Defying one’s doctoral training

Last year, the then Mr Arudou said this:

[…] he defied his doctorate training by calling Koreans an “emotional people,” and dismissed several counter-opinions as “stupid”

This year, the doctorately-trained Arudou said:

The majority of you stayed on because you were anesthetized by sex, booze, easy money and the freedom to live outside both the boxes you were brought up in and the boxes Japanese people slot themselves in.


But as your twilight years approach, you’ll look back in anger and wish you’d created a different bubble.

That looks like similar behaviour to me, and behaviour that has been committed to print for all eternity.

And in slightly related news, Robert McKinney of Otaru, a regular letter-writer to the Japan Times often voicing support for Dr Arudou’s columns, outs himself as one of Arudou’s losers – see the third letter down here.

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  1. KT88 (shivering)

    looks like McKinney is off (on? he is American…) his meds.

    No pension? 自業自得 much?

    Man, there truly was a golden generation of gaijin. They boozed through the bubble, celebrated unearned celebrity and showed us all just how grand it could be…

    Then when the corner turned (they do that) and shit fell down? well, it was the Japs’ fault, wasn’t it?

    I mean the real reason for his predicament is not his own life choices, how could it be? After, the Japs are racist and sexist. He was built up… to fail. THEY did it! THEY always do it! Not to mention that THEY are cannibals and are genetically incapable of either learning English or empathy.

    Well, the good news it that if Mr McKinney is ever in too dangerous a position, as a 63 year old white male, he can easily just go back to Gaikoku and get a job there, right? Right? Cos in gaikoku, everything’s (all) right!

  2. To be fair, the chap doesn’t like America much, either.

  3. A lot of what he says about job insecurity and short-termism is a growing complaint in Higher Education globally, whatever your specialism or nationality. At his age, he’s entitled to be fed up, to be honest.

  4. Quick Question.

    What does it mean for Gaijin to be treated as a ‘celebrity’?

    I’ve often wondered this as it seems to be nothing approaching actual celebrity.

    Have any of you ever experienced this or is it just the delusions of ‘popular’ English teachers experiencing human contact for the first time?

  5. @Pessoa:

    It’s a complaint in every industry. I’ve been in the professional workforce for 20 years now and only now do I have a semblance of long-term contract stability. I think that’s the case for the vast majority of jobs that aren’t in the public sector.

  6. Really?

    All the full time workers at my company have lifetime employment.

    I guess you English teacher guys lead really transient lives.

  7. @iLikedolphins:

    The big Eikaiwa (half now bankrupt) are basically really seedy talent agencies. They promote their (unqualified, monolingual) teachers as magical and perfect racial specimens of international humanity and then take a huge cut of the money they swipe from their clients while treating their feckless drunken gap year “talent” ((c) Debito Arudou) like shit.

    So in that sense it’s a bit like celebrity.

  8. @iLikedolphins:

    > What does it mean for Gaijin to be treated as a ‘celebrity’?

    Not being ignored?

  9. “doctorate training”?

    There is no such thing. Earning a doctorate means doing independent, new research. You basically train yourself. If you can’t, you are not worthy of a PhD.

    In real academic fields, that means you are your own judge, and a professor just makes sure you are doing due diligence and gives you some pointers. Then you present your research to a committee of real professors. (No “professors” of eikaiwa or “international relations” bullshit, but actual professors)

    There is no “training” per se. The professors will just tell you outright that either your research is a valuable contribution to science, or it isn’t.

    If it isn’t, you should already know so and not even try to present it. If you don’t know so, you are not worthy of a PhD. Catch-22.

    In fake bullshit social “science” fields like critical race theory and politically correct bullshit 101, the standards, if any, are a bit more relaxed… Where nobody is wrong and everyone gets a Gold star for effort, as long as your tuition is paid and you have gotten enough pubs in 3rd tier social “science” journals, even if it is the same “research” recycled 5 times, you can qualify for your “PhD”

    Though you can get the PhD, getting a job based on your “original” “research” may prove more difficult.

    When any SJW with spare time and tuition money can get a “PhD”, there are too many “doctors” and not enough paying SJW jobs for them.

    Result: Many angry unemployed SJW “PhD” bloggers.

  10. So for Arudou and his ilk, being treated as a celebrity is geekspeak for being popular for the first time?

    Or do they really believe they have achieved celebrity status, accounting for the inappropriately confident swagger you occasionally see in some of these lesser souls when they are out on the town?

    And what is it they see when they look in a mirror? It’s not truth.

  11. meanwhile, Dedbito allows Mr. Googles to criticize him on his own site, because he realizes that Googles is right — Dedbito no longer cares about us in Japan

    I must have missed something.

  12. @DigDug:

    I’m afraid you may be a little bit out of date. PhD programmes do have training. I don’t know about how much national variation there is in this, but you typically have to do a Master’s worth of taught courses in order to progress to doing the thesis itself.

  13. Next Question

    What does being treated like a ‘pet’ mean?

    My own theory is that the gaijin is so far out of the loop due to his own ineptness that he can’t be trusted with anything and yet still officially belongs to a group or company so they try to include him or humor him for the sake of saving his face and the whole time he just. doesn’t. get. it.


  14. @havill: The canine spam filter let one slip through.

  15. @Simon:

    Ah, my bad. I thought he had vetted that new account.

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  16. TL;DR: Japan Times is making money off of its ¥210 paper by reprinting unverified comments that some Disqus users who don’t read the JT may not have given consent to publish.

    So I see that Japan Times’ Community Editors are phoning it in for the holidays. In order to stretch their paper that are now printing Disqus comment/posts, pseudonyms be damned* , onto 60,000 copies pulp mixed in with the theoretically better vetted Letters to the Editor in order to stretch the length of their “original” content.

    Today’s printed paper of original Japan Times “content” is 12 pages: almost and entire broadsheet page (5 out of 6 columns: 83%) is a mash-up of Letters to the Editor (like mine), and selected comments that weren’t deleted and made it in before they closed comments after just a little over 24 hours. Almost 7% of the December 22nd, 2014 edition. They further stretched the paper with 18 pages of International New York Times content and 6 pages of filler on Paraguay from the website

    Now the Japan Times Commenting Policy says:

    By commenting on this site, you grant us the right to republish your comments in Japan Times’ publications.

    However, the commenting system they use is powered by Disqus, and Disqus’ policy on UGC/UC aka “comments says:

    By posting any [comments] on [Disqus’ commenting service], you expressly grant, and you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary to grant, to Disqus a royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, list information regarding, edit, translate, distribute, syndicate, publicly perform, publicly display, and make derivative works of all such [comments] and your name, voice, and/or likeness as contained in your [comments], in whole or in part, and in any form, media or technology, whether now known or hereafter developed, for use in connection with the [Disqus’ commenting service] and Disqus’ (and its successors’ and affiliates’) business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the [Disqus’ commenting service] (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. 

    So in other words, Disqus and JT disagree as to who owns and can use the stuff published on it. (Japan Times is not an “affiliate” or “successor” business).

    Where this gets interesting is that it is very possible, given Disqus’ nature, to read articles post comments without having ever visited or reading or even knowing about Japan Times website or policy; indeed I comment by going directly to Disqus and I have given these links to KT88 and others. In addition to not counting against one’s 10 articles/month quota for non-subscribers, using Disqus directly means not a single yen of advertising revenue goes to Nifco for ad impressions. So I, and I imagine others as well, make it a point to avoid accessing Japan Times directly so they don’t get any pageview or impressions from me.

    * Letters to the Editor are supposed to be 300 words or less and while you can request anonymity, pseudonyms are not allowed.

  17. I’m very surprised JT put this in print:

    After Just Be Cause, what next?

    Well, that’s quite the line-drawing as we reach the end of the year, and perhaps the end of an era? Not sure how anyone follows that, so I guess it’s sayonara and farewell. Believe it or not, we shall miss you.

    I wonder what is going to replace JBC in future Community sections, to cater to this apparent market of over-sexed, alcoholic, loser English teachers in their dead-end careers and dead-end lives.


  18. @havill: Not as surprised as I was. :cool:

  19. Is that “last” as in “final, never to appear again, gone, done with”? Or “last” as in “most recent”? (I don’t trust the JT to make the distinction.)

    A selection of online and email responses to Debito Arudou’s last Just Be Cause column, “Time to burst your bubble and face reality,” which appeared in print on Dec. 4.

  20. @havill: While deliciously ambiguous, a quick search (via Google) indicates that the phrase “last Just Be Cause” is the norm when introducing the written responses.

    I guess time will tell…

  21. So the wantonly vandalous drunken man child known as Ben Stubbings is responsible for fanning the flames of anti-Japanese hatred through this low-circulation broadsheet?

    Is he the one who titled that recent whiney ‘my kind of gaijin boyfriend psuedo-raped me and he was wasn’t instantly executed by the Japanese police’ piece as ‘The Myth of Japanese Safety Laid Bare Like a Unpixelated Paipan Vagina’?

    Bitch please. Some chick got a stomachache from a dick up on in her and got told to move on. What was Japan supposed to do? Collectively break down her hostel door 2 seconds before penetration waving a samurai sword and screaming ‘our lands will remain forevermore safety’?

    Apologize for letting desperately rapey gaijins that you happen to get drunk with in your room through immigration in the first place without breaking their insanely complex notions of civil rights?

    Two Gaijins have Sex and one doesn’t like it enough to go running down the Koban six weeks later, gets told to put a cork in all her holes, and Stubbings sees it as a chance to insinuate all Japanese are rapists without even a single skinny yellow dick being pulled out?

    I think we’ve found the King Gregor to Arudou’s Rasputin.

  22. Graylandertagger

    Jake Adelstein crapped out another sugarcoated article.

    I’m not going to defend that Japanese government(Shinzo Abe is a problem though it’s questionable how far he’s going to get), but i’m starting to think that Jake’s becoming the new Arudou Debito. With all the negativity that he’s pushing down our throats I think we’re gonna have to start to turn our attention towards him. Anything to cripple his reputation. With all the fear that he tries to shove down our throats, that bastard’s acting like a bully on a playground. Only fair for us to bully him back.

  23. Googled “Graylandertagger” and immediately found his youtube video upload page:

    In this video he uploaded, right from the start, in the on screen comments Graylandertagger wrote, e once again uses the word “sugarcoated”:

    Hey Graylandertagger, what is it with you and the word “sugarcoated”?

  24. Confirmation that this Graylandertagger “sugarcoated” kid created that video 4 months ago:

  25. Anyway, can we get back to comments not written by teenagers? “Durrh, let’s go bully Jake Adelstein, durrh.”

  26. Wait a second, turns out this guy is recommending (in the comment section below this video he created about Debito) that viewers come here to! He writes the following:

    “Head to for the latest info”

    And here he is attempting “high level discourse”:

    Wow. Maybe this guy is alright.

  27. Graylandertagger


    I didn’t mean to offend anyone with that video I made on the Nanking Massacre. I just thought it would have been stylized to make since the music would have fit the photo’s. Of course I don’t habor any ill will towards Japan since I’m more agitated toward the way China hypes the atrocities rather than explaining them. I really don’t think it’s all Japans fault that it hasn’t fully apologizes since it wasn’t until the 1970’s when Japan was pressurized to apologize(those comfort women should have asked for an apology right after the war ended instead of waiting until the early 90’s).

    I won’t deny Japans wrongdoing during world war 2, but I’m not going to take a one-dimensional view of them since that’s part of what I hate about the media(the fact that Jake Adelstein relies on brute negativity to create exciting stories).

    As for that video I made about Debito, I was actually inspired by a South Park parody on Youtube about Paul Watson:

  28. Interesting.

    Google “Greylandertagger” + “I’m looking for a good otaku.”

    That is all. :razz:

  29. Interesting.

    Google “Graylandertagger” + “I’m looking for a good otaku.”

    That is all. :razz:

  30. Kinda embarrassing to see what you posted about yourself online, but that’ what happens when one tries to INCITE BULLYING against some human being simply for writing opinions you disagree with.

    Now back to the original jab at the top of this thread, is it really OK for Ken to get everyone here laughing at “Robert McKinney of Otaru” and is it any more mature than me getting folks to laugh at this self-described “Greylandertagger Otaku of Virgnia”? I think it’s about the exact same level, so how about returning to more mature comments.

    I thought that if I read enough here eventually someone smart is supposed to post actual constructive ideas about how to improve the environment where our children are growing up?

    Where is Justin Thyme lately? He seems to be the only one here actually trying to make this country a better home. I look forward to seeing more comments from him.

  31. @JTW:

    I kinda wasn’t direct enough when I said that we should bully Jake Adelstein back. I actually meant that we should criticize him the same way we criticize Arudou Debito considering that fact that Jake’s articles are only meant for him to gain attention just so he can get a quick buck. A lot of media people are like that. As for the fact that I live in Virginia, yes. It’s true that I don’t currently live in Japan, but I have plans to visit in the future given the research and fascination that I have about the country.

  32. Jake Adelstein has man boobs and has probably never met a real gangsta in his life.

    He’s a gaijin ‘celebrity’. Even wrote a poem about it.

    I don’t mind exposing his lies and his fake ‘news’ blog.

  33. @Stelcer:

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  34. Ken on another phone

    @havill: I just noticed that our rabid cur has been posting utter lies about both you and I on Twitter, so from now even his slightly coherent posts will be binned.

  35. Ken on another phone

    @Graylandertagger: I finally read the article, and it’s difficult to say more than just more obsession with his pet subjects, and an over-pessimistic view on the state secrets act.

  36. @Ken on another phone:

    Oh? I don’t even read it anymore (my email filters auto-deletes his mail without me seeing it). Until he Moves On, he’s not worthy of my or anyone else’s time anymore. Hasn’t been for some time.

  37. I agree. I think comparing Adelstein to Arudou is rather unfair. Adelstein actually likes Japanese people and life here. Although I have some serious issues with some of his reporting, he’s not a fantasist. You don’t get any weird “the Eye is watching you” crap or nihonjinronism of someone who (along with his friends) is unable to actually form any meaningful social relationships with members of the local population.

    Plus, he really gets up the child-threatener’s nose at a time when the Japan Times community editor actually promoted his hackshit.

    I think Adelstein’s got the state secrets law wrong, but my biggest objection to what he writes is that it’s as if we already know what it will mean and how it will work. We just don’t. He’s spreading the idea that we won’t be able even to criticise the government in print, which is simply wrong. As newspapers have slowly picked up, the law has a lot to do with US demands for a more powerful secrecy regime in order to facilitate military co-operation.

    The thing is, the text itself isn’t anywhere near as negative as the sub-editing suggests. Probably Ben Stubbings, who really ought to think about living somewhere that makes him happy. One presumes that he’s got transferable skills outside the gaijin bubble and that he can do stuff that makes him employable elsewhere. I mean, the irony would be…

  38. I’m pretty sure I’ve met more gangstas than Jake the Fake ever has.

    Ben Stubbings is basically an eikaiwa teacher with a slightly different job. He’s probably been anesthesized by the beer and pussy and can’t go home.

    Why does he have a job anyway when he’s singlehandedly turned that newspaper into a joke?

    The paper must be run by slightly daft older people who are perplexed by gaijins but put it all down to ‘cultural differences’ and think Stubbings is giving us want we want.

    Which he is.
    If we were dumb cunts who don’t recognize Japan’s right to exist with a constant need to soak ourselves in an echo box of sickening racist hatred


    Why does it not surprise me that this never ending triteness springs forth from both the web and the university?

    Spend some time with your families you fucks

  40. Oh noes, by sheer force of paranoid rambling, the world’s greatest stalker rape fantasist overweight middle-aged Canadian has tracked me down to my place of work. By a sheer coincidence, I also work part-time for the Tokyo police where my job is sending officers to check up on stalking complaints.

    I also run the local booze shop where he spends all the money his parents send him.

    Still, I hope he has a happy Christmas.

  41. Hmm. Looks like someone may have got themselves a new job with a broader circulation rag. The clearly fake by-line doesn’t fool anyone, the MO is signature…

  42. Think you’ve nailed it. Griffinology.


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