Japan Times columnist trolling another columnist again!

This has happened before, with the same two people involved, and I still don’t think this is fitting for a serious newspaper. Gregory Clark writes:

together with a self-aggrandizing “black list” blog bizarrely accusing AIU of anti-foreigner discrimination, hampered for a while the recruitment of quality foreign teachers (rules to prevent such Internet abuse cannot come too quickly).

:roll: I’m not sure exactly what "rules" he has in mind, though. I would have thought that existing laws would cover Mr Clark’s needs for what he views (I presume) as libel or defamation, but I find it amusing that the so-called "self-aggrandizer" also shares his view for the need to remove inappropriate speech from the internet.

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  1. Dang BTW you beat me to it.

    I see he’s still trying to shit out some “crimes” that he thinks KNOWS that Ken has committed.

  2. Interesting that he removed this afternoon’s plagiarism thread from Twitter when he got the Panasonic response. He must have realized it made him look

    “folks say they raped my partner in a toilet” – Ken quickly moderated that one, but the claim was that it was a consensual quickie, not a rape.

    “We will provide evidence, contact police regarding your employee Ken Nicolson’s actions with Japologism” – Wait, he hasn’t contacted the police yet? All these “crimes” committed against him, and he’s just been tweeting all this time? And who is “we”? Him and A Concerned Citizen?

    “security engineer on blog called a reporter a “dead sheep” in reference to al Qaeda victim Daniel Pearl” – Google “dead sheep daniel pearl”: nothing. Do an Amazon full-text search: nothing. Google “savaged by a dead sheep”: plenty, and nothing to do with Daniel Pearl. CJ thinks if he throws his imaginary Daniel Pearl connection against the wall enough times it will stick.

    “we will ask police to contact company staff who “investigated” Ken Nicolson. Please provide names for us and police.” – And “we” will stalk your investigator online and then write a “special investigative report” about him. LOL. I’m sure the police can get the information they need from Panasonic by themselves if they decide to pursue this. CJ doesn’t need to help them via Twitter.

  3. To be fair, I suspect the “we” refers to CJ and his partner. Or it might just be the voices in his head…

  4. Hey guys, please no more speculation here – it will be dealt with through official channels, thanks.

  5. Beneaththewheel

    Alright, all the best with it. Must be a pain.

  6. Oh god, I realize someone at Panasonic thought they were helping but you don’t give people with this sort of problem feedback. It just feeds the delusion that they are somehow onto something and the accusations keep flying. Far better to either ignore them or just have a lawyer (or the police if they go far enough) have a heart to heart with them.

  7. @Jerry “you don’t give people with this sort of problem feedback” – So true.

    The bright side is that it’s obviously a native English speaker responding. I think part of CJ’s strategy was to target Japanese managers who can’t read or interpret large volumes of English text. For instance, the “dead sheep” thing is something that a native speaker of English instantly recognizes as a ridiculous charge, but a Japanese might just see “dead” and consider it a threat. With a native evaluating CJ’s claims and his websites, the strategy fails.

    At any rate Ken’s “no more speculation here” has a bit of “The terrorists have won” feel to it.

  8. I know we’re not supposed to talk about this, but…

    *cough* http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Japan/JAP-01-150313.html *cough*

  9. When he says the cyber-bullies are targeting English teachers, he’s talking about me right?

  10. [No, sorry, this comment was a bit out of line]

  11. Good god – my days of under-estimating CJ’s stupidity, level of mental illness, and general douchery are certainly coming to a middle.

    I can’t imagine CJ actually believing all the bullshit he writes…but that’s less scary than CJ *knowing* that he’s just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall knowing that only the stupidest of the stupid will think some of it actually stuck…the latter suggests someone that doesn’t care to even try to build any semblance of an actual career beyond his current talking-head English classes.

  12. The Asia Times website makes my eyes hurt.

    And, seriously? People still do pop up ads for fish tank screen savers?


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