Fookooshimar full house

It’s the Japan Times again, with a story entitled "Radiation fears forced me to postpone Japan visit by U.S. students".

We get all the usual boxes ticked:

I was forced to recommend to the university authorities where I was employed that they postpone their planned Study Abroad Program in Japan scheduled for the fall of 2013.

Thankfully, according to a comment he added, "the university employing me did not accept my recommendation and intends to bring students to Japan in September as planned, having hired another program director." Hurrah for common sense!

I was contacted by a 2012 Study Abroad Program participant who informed me that she had suffered from such symptoms as vomiting, nosebleeds and recurring headaches, all symptoms typically associated with radiation contamination.

I shall assume that she did not get a medical diagnosis of this, which will of course be put down to all the doctors being in on the conspiracy.

Finally, to save you Googling, we have:

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  1. @Taurus: Good grief, that comment thread is really down the toilet! We’ve had Gundersen, Caldicott and Busby mentioned as experts, a link to one dodgy financial site (Zero Hedge) and a Japanese anti-Illuminati/Jewish conspiracy site.

    However, I am surprised this comment got through unscathed:

    I also think the supposed activists did not do enough to oppose this measure and should have been shouting from the rooftops against it. Yet, they chose to take a vacation on this issue.

    Whoever could this refer to? :wink:

    Furthermore, Wikipedia tells me this about the author of the comment: The egalitarian and anti-capitalist mentality of the leftish generation was the especial target of Schoeck’s attacks. :lol:

    I don’t expect the comment to last the night… :cry:


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