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Should I really give Vice a link to their stupid Fookooshimar nonsense

I’ll put a nofollow on this link where we see that an anti-nuclear activist (Ms Takenouchi) said a pro-nuclear (well, I’m not sure of their exact stance, but to most Fookooshimars, anything not death-filled is pro-) activist (Ms Ando) was “host[ing] human experiments in Fukushima“, so Ms Ando decided to talk to the police about the defamation. Cue much outrage about censorship, victimisation, etc, etc. I’m also reminded (but let’s not go there) that the writers credited for this article have been involved in a similar situation…

Anyway, Ms Ando represents an NPO that according to the article:

Fukushima Ethos encourages residents to continue living in contaminated areas as long as decontamination procedures and radiation measurements continue to be done.

No biases there from the journalist. If you’d rather read the NPO’s own statement of policies, it is here. Some legal expert or other said:

If all debates about nuclear energy in this country are going to become grounds for criminal investigations, freedom of speech will vanish.

Try not calling people human experimenters to avoid being grounds for investigation!

In Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom rankings for 2013, Japan fell to a new low of 59th place, due in part to the Special Secrets Act passed in the middle of the night in December, and “the ban imposed by the authorities on independent coverage of any topic related directly or indirectly to the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.” 

I think we’ve previously criticised the RSF quotes here, and I don’t really see what the point in mentioning the middle of the night is, and if my memory serves me correctly, it was just after 9 pm. Can anyone else recall?

Today’s non-news: yet again, millions still not diagnosed as dead from Fukushima

A not-surprising article from Forbes on a UN report:

Increased rates of detection of [thyroid] nodules, cysts and cancers have been observed during the first round of screening; however, these are to be expected in view of the high detection efficiency [using modern high-efficiency ultrasonography]. Data from similar screening protocols in areas not affected by the accident imply that the apparent increased rates of detection among children in Fukushima Prefecture are unrelated to radiation exposure.

The comments, as ever, are :headdesk:

Why not solar “Top Sales” too?

One common argument against Shinzo Abe that I often hear is that he is off doing nuclear power station “top sales” all around the world, but instead should be selling renewables; even Friday’s News Station had the anchor making the same comment on his visit to Portugal.

Now, let’s not get bogged down on the “instead”, but ponder why he is not putting a similar effort into selling solar and wind technologies.

My opinion is that it is not really his responsibility; nuclear (like weapon sales, etc) is a government-level decision in the order of hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars that requires head-of-state level agreement, whereas solar is on the whole smaller-scale projects, even if the sum total might exceed nuclear for a given country. Therefore, it is METI-level (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) support that is needed for such sales, not Abe-level.

I’m sure I saw figures somewhere recently that said the growth of investment in solar was highest in Japan, but while searching I found Singapore investing $500 million, GE $100-200 million, and First Solar another $100 million, so now I am totally confused.

Can someone help me understand?