EU cookie notice regulations

By the way, to comply with an EU directive, you now get a message at the bottom of the screen telling you that I use cookies.

It seems rather pointless to me, but Google requires me to do something… If you notice it misbehaving, etc, please drop me a note.

  1. With all due respect Ken, I think It’s time to try a different layout for this site. Something that doesn’t look generic and parked-domain-ish like this white thing that hurts my eyes every time i open it. Although a tiled wall with this pix ( would be ideal, for shits n giggles. a Clean, modern looking, distinguishable theme would give to this place a fresh new look. Just throwing out a suggestion here.

  2. oh fuck me Jesus no wonder he can’t coordinate any political action if he can’t even coordinate his wardrobe

  3. That link leads to one of the most mental things I have seen on the internet.

  4. @ilikedolphins: There was a reason why he wore turtlenecks all the time.

    They kept the foreskin from rolling up over his face.


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