Entertaining tweets from Eido

Eido tweeted here and here:

I’m tired of unethical journalism practice of allowing former/current writers to use pseudonyms if personal.

Won’t out them, but yes, “Richard Cory”, “Goldie Schwartz”, etc all have articles in under their real names.

Thanks for the tip! BTW folks, in keeping with Eido’s wishes, no outing, please!

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  1. My pal Ed Snowden and I are always writing stuff in that paper. Apologies; it won’t happen again.

  2. Whipdedoo what Eido has to say.

  3. KT88 (battling against homeless irrelevance)

    @Glenski: Ho, ho, ho… homeless hobo weighs in with an opinion. Stop stealin’ my steez. Man gaijinz, NJz must lonely out there, innit?

  4. @Durf: NO OUTING I SAID!!!1!1! :evil: :headdesk: :facepalm:

  5. I generally agree with everything Eido says about foreign media in Japan. He should really run a blog about them.

  6. this blog isn’t bad but it tends to digress into schoolyard name-calling. Eido could do a really cool site critiquing and commenting on the news of the day, from his non-media perspective

  7. Yes, he could call it “computer nerd gets upset about the news”.

  8. KT88 (too many other-people-good-ideas rising out of the esophagus)

    @JT Insider: Or in pure Debito style… “you could…”

    “Well, son, ya know whatchu could do… yeahrp, what ah tellz ya…”

    Mmmm, advice over the internet… deliciously irrelevant…

  9. @KT88 (too many other-people-good-ideas rising out of the esophagus): Of course, criticism is just negative advice, so criticism over the internet is, well, you said it….

  10. On a different note about the Japan Times, isn’t this big nose cartoon the very thing that gets certain people’s hackles up?


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