Gaijin Gulag: “prison is better”

As is my wont, I went looking at the UK experience, and found that at one of the UK’s “immigration removal centres” (that sounds rather ominous to me!), an inmate reckoned:

She tells me that being in prison was better than staying at Yarl’s Wood [immigration removal centre].

There are tales of being denied medicines, no privacy, sexual abuse, etc. A separate BBC report describes slave labour-like conditions for the inmates, being paid just one pound per hour for working in the centre. The detainees in the UK may have more access to the outside world – mobile phones and the internet are allowed – but the problems do seem rather similar to the ones that Hindpal Singh Bhui from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons described for Japan.

And for a bonus, the right-wing prime minister praises people many consider to be war criminals.

  1. Ken, I think we need an entry on this, especially in light of today’s events in Moscow.

    “Is Japan’s Prime Minister the Next Putin”

    :facepalm: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

  2. @VK:

    The Huffington Law:

    Any headline that ends in a question mark can correctly be answered with one word: No.

  3. @VK: Heh, I was surprised to find it wasn’t written by Jake Adelstien. :???:

  4. @Ken Y-N: Noah Smith is just as bad.

  5. Ken on another phone

    Smorkoid, Noah’s article had already been flogged to death, so I thought I’d get some fresh meat instead!

  6. @chuckers:

    Depends on the version of that syndicated Bloomberg article you read. Here’s the exact same article, with different headlines, from two other sources:

    (Bloomberg View [original]) Is Japan Asia’s Next Autocracy?
    (Japan Times) Will Japan become Asia’s next autocracy?
    (The Age) Japan’s new constitution poses threats to liberty

    Perhaps Australia’s Fairfax Media has a “no question mark headlines” policy. If so, good for them.

  7. @Ken on another phone: Seems to be plenty of it available these days :facepalm:


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