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Just a quick tip…

Given that Japan Times seems to have basically killed off commenting on their site except for a couple of stories a day, if you’d like to see what is being discussed but don’t want to burn through your page view allowance, this link will let you keep track of the latest stories:

Chrome will happily ignore RSS, but this seems like a reasonable way to keep up to date. I use feedly, myself.

Japan Times headline

I can’t be bothered giving them a click-through to see the real story, but as you can see we go from a “drop”, via a “paring” to reach a “boost”. :facepalm:

‘Tankan’ signals drop in spending

Large Japanese businesses pared their projections for capital spending this fiscal year, signaling headwinds for Abenomics as a sales-tax rise looms in April. Big firms plan to boost spending 4.6 …

A turn up for the books, and the new secrets law is a boon for foreign journalists

NHK reports that the police’s annual report highlights foreigners and crime. In the sense of foreigners being targeted by hate speech from right-wing loons.

Regarding the new secrets law, I see that English-language journalists are out in force suggesting how anything embarassing to the government can now be covered up. However, I think for the lazy or scaremongering journalist this new law is a boon. For example, if Sea Shepherd state that Taiji is training dolphins to swim around the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor pools and scoop up the nuclear fuel, no journalist worth his or her salt would currently bother asking a government official for comment, but from now they can, and when they get laughed out of the minister’s office they can “but perhaps due to the secrets law the government made no comment.”

Oh, and talking of leaking secrets, last month Anonymous (or perhaps someone using their name) said they had evidence of $850 million trade in Taiji dolphin sold as tuna. However, the numbers do not add up, and for the implied human consumption I would imagine the taste would be noticable. I can believe that pet food could contain dolphin as a mystery meat, but still I am waiting to see what is revealed; it seems, however, that the campaign has stalled.

The real health cost of Fukushima

Fukushima schoolkids are fat, according to official figures. These are real, identifiable, quantifiable adverse effects, rather than some wooly “I’m sure it’s 100s times more” that the doom and gloom merchants try to peddle.

NHK covered the news, and in the graphs fatties were double the national average in certain age groups! They also looked at a mother and her three kids living in Fukushima city, and the tone of the interview went that she was blaming herself for keeping her kids indoors and limiting their outdoor play. The kids were sitting around not talking, engrossed in their smartphone games.

It does make me angry that there are still the “evacuate all kids” loons (right up to diet member Taro Yamamoto) on the loose, yet they never take responsibility for their actions.

I’ve just realised JBC makes absolutely no bloody sense

First, a list of absolutes from the article:

Just step out into public view and you’ll feel it.

a Japanese student in any classroom

The Eye thus keeps Japanese classrooms quiet.

The Eye thus forces everyone to assume

By donning drab colors, effecting a sullen public mask and adopting unobtrusive behaviors like everyone else

NJ in Japan are naturally viewed as suspicious.

making everyone watch and police one another.

they’ll come back to Japan and plug right back in.

I make that eight very broad brush strokes.

if they happen to appeal to a desirable standard (e.g., tall, well-groomed, moneyed and male). They attract the attention of the Giggly Ingenue and Bored Cougar. In other words, they get “the look,” not The Eye.

From only the GI and BC, or do they 以心伝心ingly tell all The Other Eyes to switch to “the look” (surely “The Look”?) mode? Or does The Look outweigh The Eye? What’s the minimum recommended ratio of Looks to Eyes? What about for married people, gays, straight women or others who may have no interest in attention from a GI or BC?

As for the motley NJ who don’t fit that aforementioned desirable standard, The Eye eventually convinces them that they really are somehow deviant and undesirable.

He said “e.g.” rather than “i.e.”, so it’s not exclusive, but since he used “desirable” one would assume that this included other traditional measures of attractiveness like slim, full head of blonde hair, big nose, etc.

there are NJs who do “look Japanese” and can “pass” as such. By donning drab colors, effecting a sullen public mask and adopting unobtrusive behaviors like everyone else, they can escape The Eye.

Depressed zainichi goths get a free pass, but:

This time, however, shikata ga nai — there is no escape from The Eye. The only escape is to head back to the airport and exit Japanese society.

Not even the ultimate apologist’s line “If you don’t like it, go home”, but just “If you’re not God’s gift to women, go home”

This time last year he said:

And if you dare get critical? You face exclusionism, even from NJ themselves. The common retort to any criticism is, “Well, if you don’t like it here, why don’t you leave?”

With reasoned argument debased to the level of “love it or leave it,” the “like or dislike” ideological prism effectively becomes an intellectual prison.

Mr Arudou has painted his ideological prism fuligin.

A quick note re for my more excitable readers

For the best part of a year now, has been infected with a Viagra-pimping hack that seems to have been around since at least 2010, and which installs a backdoor that has been known to hang around for months. Furthermore, by September of this year Google chucked the site out of their index due to said chronic penis spam, yet as far as I could determine it was another month before Mr Arudou took action, but that appeared not to be sufficient, as the spam redirects still operated.

Now, you can choose to believe either that the Pharma hack trashed his site (either due to bugs in it or a botched clean-up by a self-admitted non-expert, etc) or that coincidentally Evil Hackers out to ruin his reputation also haxxored in, but Occam’s Razor tells me the first is most likely true.

Personally, I think having the site up and actively displaying the comments it does is far more damaging to his reputation than a blank screen, and quite frankly I miss my regular dose of :facepalm: and :headdesk: .

It must be nice to get the Japan Times to post your own advertorial

Just Be Cause this month is a rather inappropriate rehash of the intro to In Appropriate:

The only escape is to head back to the airport and exit Japanese society. As many Japanese do.

Indeed. :facepalm: