It’s that time of the month again

More musing on the psychological state of Japan. I wonder how long it will take for the comments to go down the drain? Anyway, as usual one can play the game of replacing “Japan” with “I”, especially with his closing statement:

Like the abused who becomes the abuser, Japanese society is simply too psychologically damaged by RD [racial discrimination] to stop its RD.

It works for me here too. Furthermore, it we accept what he writes as true, how does he suggest it gets fixed? Does he think it is fixable? I’ve posted to that effect in this JT comments.

 UPDATE: First time through the story I missed the earlier part of the paragraph:

Until Japan gets over itself and accepts that racialization processes are intrinsic to every society, it will never resolve its constant and unwarranted exceptionalism.

However, I’m not quite sure how exactly Japan is supposed to “get over itself”; the AA 12 Step process (see the JT comments thread – I’ve stop responding so as not to bore everyone to death) initially required an outside actor, God or religion, and further requires an experienced reformed alcoholic to help out, and the only “cure” is zero tolerance. I think many of these factors are difficult to apply to a society or a country.

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  1. @VK: Indeed, indeed, he’s about the only reason I didn’t close the thread earlier. :lol:

  2. @Ibarakijimekko:

    What’s misanthropic about a blog based on liking the place where you live?

  3. Last post on this…

    Credit to JTW for at least not bringing the usual anti-Japanese mudslinging to his epic fight to right the universe, unlike most naysayers.

    Unfortunately, under his (startlingly simplistic) view of law, he sees every violation of a law as a violation of criminal law. This would mean every time you go over 80 KMH on the kousoku doro, and thus violate the traffic law, you would be a CRIMINAL, who committed a CRIME, and should be sentenced to PRISON by a JUDGE. (And failing to curb small violations like that would, of course, lead to drivers mowing down pedestrians at random in the near future).

    And I don’t think any regulars here need a briefing on civil vs. criminal law, right?

    Looks like my work here is done (wipes hands)

  4. He did slip and let sling the muds of war after Varus posted. The animal is hard to control. Let’s be honest here, we’re not talking points of law in a junior high school debate circle. This is about hatred of the Japanese and a building up of the fallacy that people who reject racism are apologists and deniers of a truth that is only available to those who subscribe to the theorem that whitey can never win in Japan. Booyakasha if you really want to make yourself into an oppressed minority that doesn’t exist, why does it happen. ‘Japan’ isn’t involved here, we’re witnessing a pathological display of white fervour removed from it’s borders and beholden to a group psychosis that began in the 1980s. Ask Havill. The world is how we make make it and my reality is so much finer than the shit we rub our fingers into in these boards. I could walk away but I won’t because my house is small and I’m bored.

  5. @ild
    You hit the nail on the head those last three lines. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  6. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    auf JTW:
    You guys are partially to blame for the police law violations getting bigger and bigger.
    20 years ago, I was stopped in Higashiyamatoshi as a bright-eyed student, for a random bike check/”neighborhood crime prevention”. Two weeks ago, I was stopped in Kichijoji as a jaded businessman, for a random bike check/”neighborhood crime prevention”.

    I didn’t get my stuff taken, jailed or shot in the face 20 years later. Despite this manchild fantasy of wanting the world to collapse from The Authority “in 20 years”… neighborhood watch has been going on for much longer than 20 years, and no escalations have occurred. Reality betrays your Us Vs The Law fantasies.

    auf JTW:
    Really, these people seem to have a Judge Dread fantasy goal of allowing the police to search without warrants (as can be seen by Eido Inoue trying to defend “stop AND frisk” even without probable cause in the first place.
    Hah, before that was posted I was thinking the same thing! However, on the front of the narrow-minded monster gaijin being the ones with the Judge Dredd law-power fantasies: “Sorry grandma, I don’t care that a drunk Russian shit on your floor, you posted a “no foreigners” sign, that’s 5 years minimum in the Iso-Cubes, Perp. Also, whitey over there trying to subvert the cold nature of the law by trying to leverage empathy to contact granny and sort it out: That’s a mandatory 2 years in the Iso-Cubes”.

    The above is the masturbatory fantasy of those too broken, nervous and weak to take their lives into their own hands, who try to use the law as the crutch to fix their broken lives. Folks like Debito (“My daughter didn’t understand why daddy didn’t love mommy anymore, so I faxed her the 4-page copy of our legal divorce settlement. I have no idea why she didn’t read it and agree with me???” >>>
    It’s just your extremist oppression fantasy and it seems like a lot of young middle class Western Emglish teachers go through that phase.
    In the US, we call this oppression fantasy that many head-sick manchildren seem to harbor, “Libertarianism”.

    ‘Japan’ isn’t involved here, we’re witnessing a pathological display of white fervour removed from it’s borders and beholden to a group psychosis that began in the 1980s.
    The thing that kinda catapulted me back into this whole scene of J-blogging/Apologist responding was basically this.

    I left the scene when I left Japan a dozen years ago. Then, as I was coming back last year, I poked around to see what was up with the social scene (well, internet/gaijin pub beer-criers).

    When I lived in the US, it was in the US South, with a super problematic history of racism and civil violence. A lot of friends and folks I respected were deeply involved with issues of race, studies on racism, civil disobedience, etc. I worked on projects with David L Swain, one of the core people responsible for translating and disseminating the horrors of the bombing of Hiroshima and movement towards global piece for the last 50 years; recently he had entirely shifted gears to the issues of American racism, seeing that as more in need of attention and understanding.

    …and then I saw, on Debito’s blog, Debito had trawled through all the information on racism and racial studies in the US (“the west”, but primarily the US) — y’know the works done by Actual Scholars and Real Activists — and had self-applaudingly stolen all their work about addressing racial discrimination against blacks and others in the US; and applied their vocabulary, terms, methods of looking at issues etc to the “Issues” involving “White People in Japan”. To which he and his ilk get to then frame their experiences and tribulations as somehow on the same level as minorities from their own countries. “Hey, we’re oppressed too! We’re EXACTLY like black people over here in Japan!”, patting themselves on the back with each blog post on “micro-aggressions” (a term once with meaning back in the US in relation to race and class, that they diluted to utter shit by applying it to being complimented on chopsticks/Saying Yoroshiku here).

    What utter head-sick nonsense. What utter lack of empathy. What utter dissonance from history and reality, and inflated self-entitlement.

    So yeah, that’s why I post here and other places. If at least one white guy from the US/UK crying into his HUB beer comes along this comment as he’s talking about how hard he has it here, framing his oppression on his weblog in the language of ex-slaves, ex-railworkers, ex-indentured servants and oppressed field hands; and says, “Holy shit, maybe I need a little fucking perspective”, then my job is done.

    I don’t feel like an “apologist”, but if the choice comes down to only either that or Monster Gaijin, I’ll gladly don the robes of the former to avoid being associated with the latter.

  7. Why this is in, I dunno, but it’s more appropriate here:

  8. @havill: Oooh, thanks – rather interesting indeed:

    She noted no obvious discrimination


  9. KT88 (ザッ toldjaso)

    Read it and weap, y’all dumbass whitebread, microaggressed gaijin – actual research…

    “She noted no obvious discrimination, although there was not much communication because the Chinese workers only have basic Japanese despite some use of translators. She noted that lack of communication can cause confusion and tension.”

    Well, who’d have thought that lack of language could have such an influencing factor…

  10. You know I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there probably is some discrimination against Chinese workers in Japan. I know I don’t like them much.

    But yeah, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, ‘training sessions’ etc out there in little countryside factories. Bad shit does happen to immigrant workers. Kind of like Mexicans and shit.

    I still think they shouldn’t push in line and order one karaage at a time over and over until they’ve had enough though. That’s just shitty for the guy waiting behind them.

  11. It’s nice to see Havill, with his weird version of ‘yellow fever’, getting his cajones served to him on the fuckedgaijin site by Wage Slave.

    The guy’s got mentally flabby hanging around with the ‘Yes’ puppies on this site.

    He wants to thank his lucky stars that he can’t post on Debito; the result would be…..

    There but for the grace of God, goes God. Me thinks not. Don’t punch above your weight.

  12. @iLikedolphins: Of course, I don’t think anyone here believes (or at least I hope no-one believes) that the Trainee visa is all sweetness and light, but it’s just interesting to hear that the strawberries can be sweet too. Have we got any sort of numbers on, for instance, exit questionnaires with Trainees?

    Furthermore, it’s a bit of a No True Scotsman angle, but I noted that the author has a Chinese-sounding name, so I was expecting the worst from that article. :???:

  13. @Varus:


  14. Meanwhile, over on that hotbed of intelligence,, Doctor Evil is reminding his minions that someone dared to criticize him in a letter to the editor in 2008.

    Talk about holding a grudge. I wasn’t raised to fight my battles via a proxy war of letters to the community newspaper. Shoot him in the face or call the police. Same difference.

  15. The comment section of JBC must send him into spasms. Lucky there’s “Steve Jackman” for balance.

    The discussion on the racist nature of Hello Kitty should be interesting, though.

  16. Like Havill he’s convinced himself that the ‘nyms’ aren’t real I think.

    But put your real name against his and he goes all out buttfuck gangbustas to take you down. Hilarious to watch, painful to endure.

  17. Dedicated Whale Researcher


    Is there an English Teaching Assistant here? Anyone? Someone that can translate or help us understand what Varus wrote?

  18. @iLikedolphins:

    Pretty sure that “Steve Jackson” is a blood cousin to the film director/producer Alan Smithee.

  19. @Dedicated Whale Researcher:

    Sir, I don’t know where Varus learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect. I believe, sir, it says that the power coupling on the negative axis has been polarized. I’m afraid you’ll have to replace it.

  20. KT88 (end of summer melancholic)

    So, Lance Braman was an actual old school nym on tepido or was that turn of phrase just a searing debito burn?

  21. Meanwhile the intelligentsia are fiercely deconstructing the racist implications of Hello Kitty having no mouth….and even Doctor Evil himself is like woah what how did we get to here

  22. @KT88 (end of summer melancholic): No, Lance is a real person who used to be a co-writer until he had an “incident” (I never worked out what happened) where he deleted all his posts and comments and basically disappeared. There’s more to it, but let’s not dredge it all up – search yourself.

    @iLikedolphins: At least that thread is more entertaining than the usual stuff. :lol:

  23. At some stage apologizing for our masters became more like donning fun goggles and eating popcorn while the debitarians weep hot salty wet tears of frustrated stoney broken jism and take advantage of the false dualism of the Internet. Fucking nerds.

    There are some Japanese people I don’t like. There, I said it. That taxi driver guy and the lady on the hundred yen bus. I’m no Havill. I want to accept the enemy has a point. Sometimes I don’t want to sit next to a lonely gap toothed black man with an axe to grind on a train and sometimes people will give me shit like singing Final Countdown even though I’m not Swedish.

    It never makes me cry though and I feel we are watching a lot of grown men cry.
    If I feel like that I just pull a tool off a rack and get down to work. Work frees me up that way. Everything else is a freight train to nowhere.


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