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Dolphipologist gets his blowhole assaulted

There was a story published in Newsweek that I thought took an interesting look at Taiji from another angle, that of an older resident. I quite enjoyed the article, but the comments section is… oh dear. Many of the dolphin-huggers posting there are really quite, quite nasty to anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view, although admittedly there is a Japanese (or pretending to be Japanese) troll there to wind them up.

I liked this comment:

Those poor dolphins are foreigners. They are citizens of the world. They are not subject to that kind of arrogant self centered thinking that decimates the wonderful beings that inhabit OUR planet just so that some SELF RIGHTEOUS Japanese butchers can save face.

And this:

Dolphin are sacred, and whales keep a secret… There are 8000 whales keeping a secret sign and those signs together can do a drawing… this drawing has powerful magic and then whale can save the earth with this drawing

And of course, many commenters conclude that the reporter must have been on the take from the Japanese government.

David McNeill defends his JT Fookooshimar article, writes a new one on the NY Times

David McNeill wrote up a credulous look at the US sailor-related ambulance-chasing law suit on Fukushima, then despite all evidence that authors defending articles in comments never works, he gave it a try. There’s a lot of good comments, and you can also try to match our regulars with the handles. (I don’t know myself, but I can hazard a guess at two!)

However, today I found another awful article full of innuendo for the New York Times, entitled Squelching Efforts to Measure Fukushima Meltdown, which contains no evidence of squelching and no-one willing to go on record with a claim. Let’s have a look:

[Michio Aoyama] said levels of radioactive cesium 137 in the surface water of the Pacific Ocean could be 10,000 times as high as contamination after Chernobyl

Given that Chernobyl is slightly further from the Pacific, and the prevailing winds blew all its crap over Europe, that’s a pretty useless number, quite frankly. Looking at related stuff it appears to be a local maximum. He currently poo-poos the idea that Fukushima is polluting the whole Pacific.

Joji Otaki, a biologist at Japan’s Ryukyu University who has written papers suggesting that radioactivity at Fukushima has triggered inherited deformities in a species of butterfly.

Dodgy science. No wonder he finds it difficult to get funding.

Timothy A. Mousseau

Oh dear.

In one case, a Japanese professor and two postdoctoral students dropped out of a joint research paper, telling him they could not risk association with [Timothy A. Mousseau’s] findings.

Perhaps they Googled him?

Mr. Mousseau is careful to avoid comparisons with the Soviet Union, which arrested and even imprisoned scientists who studied Chernobyl. Nevertheless […]

…he does.

Much of the government funding for academic research in Japan is funneled through either the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science or the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Proposals are screened by government officials and reviewed by an academic committee.

Umm, isn’t that the way most countries distribute research grants?

Brownface (brownbelly?), Asians who can’t befriend Westerners, US SoS Kerry and JDG forgets his story

White belly dancers are destroying my culture, especially the slim ones!

A look from the other side of the “I can’t make any Japanese friends!” theme.

Recently, the US Secretary of State said this:

Our position on the Senkakus has not changed. The United States recognises de facto Japan administration of the islands but takes no position on the question of parties’ sovereignty claims thereto.

Oops, my mistake, that was about the Falklands! However, it is almost identical to his recent Senkaku statement:

The United States, as everybody knows, does not take a position on the ultimate sovereignty of the islands. But we do recognize that they are under the administration of Japan

I found that out when I was flaming the ex-British ambassador again, this time wondering why Japan refuses to acknowledge a dispute, just like the UK goverment refuses to do regarding the Falklands.

Jim Di Griz claimed to have returned back to Blighty, although my logs say something different, but here he describes how to watch Top Gear in Japan.