Anonymous". Furthermore, my commenter with the every-changing handle is, I am all but certain, the same "Anonymous", who usually uses open proxies, making determining who he all is more difficult.

This Anonymous has been chased off here and Tepido at least twice, once for refusing to provide evidence for his 2 million Japanese train-jins, and another time for cutting and pasting stuff from 2ch without full understanding of what he was doing (posting as "Bob"), and in fact a third time he caused a bit of a kerfuffle with by copy-pasting a comment on a topic the regulars here were getting quite fed up hearing about (it looks like I purged it from Japologism!), so Occam’s Razor would say that he’s not one of us sock-puppeting.

Talking of sock-puppets, I have never really understood the whole obsession with them. It’s pretty obvious to me that Japan Probe’s 24 contributors are all different people, and quite frankly going on and on about it makes these people’s stances seem all the more ridiculous. :facepalm: I have pointed out above how "Anonymous" has an individual and consistent style despite his many handles; the sock-puppet-obsessed have failed to demonstrate anything above "they all talk about the same thing".

Probable Fookooshimar nonsense on infant thyroid issues

There has been a lot of buzz in the tinfoil hat community about a paper entitled "Elevated airborne beta levels in Pacific/West Coast US States and trends in hypothyroidism among newborns after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown", published in a newish journal, Open Journal of Pediatrics, and written by Joseph J. Mangano and Janette D. Sherman, who have Fookooshimar form. Furthermore, the publisher, Scientific Research Publishing, does not get a terribly good write-up on Wikipedia.

I’m not able to comment on the content of their paper, but I see that the Alaska Dispatch has already questioned the validity, and from a simple sniff test if there really was a 20% increase in hypothyroidism from just one week’s worth of minimal exposure, I would have expected the recent surveys of Fukushima thyroids to have shown something statistically significant.

BTW, RT (Russia Today) gets its headline spectacularly scaremongeringly wrong!

First Tuesday, Just Be Cause, blah blah blah

I commented elsewhere on the site that I was losing interest in, so now I must admit to having the same feelings about his JT column. Someone might have something more interesting to say on it, but for me it is tortured metaphors – check; thesaurus abuse – check; lack of anything positive – check. In a little more detail:

America has a Green Card as a well-known denizen (even uglier word than gaijin!) indicator but I cannot think of an equivalent in the UK. I would guess most Japanese assume we have always had a juminhyo.

If you’re planning on living in Japan indefinitely, I suggest you get your neighbors warmed up to the fact that you as a non-Japanese (let’s at least avoid the dislocated, transient trappings of the generic word “foreigner”) are not merely gaikokujin. And as of 2012, most of you now have a jūminhyō (residency certificate) to prove it.

If people are planning on staying long-term, I’d certainly hope they would have advanced from talking in English to the neighbours. So, we should call ourselves 非日本人? :facepalm:

Then spread the word through the grass roots, such as they are. Upgrade your status and mollify the binary.

Are we supposed to carry our juminhyo and wave it at people at the least provocation? And WTF is "mollify the binary"? :headdesk: