Guestistical microaggression

The microaggression bun fight continues in the Daily Yomiuri, with a well-written piece from Mike Guest, which of course would not be complete without a little trolling:

Poor strategic competence partially accounts for the behavior but there is another explanation–familiar to everyone with a background in linguistics (which the now Hawaii-based Arudou doesn’t have).


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  1. I couldn’t tell if you were drunk when you posted that or if it was “Dance my puppets, dance!”

    That shit doesn’t stick on other forums and it won’t stick here. Nice try though. The “puppetmaster” defence doesn’t get used often enough — it’s still entertaining in a way.

  2. Here’s the replies to this and that other column.

    BTW, in this month’s JBC Mr Arudou is, as Laxman would say, just phoning it in, so I’ll give it a miss again.


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