Goebbels-like blitzkrieg annexes Japan Today

…and nothing of value was lost. Doctor Arudou writes about it, and nothing of value was gained.

none have the national and international media footprint that online news site Japan Today has.

:facepalm: I checked with Quantcast and its probably horrendously inaccurate figures put JT just 10-20% above the dead for many a year Japan Probe in the USA.

However, Just Be Cause has for the first time felt pressure (with this column) after coming under increased scrutiny in the editing process. 

Perhaps they were worried that they could get sued for some loose words? :roll: However, I noticed that he says “Click on its advertisers“, which given that most of the ads are from Google, are against their rules. If you wish, here is where to grass them up.

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  1. Sendai_ toransu

    “The Mainichi Daily News, whose popular WaiWai column translated the country’s seedy tabloid journalism, was bombarded by Internet trolls decrying this apparent embarrassment to Japan; the paper then fired its best writers.”

    Was[1]Ryann Connell Mainichi’s best writer? Hardly.
    Moreover WaiWai column was nothing but pure trash, in fact it was far more
    trashier than those supposedly translated (i.e. Ryann’s made up stories) J-Tabloids.
    more on this (Obv Old) issue here: http://www.japanprobe.com/2008/06/22/mainichi-ends-waiwai-column/

    [1]: https://plus.google.com/113549289571355326146/posts

  2. “I focus on the English-language press because Japan’s own ruling class does — to them, English is the world language, and Japan’s portrayal in it is of intense concern.”

    Ha ha, good one. Debito is such a moron.

  3. However, Just Be Cause has for the first time felt pressure (with this column) after coming under increased scrutiny in the editing process. The Community pages have within the past 18 months been reduced from four pages a week to two. How much longer before they are sanitized or cut entirely?

    Really? The government is pressuring Japan Times to tighten up its community content and raise its standards? That’s the best you could come up with?

    I’d look to the relationship with the NYT before I looked for jackboot prints on the office door…

  4. But click on the ads to show Japan’s ruling elites that we oppressed minorities will not roll over and let them cancel our made-up tabloid translations! We have a right to live and to breathe!

  5. The last five paragraphs are just pitiful. “Please buy this paper, I really need this job..”

  6. I focus on the English-language press because my ability to read Japanese, which was spotty at its best, has almost completely faded away after 4 years in Hawaii.

  7. I don’t typically give a hoot about Debito’s schtick, but I find the tone of this column a bit odd. Is Debito really worried about strict moderation in JAPAN TODAY’s comments? They’re famous for that! For years (and I am talking 7, 8 easily) the moderators have been extremely heavy-handed, with comments deleted at random for being “off topic” or “rude to other user”.

    It’s a site that posts 95% reposted content and advertorials, the rest being tabloid translations presented as serious commentary. This is what it has been for years.

    It’s funny that RocketNews gets dragged into the discussion – they cover mostly light, pop-culturey things but the times they do drift into discussing a serious topic they tend to do so fairly even-handedly. That makes them a far sight better than most of the content on Japan Times, for sure!

    I’ve got a lot of friends in media in Japan (including at GPlus) – just like the rest of the English-speaking world it’s a changing landscape and difficult for the likes of Japan Times to make money.

  8. Here’s a comment on Japan Times that sums up my thoughts far better than I could manage.

  9. @Ken Y-N:

    “many of these themes seem like rehashed expat barstool motifs that were already getting tired back in the 90’s.”

    Of course he means the 1890s, right? :smile:

  10. My two cents after checking sources:


    Asahi Shimbun source I used (which I can’t put in a JT Disqus comment because it will be moderated):

    フジテレビによると、2人はインタビューの未放送部分で日本語訳の内容を話していたが、編集作業のミスに加え、最終チェックが不十分で映像を取り 違えたという。放送後、ネット上で、字幕や吹き替えと映像の韓国語の発言が一致しないことへの指摘が相次いでいた。


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