Dolphipologist gets his blowhole assaulted

There was a story published in Newsweek that I thought took an interesting look at Taiji from another angle, that of an older resident. I quite enjoyed the article, but the comments section is… oh dear. Many of the dolphin-huggers posting there are really quite, quite nasty to anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view, although admittedly there is a Japanese (or pretending to be Japanese) troll there to wind them up.

I liked this comment:

Those poor dolphins are foreigners. They are citizens of the world. They are not subject to that kind of arrogant self centered thinking that decimates the wonderful beings that inhabit OUR planet just so that some SELF RIGHTEOUS Japanese butchers can save face.

And this:

Dolphin are sacred, and whales keep a secret… There are 8000 whales keeping a secret sign and those signs together can do a drawing… this drawing has powerful magic and then whale can save the earth with this drawing

And of course, many commenters conclude that the reporter must have been on the take from the Japanese government.

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  1. Granted, the comments section of any online article is most definitely not the place you would expect rational debate, least of all regarding a subject as controversial as INNOCENT FLIPPER-PERSON BUTCHERY MURDER dolphin culls. (If I were supreme dictator, I would ban article comment sections in short order.)

  2. Look. I really like Dolphins so I don’t know any place I can come at this to comment from.

  3. @iLikeDolphins: Come on, don’t hold back, please! Surely you have to have something to say about dolphins being gaijin? :grin:

  4. And in other cetacean-related news, it would seem that South Pacific whale is off the menu (for the time being). :cool:

  5. @Ken Y-N: They could always pull an Iceland/Norway thing if they wanted. :shock:

  6. And Japan Focus publishes a Kimpologist. :shock: The North Korean Gulags may be a lie, and it’s all the fault of the Americans. :facepalm:

  7. Holy what. There is no way I am actually going to plow through that steaming heap in any detail, but a quick skim leads me to believe her thesis is basically “Let’s stop casting aspersions upon the North Koreans, because Jim Crow and evils of capitalism.” Does that sound close?

  8. @Durf: No, worse than that; Jim Crow is documented as having happened, but any Gulag “evidence” is from probably unreliable sources, therefore what about them food sanctions, eh?

    EDIT: Here’s a good breakdown of what’s wrong with her article.

  9. Long time reader, first time poster…A question: Can anyone tell me, if dolphins are so smart, why they keep getting killed in Taiji every year? Think about the reverse situation – maybe some cavemen, back before human beings had any tools or anything. Imagine aliens or something coming down, gathering all the humans they can find into a cave, and then remorselessly killing all of them, while the few who managed to get away watch on. It seems to me like it would only take one of those events to happen before Ug turned to Grug and said, “Yeah, let’s get as far away from here as we can and never return.”

  10. @Dekopon: Heh, that’s my favourite question too, and I’ve never got a decent answer as people assume (quite rightly :razz: ) that I’m just trolling.

  11. The Apologist


    It’s a good question. Even though I’m not a fan of the dolphin culling, or whatever the hell it is called, I have trouble with people who overstimate the alleged sentience of dolphins.
    Especially when, as you can see in the article’s comments, some claim that the dolphin’s feeding habits are a matter of ‘having no choice’.

    Well, sorry, but having and making choices is an integral part of what we mean by sentient. If dolphin behaviour is considered a force of nature then they should drop the human-like sentience precepts too.


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