Japan Times hits a new low!

I have highlighted previously how some of Mr Arudou’s previous articles have been insinuating that Japan deserves to get its arse kicked by China, but now a letter gets printed that disposes of all these niceties. It is from a Chinese citizen (or naturalised Chinese, etc) in America, judging by the name, who first brings up whatever the Pacific War equivalent of Godwin’s Law is.

It is disgusting that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda talked about honoring international law. Did Japan care about international law when its soldiers massacred millions of Chinese civilians during its occupation of much of my beloved motherland during the Pacific War?

He/she then goes completely hatstand with:

we Chinese are no longer under the communist yoke.

I suppose he means "we Chinese who have emigrated".

Now the meat:

For ordinary Chinese, the second anti-Japanese war has begun and will end up with full independence for our friends, the people of Okinawa.

I don’t think they are your friends…

We will make sure that this time all elements of military expansionism are eliminated from Japanese society.

Surely Japan Times cannot be that desperate for traffic that they are reduced to printing such incitement to racial hatred?

  1. Surely Japan Times cannot be that desperate for traffic that they are reduced to printing such incitement to racial hatred?


  2. There is quite a tradition of outraged nutballs writing letters to the editors of newspapers. Always makes for an entertaining read.

    Long may it continue.

  3. This says much more about the Japan Times and whichever Labrador retriever was sitting at the editor’s desk that afternoon than it does about Sino-Japanese relations by proxy. These dorks will basically print any old goddamn thing. :shock:

  4. I don’t know, they didn’t print my letter recommending they replace Debito with a monthly column by one of the relatively better (and actually present in Japan) staff writers.

    So apparently they have some limits.

  5. The JT is for all intents and purposes a tabloid rag, and should be treated as such. Nuff said.

  6. Although by sending this letter from Illinois, Yuan shows all the conviction to his beliefs of a gaijin challenging Shintaro Ishihara to “bring it on” from the safety of Hawaii.

  7. Talking of hitting a new low, the debate “over there” has shifted from a crusade for foreigner rights in Japan, to a discussion on just how educationally stupid and unlightened the whole Japanese “race” is compared to the hyper-educated Brighty Whities.

    With a reference to Nazi-esque eugenics thrown in for good measure… :facepalm:

  8. @iago:

    Why do you tempt me with this comedy? :wink:

    I’ll skip it. I’ve already made my judgment on the “education” of people who misuse 4-syllable words in an attempt to make their racist, stupid arguments look academic, and the “special” parts of media and academia that find it fit to print.

    But what do I know? Modern “educators” tell us you don’t have to be intelligent to be “intelligent”. The people who actually are intelligent are just unfeeling robots who we should pity (and hate). Relying on facts and figures is so narrow-minded! They don’t see the Big Picture like ME ME ME! :roll:

  9. Yasushi Super Dry


    Yes, I thought the last two entries on Arudo’s site were especially laughable.

    Teaching traditional martial arts in schools? RACISM.

    The Japanese fascination with blood types? RACISM.

    He may have well as taken random headlines from the Japan Times and blogged about those.

    “Yokota visit to Pyongyang in works” RACISM.

    “NHK anchor held over alleged train groping” RACISM.

    “Beaujolais Nouveau corks off” RACISM.


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