Foreigners should be grateful for no tenure, and dolphin back on the menu

Here’s a report on an interesting paper that found:

We find consistent evidence that students learn relatively more from non-tenure line professors in their introductory courses.

Does no tenure make you a better teacher then?

Secondly, the Daily Fail reports that dolphins are thick neds:

dolphins are less sophisticated than chickens

gangs of males try to assert their authority by forcefully mounting other males – often resulting in bloody fights

We would be doing the world a favour by eating these gay sex pest bird-brains!

  1. Only those that focus on their research (and receiving funding) at the expense of everything else will get tenure. So teachers with tenure are less likely to be good teachers and much less likely to actually be interested in teaching rather than the research they continue to be evaluated on.

  2. Hmmm. Freakonomics in over-reading the research again shocker.

    Quite apart from the “people paid only to teach may on average be better teachers than people paid to teach and do something else as well” obviousness, in Northwestern university (where the study was held) non-tenure track teachers are pretty much all long-termers at NWU, which defeats the rhetorical point about tenure. The study also looks at intro courses which any decent graduate should be able to teach, rather than specialist higher level courses.

    It’s probably got very little to do with the kind of contract people are on, but how much teacher training people have had or have invested in.

    (but that’s getting into too much shop).

  3. yawn . . ..


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