Here we go again…

Mr Gundlach brought to my attention that despite my pointing out to a poster that a claim against him had already been rebutted by Mr Gundlach himself, and then redacting said comment (and another), he is still not happy, and in fact quite clearly states that it was me that made the redacted comment:


(Well, if you were being pedantic, you could, I suppose, claim that the meaning of "assertion" is "allowance of comments to be freely published on his site" or "failure to read Mr Gundlach’s mind") But anyway, thank you for clearing up the point again.

For the record, it was not me (I find that suggestion most offensive) nor to the best of my knowledge my regular visitors (well, it could be remotely possible that someone I know is commenting off their own bat) who made these comments either here, on Mr Gundlach’s site, or on Mr Arudou’s, and in fact I wasn’t even aware of the phoning-up incident until the commenter posted it. Indeed, even the most cursory examination reveals a commonality in style (short lines, random CAPITALISATION, repeating the same assertion multiple times, etc) between Mr Gundlach’s "John" (Google him yourself) and Mr Arudou’s "Anonymous". Furthermore, my commenter with the every-changing handle is, I am all but certain, the same "Anonymous", who usually uses open proxies, making determining who he all is more difficult.

This Anonymous has been chased off here and Tepido at least twice, once for refusing to provide evidence for his 2 million Japanese train-jins, and another time for cutting and pasting stuff from 2ch without full understanding of what he was doing (posting as "Bob"), and in fact a third time he caused a bit of a kerfuffle with by copy-pasting a comment on a topic the regulars here were getting quite fed up hearing about (it looks like I purged it from Japologism!), so Occam’s Razor would say that he’s not one of us sock-puppeting.

Talking of sock-puppets, I have never really understood the whole obsession with them. It’s pretty obvious to me that Japan Probe’s 24 contributors are all different people, and quite frankly going on and on about it makes these people’s stances seem all the more ridiculous. :facepalm: I have pointed out above how "Anonymous" has an individual and consistent style despite his many handles; the sock-puppet-obsessed have failed to demonstrate anything above "they all talk about the same thing".

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  1. Currently Japan’s Greatest Journalist is comparing the feelings of isolation expressed by one of the Boston bombers with the plight of gaijin in Japan. Tick.

    And that Pulitzer Prize for Tabuchi has clearly annoyed him. :cool:

  2. @VK: I suspect that many of these tweets will be deleted in a couple of days. :facepalm:

    And congratulations to Tabuchi for her joint Pulitzer Prize; I’m sure she deserved it. :cool:

  3. beneaththewheel

    I can’t help myself checking CJ’s twitter account daily to see what crazy stuff he wrote each day. It’s sort of like looking at porn, despite looking at it often, you never feel good about yourself afterwards, and ultimately feel like you’ve made yourself a little more dirty than you were before. :sad:

  4. A new thread in the Christopher Johnson show seems to be emerging. Remember way back in the original Gaijin Gulag blog post where Johnson said that he consulted with an internet industry friend on what to do, was advised to “let it go,” but decided he couldn’t because he was a man of action?

    I’ve always had a hunch that the internet friend was the designer Oliver Reichenstein of iA, creator of iA Writer and the Tokyo Internet website subway map poster. Reichenstein gave Johnson a blurb for his first vanity press novel, Siamese Dreams, so they seem to know each other.

    Reichenstein (@iA) tweeted congratulations to Hiroko Tabuchi on her Pulitzer today. I guess he hadn’t heard that Tabuchi is on the Johnson enemy list. Johnson must be following Reichenstein. I guess Johnson felt betrayed. Quickly, three tweets to Reichenstein challenging Tabuchi’s Pulitzer. Then an unrelated retweet of a Reichenstein tweet (perhaps to show that Reichenstein is still his buddy, and that he’s only educating him on the lameness of Tabuchi’s Pulitzer). Then back to four more tweets about Tabuchi to Reichenstein.

    Reminds me of one of the “Stop Cyberbulling” fortune cookie sayings Johnson retweets all the time: “How to spot a cyberstalker #3: When you don’t respond they invent one-sided conversations.” Reichenstein has maintained complete radio silence to the barrage (although he might have sent a private “let it go, Chris”).

    Will there be a Reichenstein “investigative report”? Probably not. But he seems to be moving up the enemies list now.

  5. Just noticed that I Like Dolphins threatened “Simon” with a factory instrument, to go along with his earlier claims of raping a woman in the toilet, whilst cheering for the suicide of a certain student in Hawaii.

    Did it not occur to Mr. Dolphino that the US government just locked an entire US city inside their homes in order to hunt down one teenager? Mr. Dolphino didn’t notice that little law passed in the US allowing the government to gobble up every little crumb you’ve left on the internet?

    I don’t know, maybe if you spend too much time in a factory, you eventually start to lose your mind. Trying to frame “Our Man In Abiko” for your own crimes on the internet? I’m amazed that cyber-sleuth Ken has allowed a certain cetaceous one to sully his site in such a way.

    The fuzzy furry loyal and patient War Dog remains on the shore waiting for the fin of the dolphin to emerge from the ocean depths into the hard light of the internet.

  6. So War Dog is CJ doing a parody of himself?

    How far down the rabbit hole is this going to go?

  7. Hi …

    Not sure if I should say hi to “Our Man In Abiko”, or just address you as “I Like Dolphins.”

    What a coincidence you are online right now. Would you care to answer my earlier questions now, or just read later all about what you’ve been caught doing?

    Cyber-sleuths demand truth

  8. Mr. ILD, I think you realize now that you’re busted.

    You don’t seem very aggressive anymore, do you? Just a sentence here, another later. I suppose it didn’t occur to you that there actually is no such things as anonymity on the internet.


    You had it all and you gave it all away. You just couldn’t help yourself. You had to leave your tracks everywhere thinking you were the only one walking on the beach in the cold winter snow.

    We know all

    You’re busted

  9. They only want to see me set the guitar on fire

  10. CJ is now boasting that he has “powerful tools” to out trolls. Which makes me wonder if CJ is really ILD.

    Oh, and war dog, thanks for reminding us that Japan journalist Christopher Johnson openly spreads fantasies of sexual violence about his very own partner. That’s two ticks in one go.

  11. there can only be one answer… ild is wd. See, they both have d in their names

  12. Now we know who “VK” is also.

    It says so, right here in Bloomberg:

    A profile attributed to Dzhokar on the Russian social networking site VK lists “career and money” as his personal priority and Islam as his world view. Tamerlan was a competitive boxer, an aspiring engineer and a devout Muslim.

  13. Bloomberg digging up more info on “VK”:

    “Both brothers had a social network presence, though Dzhokar’s was more robust.
    While it is difficult to know for sure whether a Twitter, Facebook or another social-network account is genuine, all indications are that the most insightful account he had was on a Russian site called VK. His page showed that he logged on since the Boston attack, most recently on the morning of April 19, and featured four posts, including a whimsical video making fun of accents of people from the Caucusus region.”

    Making fun of people? That sounds exactly like our own VK!!!


  14. I’m CJ’s twin brother living in Abiko. How much fucking longer is this merry-go-round gonna keep spinning? At some point I’m going to get bored with all of this and walk away.

  15. Bloomberg has more to say about our dear Japan denizens ILD and VK:

    Most perpetrators of violence are in a state of “moral disengagement,” said Hamby, who hasn’t met or spoken with the suspects. These offenders believe that they’ve been seriously provoked and that their actions, which almost anyone else would see as heinous, are reasonable under the circumstances.
    “The stereotype is that these people are completely psychotic and divorced from reality,” she said. “In fact, in other domains of their lives, they aren’t divorced from reality at all. They nearly always tend to think of themselves as good guys.”

  16. Does this sound like anybody we know?

    Some immigrants who perceive themselves to be on the fringes of society can begin to harbor these types of feelings, said Usha Tummala-Narra, an assistant professor, counseling psychology at Boston College in Chestnut Hill. When some people have trouble blending into society, they may find their way to others who have similar feelings of alienation, she said.
    ‘Never Belonged’
    “Sometimes a person can look like they’re blending into mainstream culture, and dress like they have, and go to parties and the rest of it, but they may feel like they never belonged,” said Tummala-Narra, who also never met or spoke with either of the brothers. “That might be a critical part of the story.”
    Brothers like the Tsarnaevs might have formed a kind of “cocoon” mentality, similar to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two high school seniors who killed 13 people and injured 24 in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, Tummala- Narra said.

  17. Hey “Biko”, Ken told me to have a sense of humor. You are the ones barking, not this fuzzy furry War Dog who likes to chase frisbees in the park near William Gibson’s house in Vancouver.

    Thanks Ken for your advice which I have doggedly followed.

  18. seriously lame.

    Better trolling has been done by better people.

    I’m ashamed to even stand near the ashes of an incinerated strat… so tired…

  19. WTF is going on here this evening? CJ?

  20. Jesus, CJ really has his granny panties in a twist about Hiroko Tabuchi winning a Pulitzer.

    “quick scan of all 10 articles finds @HirokoTabuchi did only 1 interview (a few sentences) to “win” Pulitzer Prize. Great gig!”

    What a putz. She was part of a team that did a Pulitzer price-winning report. She was on the team that was a finalist for a Pulitzer in 2011.

    War Dog CJ, greatest journalist in his own mind, is so sick with envy that Tabuchi clearly has actual talent, skill – and a job. How the hell he thinks he can determine she only contributed ‘a few sentences from one interview’ is a clear sign he’s been ingesting rat poison again – she got a by-line on the report she helped write; not everyone that contributed got a byline (for example, Lis Horta Moriconi is noted as having contributed from Rio de Janeiro for the piece, but she didn’t warrant a by-line.

    Hey CJ – sucks that the girl you had the hots for but turned you down like yesterday’s stale pizza actually has more talent and skill than you do, despite not having ‘covered 84 wars’ or however many you’re claiming to have miraculously escaped death this time.

  21. and this, talking about how fast misinformation was reported as ‘news’ before being corrected during the Boston suspects chase:

    “Similar to Gaijin Gulag fiasco. Media misquote me, 500 people tweet it, blame me for the lie”

    Ahahahahaa! :lol: :lol: :roll:

    Please show us where your own comments from your very own rambling diatribes contained a ‘misquote’.

  22. So Japan journalist Christopher Johnson thinks that people doing screencaps and caches of his tweets and blog entries that libel, threaten and harass other people and their employers is misquoting? How does that work?

  23. On a related note, the “professional” media seem to be really spooked at the prospect of “amateur journalists” eating their lunch. Not expecting to see much in the way of unbiased reporting on that debate.

    Perhaps they should blame CNN, one of the pioneers of “were you there, what did you see, what are you hearing, send us you pix and vids”…

    And incidentally, wasn’t it an amateur who discovered Suspect #2 hiding under a tarp in his huge f*cking boat at the side of his house, after the highly trained professionals had finished their sweep of the area and pretty much called it a day? Or did I misread those reports in the mainstream media?

    And by definition, if you’re not getting paid for it, you’re an amateur, so…

  24. Right, CNN trying to fill the 24 hour news cycle with anything thy can get their hands on.

    The man who discovered the suspect was just some guy who went out during the lock down and noticed something wasn’t right with the boat.

  25. @Greg: He went out after the lockdown. They’d just called it, so he went outside for a cigarette.

  26. KB, or is that keibi?

    On Twitter:


    Ken Gtwo ‏@kengtwo

    Foreigners who live in Japan but speak limited Japanese have a much more positive view of Japan than those who know what’s being said.

    Retweeted by Christopher Johnson


    OK … is this an “I’m the exception that proves the rule” thing?

    Chris, answer me this:

    = Which Japanese newspaper(s) do you subscribe to? How much of it do you read on a daily basis?

    = How many sources have you contacted and interviewed in Japanese by telephone (not in person, not by e-mail) in the past month?

    = How many nonfiction Japanese books have you read in the last year?

    You get the picture.

    I don’t agree with the original claim by Ken (I don’t see any such correlation), but if I did, then Johnson would be counter evidence I’d need to deal with.

    Speaking of interview sources, Chris, how about releasing the tape of your one on one interview with Naoto Matsumura that Nathalie plagiarized. That way we can verify that Nathalie wasn’t there, and we can check your translations of the quotes? And any third party plagiarism investigation will ask for that tape right off anyway, so you might as well release it now.

    No tape you say? You didn’t tape an interview? Despite being a non native speaker? Did you take notes we can see? In English in real time? In Japanese in real time? Do you take shorthand?

  27. @iago: Glad it’s done with, but whats important is that the baaahs are open, lets go have a wicked piisa! Not to trivialize it, but let things get back to normal. That was horrible.

  28. Is CJ War Dog? Anyone? Can we confirm? If so, how could ILD shy away from a fight he’s been picking for months?

  29. Not really "based in Tokyo"

    [I suppose this should be redacted]

  30. I just wish these babies would kindly spell out exactly what type of criticism they find crosses the line. They are fond of writing lists, after all. :wink:

    Then explain how those boundaries apply to their own writings regarding other people. What standards do you all have, if any?

    So, what is “going too far”?

    Just proving them wrong?
    Using Google to prove them wrong?
    Quoting them verbatim and proving them wrong?
    Quoting their embarrassing lines they maybe later wish they hadn’t typed?
    Using their own words to show their hypocrisy?
    Using information about their own lives which they have posted publicly to show they are lying?
    Using such information to show their hypocrisy?
    Making conclusions about their mental state based on their actions?
    Speculating about the personal lives based on their actions?
    Accusing them of criminal behavior when by their own admission, they were engaging in criminal behavior?
    Using bad language?

    Also, if they are too fragile to handle stupid jokes and insults and need to be handled with kid gloves..please just let everyone know.

    And again, after giving the yes/no on the above list.. does it go both ways? Or are you still allowed to accuse people of crimes, try to get them fired, and just make shit up and throw it against the wall, because even though you know none of it will stick, you at least made a temporary mess and put your enemies through the trouble of cleaning it up?

    We know the answer. Anyone outsmarting you is a “bully”, because it is too tough for you to admit to yourself that you’ve been outsmarted, that there are people out there smarter than you. Thus the need to find ways to prove how awesome you are.

    a one-line resume

    “Won Pulitzer Prize”

    trumps the longest List of My Awesomeness of any 8-year-old boy..or resumes that resemble such lists.

  31. I don’t know if I want to fight with any of these people. I feel like I’m stepping into someone else’s war.

    Is War Dog really CJ though? That would be kinda meta.

  32. @iLikedolphins: I suspect War Dog is actually Ourmani Nabiko. :lol:

  33. Not really “based in Tokyo”: I had to redact your comment. Although I believe it to be true in a number of points that I can verify myself, the content is branching out from Mr Johnson himself to his family, which I feel is out of bounds. Furthermore, you do seem to have an existing relationship with him, so without a real name attached to the comment I have deleted the contents, sorry. :sad:

  34. My war dog’s breath smells like war dog food.


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