It feels funny to be defending Rola, but…

I was genuinely shocked by this turn of phrase in the Japan Times, in an article about the reports on Rola’s father’s alleged health insurance fraud [my emphasis]:

Unlike other similarly talent-challenged female model-idols, whether wholly Japanese or mongrel

:shock: WTF! She may very well be talent-challenged, and she fair annoys me whenever she appears on telly, but that "mongrel" comment is way out of line! I’ve posted to that effect on JT.

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  1. @havill:

    I find it difficult to believe that someone with a decent career in Berlin would even bother touching this. I also find it difficult to believe that someone with journalistic contacts in Tokyo would not know that CJ is utterly toxic. I find it extremely dubious that he fails to mention that you and a very, very large company have had legal issues with Johnson’s writings. What kind of journalist would not follow up on that? That’s a hell of a story.

    What makes it definitely look like CJ for me is that he asks you to confirm if you wrote that piece that got put up on JapanProbe. Only CJ seemed to have difficulty confirming that for himself.

  2. …and in other news: pays tribute to foreign-born MP Tsurunen Marutei whose diet seat is coming up for re-election:

    If anything, Tsurunen deserves to be remembered as a person who had no spine, conviction, clear moral compass … or worst of all self-awareness of his minority background in Japan … and ultimately Tsurunen will be a footnote in history if he [is] remembered at all.

    If only we all could be so well loved.

  3. @warpedgaijin:

    Those articles don’t read the same to me. They’re rather better written.

  4. Had a pleasant 40m conversation with Stuart Braun on mobile; despite content similarity, I confirmed he did write it and JT edited it.

    He said he hoped I wasn’t too displeased with what he wrote about me. Said I wasn’t.

    When he asked me for criticism, I said it was a little too inside-baseball (references to twitter handles and blogs with small amounts of traffic) to be considered newsworthy imo for an entire page of a printed national broadsheet.

    He said “blame the editor.” :cool:

  5. @havill:

    It’s not his finest work by any stretch of the imagination. CJ’s gulag story was shredded en masse by just about everyone – even people on CJ’s history of abuse and harassment has been pretty well documented too, and on sites that Braun claimed to have read.

    It’s pretty bad that he made no effort to contact anyone except you, Eido. He could have dropped a line here quite easily. He could have asked Hiroko Tabuchi, Ken… He could have followed up why you had to take legal action.

    Instead he appears to have reproduced CJ’s blog. Something still seems very, very odd about this.

    How much does the Japan Times pay for these things? Anyone know?

  6. Indeed, did he mention at any time during the conversation what on Earth possessed him to write it..? :neutral:

  7. iLikeDolphins

    He likes Berlin though.

    ‘ima just sit back and wait for the requisite 2 and a half years until the unreformatted nazis and what’s wrong these people articles start to fester.


  8. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    “And in’s opinion, so be it.”

    Well, I guess that settles things then.

  9. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    “Too bad he is no Fredrick Douglass.”


  10. @The Chrysanthemum Sniffer:

    A Japanese person (Arudou) expects Tsurunen to behave in a certain way simply because he’s foreign-born. Hmm. That’s quite a heavy piece of microaggression by “the Japanese” there. Perhaps followers should contact Arudou’s employers to complain.

  11. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Well, it’s so much more “Japanese” to hang out in Hawaii and bitch about Japan, I guess.


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