Monthly Archives: April 2015

So that’s a vote for Hokkaido’s Tomari nuclear power plant restart then

I see in today’s Hokkaido Prefectural election, the anti-nuclear candidate Noriyuki Sato lost. A couple of weeks ago I saw him on the television where he said:


So, since he lost, he will accept the voice of the people. Bonus points to anyone who finds him contradicting that stance in post-election interviews.


Profound or gibberish – you decide

This month’s Just Be Cause left me scratching my head; I’ll probably have to read it two or three more times to see if I can make sense of it. I did note though that this time the target is (or appears to be) Japanese, not foreigners. The one :facepalm: moment I have found so far is:

This is one reason why even the most scientifically trained among us is ready, for example, to take seriously the comment of a single native-born Japanese (rather than trust qualified Japan experts who unfortunately lack the mystical bloodline) as some kind of evidence in any discussion on Japan.

Who on earth could these non-native-born “qualified Japan experts” be?