Demos, hate speech and a large question mark

Stopped clocks are right twice a day, so forgive me for linking to a netouyo blog with a curious story. (Link nofollowed just in case) We have this screen shot from NHK (I’m sure I’ve heard others say that NHK ignores these demos, but that’s another matter):


He was interviewed as a man-on-the-street in Korea Town, where all the right-wing loons go with their "Kill All Koreans!" placards, and saying how it really was quite a scary atmosphere. (Is there a full length clip somewhere of this?)

All very good, but someone remembered the face from a counter-demonstration to a pro-Takeshima Day rally in February:


He seems to be wired up with a pin mike in these photos, and of course the suspicion of the right-wing loons is that he is a left-wing Korean nationalist loon, from The Shit-Back-That-Racist Crew

Talking of these matters, next month is a demo entitled Osaka Against Racism, but I saw a post on reddit saying:

The website doesn’t seem to say much of anything about who is organizing this event. So I don’t really know what to expect.

It could just be good-natured people who want to march against racism. But if it was some kind of Chosen Soren-affiliated group, I wouldn’t be shocked. They’ve tried to frame the issue of funding to North Korean schools as tied to racism. They are actually one of the biggest targets of Zaitokukai protesters, so it would make sense for them to organize counter-demonstrations.

And finally, Japan Crush covering the netouyo talking about other netouyo getting arrested at a demonstration.

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  1. It surprises me that hate speech has even come up as a topic in Japan. This is progress, even if it is only because ‘it makes Japan look bad’.

  2. Just realised I’d screwed up the link – hopefully it works now!

  3. Anonymous Unit

    Not to go off topic for too long, but I sent Debito some unique hatemail. The e-mail I sent him is as followed(it’s pretty hurtful to the point where you might ban me, but I think it really sums up what Debito is and what he should actually do with himself.


    Now, now, that’s not very nice at all. Curiously enough, this fellow appears not to have used a public or anonymised IP address, but instead was posting from what appears to be a government facility in Fairfax.

    Mr Arudou, if you wish to follow up on this character, I can supply you with further information.

  4. @anonymous unit

    Sorry, I strongly disapprove. While I believe in free speech and lord knows I’ve had (more than most people) reason to object to the content on, your comment crossed a line.

    It’s not a threat, but it is encouraging (self) violence. I can’t endorse that, no matter how much I disagree with the site’s purpose.

    There are other ways to express disgust without encouraging physical harm to anybody. It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or the harm being encouraged is self inflicted. It’s wrong.

    I hope Ken will moderate (delete) your comment when he gets around to checking the board as soon as possible.

  5. @Anonymous Unit: I see what you did there. :roll:

  6. Graylandertagger


    I’m more worried about the fact that Anonymous Unit’s comment might lead to Debito taking against this site(I can’t confirm that since it’s not a direct threat though. We have hacked his website before and Debito didn’t do anything). I still might think of some idea’s of hate mail to send Debito(in a legal manner since some methods of hate mail aren’t strictly legal).

    I know he won’t review it so it’s important to put effort into the e-mail title itself(without giving him a legal opportunity to sue us for threatening him. Anything threatening leaves us legally vulnerable).

  7. @Graylandertagger:

    There is no “us” or “we” here, and this person doesn’t represent our collective opinions, and action will be taken as soon as the mods get a break during lunch etc or after work, so I doubt it.

    Posts like this are an (ugly) fact of life on un-moderated (or post-moderated in this case) blogs/forums etc.


    “We have hacked Debito’s website?”

    “We”? “have”? Speak for yourself, Greylander. I know I haven’t. Ken hasn’t. Nobody I know has. Maybe YOU have. But that’s your problem, not ours.

  8. In another news, Arimichi continues to prove he is incapable of being taken seriously by peppering every image he steals from around the web with “Courtesy “.

    I wonder if anyone’s tried to teach him about how if there’s a gold fringe around the flag in a US courtroom, you can get out of paying taxes? Or how if you ask a plain-clothes cop if they are a cop, they are legally obligated to answer truthfully? Or about Five Secrets That Dermatologists Don’t Want You To Know But This Local Mother Will Give You For $3.99?

    Reciting a magic spell or incantation does not nullify your legal obligations, and it certainly won’t help once someone brings forth another DMCA claim on his stupid blog.

  9. @Graylandertagger: There has most certainly been no hacking of from people here, except if you care to believe the always honest and impeccable character of Jim Di Griz. :roll:

  10. Graylandertagger


    OK, OK. I just recall Ken making a simple little joke at one point and was curious, that’s all(I kinda don’t care in the end since pranks are just just pranks). Not that it matters. Anonymous Unit DOES go a little too far since his letter does create the possibility of leaving this site in legal danger(using an e-mail leaves a trace). I like this blog and don’t want to see it go.

  11. iLikedolphins

    -There is no “us” or “we” here, and this person doesn’t represent our collective opinions

    -“We”? “have”? But that’s your problem, not ours.

    I’m a little conflagrated by this abstract mess of pronouns. Perhaps one of the myriad of ‘English’ ‘teachers’ in the background could step in to help?

    Apparently there is no ‘we’ in ‘our’……

  12. Yawn. The grammar/spelling troll. The oldest in the book. You need new & better material if you want people to pay attention to you.

  13. We all know I don’t care about our grammar, we are all individuals here as a group. It’s more of a logical mess than anything else. There is no ‘we’ in ‘our’ collective. It’s just so blatantly patently obvious I wonder how you even manage to hold down a job.

    This is where a middle aged white man provides a link to that Monty Python sketch somewhere when someone chants ‘yes! We are all individuals!’

  14. @iLikedolphins:

    Clever! A better effort. You have earned your keep for the week.

  15. I even wrote it in English for you in case your Google Translate was busted again.

  16. @iLikedolphins:

    Oi! Don’t think I didn’t see that!

    ‘English’ ‘teachers’

    They’re my quotation marks, scoundrel.

    Then again I’ve done enough stylistic thieving to know better about glass rocks, stone houses, non-white pots and kettles without handles.

  17. Would anyone be surprised if Anonymous Unit is a debito fan doing a “false flag” operation? Give debito all the info to track him down, then see what he does(n’t) do with it.

    Then you’ll have your answer.

  18. Charlie Rose was good today on the subject of Snowden and the NSA. Charles is speaking with Guardian editors Alan Rusbridger and Janine Gibson. They claim he’s NOT a media whore like Assange (“who’s very comfortable in the spotlight”) but was more concerned about what the NSA was up to.

  19. “Toshiba could have communicated the same message more effectively by interviewing a master baker or some other expert.”

  20. Indeed.

  21. @iLikedolphins: Heh, I saw that too. It’s nice to know that if teaching jobs go south, at least some of his readers will find it easy to retrain to the advertising industry. :facepalm:

  22. Yeah, if you’re in your mid-20s, reasonably fluent in Japanese, and looking for an entry-level job, then there are plenty of opportunities in advertising in Japan.

    For those guys? Even ignoring their fairly obvious dislike of the market they’d presumably be creating ads for, not to mention their Japanese co-workers, the last thing we’d be looking for is a 45-year-old with zero relevant experience.

  23. And no, “living in Japan for 20 years” is not experience. The kid behind the counter at Famima has that.


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