Fukushima and Garin Dart

Two stories for the price of one today. First, SafeCast has obviously been bought off by the Japanese Government and reports that Fukushima radiation reaching the US Pacific coast is of an insignificant amount. No surprise to us here, of course, but I tried to find out what people like EneNews were saying about it, but the stupidity got too much for me and I had to quit my searching.

Second, you might remember Garin Dart, a guy in Tokyo who suddenly disappeared last May, and who we mentioned once or twice here. He resurfaced in the UK recently, after the Yakuza ate his homework. His story was published by the Daily Fail, but an interesting snippet of news is that he recently friended Richard Lloyd Parry, a The Times (of London) journalist who wrote about his initial disappearance.

Garin and Richard are now friends

And here’s a Facebook thread about his reappearance.

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  1. >>And here’s a Facebook thread about his reappearance.

    Which has now been deleted…

  2. What kind of majestic asshole would do that to his pregnant wife?

    She was a little angry…You think?

    Still, he’s obviously been in a bad place emotionally and he’s a white guy. We’d better give him a break.

  3. @iLikeDolphins: What does Jake Yakuza have to say about this?

    Are you insinuating there wasn’t a mob threat but he just did a runner because he was overwhelmed? If that mob threat indeed existed, I don’t think you can compare his situation to a schmuck with a blog who’s fallen on hard times.

  4. Funny how the Daily Mail thought that blurring the baby’s face (which will change as it develops and thus will be useless for facial recognition by either humans or machines very quickly) was appropriate but leaving the wife’s face as-is is a-o-kay.

    I have a hunch that the wife did not give either Garin Dart nor the Daily Mail permission to use her image — especially after she tried to make the press go away when it became clear months ago that her (current) husband is now a source of shame and embarrassment for the family and not someone everybody should be concerned about. I love how Daily Mail slapped its copyright watermark on images that were obviously lifted from his social network accounts.

    I hope he saved a little money of what he embezzled for a divorce lawyer.

    I expect to see him join the MRA membership ranks of the “Left Behind Parents” soon and start complaining about being denied the right to be a part of his children’s life. Because the “best parent is both parents”™.

  5. @Greg:

    If even Jake “I can link anything to the Yakuza in 6 degrees of separation or less” Adelstein believes the Yakuza claim is iffy, that should say something.

    Adelstein contributed to the Japan Times piece on Dart, and both his tweets and the JT article suggest an alternative motive for “running” that’s more plausible than the Mob: lots of unpaid debt.

  6. According to other sources close to [Garin] Dart, he left behind a large number of unpaid debts and bills, contradicting the Daily Mail’s claim that he was running a successful business.


    [Mark] Spencer, … fired [Garin] Dart [from a Hobgoblin Japan pub job] after money had allegedly gone missing from a company safe.


  7. Someone give Havill a gossip column in the Japan Times right now!!! @jtben @panasonic

  8. @iLikedolphins: Perez Havill. Man about Japan.

  9. More like man about Gaijin Town. I don’t think he really slums it with the natives.

  10. VK July 27, 2013 at 4:41 pm
    @Ken Y-N:
    The Facebook page reads like he did a lot of good, and that this disappearance is unlikely to be a straightforward gaijin-doing-a-runner. The sad thing is how people fall into thinking that it might be. Everybody knows someone who’s done a bunk.

    whoops VK! :cool:

  11. What are you going to do, CJ ILD, start tweeting at my employer?

  12. Oh, is the University of Fun Time Smile Happy English on Twitter now?

  13. I actually have no idea. But given that you seem to spend a rather disturbing amount of your free time – when you’re not reminiscing how you once were in a rock band – monitoring every gaijin in Japan who sets foot on the Interweb, I would have thought you’d already know.

  14. Are you counting my words CJ/webslash//VK?

    I’ve taken a position in this war. You’re all ‘hands off the keyboard’ when things get hairy. I respect the shit you’ve had to roll your eyes at with CJ but some gaijins deserve to die hard. Are you part of the bullet or part of the sword?

    Where are the men who are gonna step up? I can count on the one good hand. Mr Ken. The others. Hold tight. Grind hard. Three steps up the valley wall. Take my fist. There are wide open throats to be slit up and across. Blood on the tracks.

  15. In other gaijin-following news (guess who), apparently “Muslim” is now a race.

    Can anyone confirm if the court actually stated it was acceptable for someone or a group to be put under surveillance purely because they’re Muslim? That would indeed be very dodgy.

  16. and the tea cup turns again. I guess being ‘wishy-washy’ comes with the territory but what a waste of potential!

    Lines are being drawn in the sand and here we have a fool playing games on the Internet. Makes chopping onions at Watami seem like a step in the right direction.

  17. In new news, according to fuckedgaijin, which you might not be able to see if you’re not logged in there, Mr Dart appears to be now claiming on Facebook:

    having a gun pointed at your head is not a nice experiance [sic]

    It is sufficiently-vaguely worded to not directly say that the Yaks did indeed threaten him like that, though. :roll:

  18. This is excellent, from FG:

    legion wrote:

    Imagine the scene.

    “Oh darn, the guy we were going to murder found out about our plans, how on earth did that happen?”

    “Gee kumicho, it must have been that time I got drunk in a bar and revealed our plans to a casual gaijin I know, by amazing coincidence he knew the guy we were going to murder well enough to have his phone number, he must have tipped him off”

    “Gosh yakuza underling, I am not going to have you dropped into a vat of molten asphalt having heard that unlikely confession of gross stupidity, instead let’s extort some money from the guy by threatening him, his pregnant wife and small child, because it is unlikely he would react by talking to the police, who are currently enforcing stringent new laws against our existence.

    “Perhaps we should tell him to leave Japan too, then we won’t be able to extort more money from him at a later date”

    “Good thinking underling, just so long as he doesn’t run away to Yorkshire and spill the unfermented beans to the local press, because although we have a global reach, we are no match for neighbours of practitioners of Ecky Thump”

  19. On Fukushima: I just found out that last October, the award-winning and Oscar&Emmy nominated documentary maker Robert Stone had a press conference at the FCCJ to promote his film Pandora’s Promise that supports nuclear power.

    Very few foreign correspondents bothered to attend. The moderator himself even expressed surprise that the strongly anti-nuclear contingent of the FCCJ basically hadn’t turned out. The first question (there were very few) was from Reuters’ Gundersen-toting hack Aaron Sheldrick accusing Stone of being a shill, despite the independence of the film’s funding being a widely known fact. Sheldrick also complained that the documentary looked well-made.

    If a snail on a rock on a tiny island in the pacific expels an anti-nuclear fart, the Japan Times will print an article about it. Yet a well-known American documentary maker comes to Tokyo to publicise a Sundance-lauded pro-nuclear film and to say Japan should press ahead with nuclear power – surely an interesting story, even if they would put their spin on it – they apparently don’t even bother to send anyone.

    The only article reporting on the event appears to be on the FCCJ’s website. Well done to Justin McCurry for doing that; just a shame that his paper the Guardian didn’t find the event interesting enough to write about, instead publishing a very silly review that tells me more about the reviewer than the film. It complained (again) that it was “slick”, dared to have a narrative and wasn’t a twenty hour long factgrind (as Stone replied to Sheldrick – “Would you like it to not be slick? Would you like it to be boring? I have to tell a story that connects with human beings or they won’t see it”)

    Perhaps the JT wasn’t interested in drawing attention to his dissection of how/why journalists produce alarmist stories on Fukushima and the impact he believe’s it’s having on children’s lives. The press conference is here:


    Stone’s a very good talker.

  20. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Wasn’t Stone’s FCCJ thing during a typhoon. That would explain the low turnout.

    Anyway, our favorite gaijin Japanese national is defending our honor again against the big-nose stereotype. Not asking his readers to do anything, mind. But no doubt leading to the back down by a large Japanese corporation. Expect self-congratulation soon.

  21. @The Chrysanthemum Sniffer:

    It was rescheduled because of the typhoon, but the moderator seemed surprised even then by the low turnout. It might explain a few missing people, but a general absence on a topic that’s meant to be so close to their hearts?

  22. Back to our runner-du-jour story – the most interesting aspect of the case is how quickly the family dialed down the requests for help, even going so far as to ask friends to stop helping.

    That tells me that his family back in the UK knew right away what was going on, and they were in on the farce. Otherwise the whole thing doesn’t make any sense.

    Takes out £40K, claims to have given 3/4ths to the yakuza – right, they’d let him leave with £10,000 ‘just in case’ money, right? Yakuza are nice and considerate that way :roll:

    Claims to have been ‘on the run’ (i.e., ‘traveled’ across SE Asia for six months on dollars a day…despite not speaking any of the local languages. Riiight.

    Claims the family had already paid the company funds back. This makes NO FUCKING SENSE.

    a) How the hell could they do it? Wiring money into and out of Japanese bank accounts from overseas is slightly more complicated than just sending something by PayPal. Family members calling up to repay the money is suspicious as well…because if the family thought Garin had been kidnapped or worse, why would they pay the money back?!?

    No, the only reason the money was paid back early on was to ensure no more police activity.

    I would still bet a considerable sum that another woman was involved, and that he only ended up back in the UK after that fling ended badly (or his money ran out. £40K won’t go far if you’re living on the run).

    Hope the soon-to-be-ex wife sues his sorry white-trash ass for every penny he has now or will ever have for the rest of his miserable life.

  23. @The Chrysanthemum Sniffer: One should never underestimate the importance of a nose! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ffgkRmXeKw :razz:

  24. I was under the the Impression that Mrs Dart’s family paid the money back to save their faces or something. Which is even more worser and scummy.

  25. Debido Aridou has broken radio silence and fired a broadside at Mr Ken and his band of merry men. Sounds like he has a hankering for a pit fight.

  26. He’s blown the irony meter again.

    Gman Says:
    January 19th, 2014 at 7:21 am
    In addition, I really think articles like this help. However, I do think that some contact information for the company or direct Twitter account info, etc. would help mobilize even further.

    – Okay. Is that a computer I see before you? How about supplying them here yourself?

    Arudou moderates every comment. That means that instead of simply suppressing this constructive criticism, he chose to publish it and humiliate the contributor.

    JapanProbe, run by someone Arudou recently took part in aggressively libelling, managed to publish contact links. Judging from this and his other comments, it looks like Arudou hasn’t actually complained to ANA himself. Why does he need to quote a reply to someone else from ANA?

    Arudou mentions the gaijin-San thing, which, it turned out, generated zero complaints, no doubt because Arudou the slacktivist failed to organise any kind of campaign at all. He didn’t even complain himself.

    He finds out that “even” Ken thinks the ad is racist, but instead of welcoming this, he wishes that people have a go at Ken for speaking out against racism. If there’s a choice between fighting prejudice and avenging offences against Arudou’s overweening ego, he always chooses the latter.

    To top it all, he endorses an anti-racist strategy of “fighting fire with fire” – that is, the best solution to any racism in Japan is to be racist about the Japanese. He even publishes a link to a wartime propaganda animation subsequently banned because it is so blatantly racist. A genuine anti-racist activist would find someone suggesting its use in 2014 stomach-churning – not a good idea that other people don’t get. I’m sure his kids would have appreciated experiencing the stereotypes he perpetuated in Little Yellow Jap if they had grown up in the US.

    Every time there is an open goalmouth, he fluffs it, alienates people and reveals his own racist tendencies.

  27. According to CJ all gaijins are innocent of any and all crimes, up to and including murder. Sounds like he and Greg would get in like a house on fire.

    Attacking the Japan Times Community page for having an anti-gaijin slant?

    That must be breaking some kind of irony meter, right off the JTBen scale.

  28. @VK:
    Interesting, I thought he didn’t read Japologism, yet he provides a link. Though maybe he doesn’t read, as I don’t think that link says that Ken supported Toshiba in their last big nose advert. Just apparently he wasn’t fervent enough in his criticism. You naughty racist, Ken.

    As an organizer rather than an activist, surprised he couldn’t put the link in himself. One of the ANA apologies sent in comes from someone outside Japan, presumably they weren’t offended from seeing it on TV. The other one doesn’t seem to be a customer of ANA, as they used a different apology form for those people apparently.

    My favorite recent “story” though, has to be his complaint that some minor article about new English signs explaining how to use a sento had the temerity to not mention our dear activist’s onsen court case. Truly shocking. And probably racist somehow. We should all go there and throw soap around or something, that’ll learn them not to discriminate.

  29. ILikedolphins, you mentioned my name in your post. I’m blushing, are you asking me out?

  30. Now that Arudou has been put out to pasture when is Mr Ken going to focus on the real enemy? We need to take down Tamori.

  31. @VK: Did I say the ad was racist?

    Most Japan-resident foreigners I know find such behaviour either tiresome or downright offensively racist.

    Oh well, perhaps he was too busy staring dreamily at my visage (the only reason I can think for him reproducing that) to pay enough attention to my words. :mrgreen:

    And that’s all I’m going to say in relation to Mr Arudou and this incident.

  32. @iLikedolphins: Sadly, I must maintain my self-imposed dignified silence on matters relating to Mr Gulag, but I shall note that the “lifers” got three years (for that and another assault! Praise the Lord and Jimmy Hendrix that he is church-going and an arse musician on trains) and five to ten.

  33. @Ken Y-N: I’m sure glad YouTube has changed it’s comment policy for the better. Off the charts sarcasm there.


  34. One of the worst things is when you have a couple of gaijin in the tachinomi and they insist on ‘getting to know’ the master, often referring to him by his first name, e.g. Kenji or Toranosuke.

    It’s this forced friendliness that is a hallmark of gaijin culture while causing ‘soft meiwaku’ to their indigenous hosts.

  35. KT88 (euphemism or newspeak?)

    @iLikedolphins: You cheeky little rapscallion… can I have a turn?

    petite jama? hmm, no.

    How about – bisai shinryaku?

    Nah, too literal…

    iLD, I think you hit the so oft it’s over-quoted gaijin mangled kotowaza right on the dome. Beat it down, baby. :grin:

  36. Well, the Japan Probe reboot has hardly been a stellar start. He’s lost his man about Japan mojo so go over and give him the Japologism bump, wouldya?

  37. The worst thing about gaijin culture is that I’m expected to adhere to it just because I ‘don’t look Japanese’.

    No matter how long I’ve lived here or the time I’ve spent learning how to use chopsticks and rotary grinders, there’s always an assumption that I’m ‘one of them’. It’s like I’ll never be unaccepted from gaijin culture.

    I’ve tried making gaijin friends but they mostly do embarrassingly dumb things and act like they’re best mates with everyone in the room when they’re not, or they get all scared, respectful and quiet, even when I’m the most powerful man in the room and am guaranteeing their safety. Gaijins don’t get this though and tell me to act like them, like some schmuck on the bottom of the totem pole, minding their p’s and q’s to everyone regardless of rank and getting excited about ‘meeting people’ and ‘making friends’ in the corniest way possible. Like their life is on the fucking line or something. God I’m so over the amateurishness of it all but you try telling a gaijin that to his face. And it’s always guys. Bitches click on way faster when it comes to a man’s social status.

    You see what a headache this is for me? Gaijin Culture is what’s wrong with this country, Debito Arudou is just the whiny end of the spectrum. We need to nip the culture at the source and force people to fit in better. They do it in America, don’t they?

  38. @Greg: Sorry about that – I didn’t read the comments until after I posted my comment. What a cess pit! :mad:


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