Japan Times on anti-nuclear groups leave questions unanswered

The article "Antinuclear drive in search of new strategies" is, as is common with many anti-nuclear articles, a bit of a mixed bag of interesting reporting but with important information left out, and too much of the writer’s opinion slipped in. It starts from the sub-heading, "Reactor foes risk burnout unless LDP stonewalling can be overcome"; surely they should have chosen meltdown for maximal effect? And the stonewalling appears to be the LDP not wanting to rush into a decision like the DPJ did.

they are struggling to get their views reflected in the policies of the LDP-led administration.

Isn’t that just how democracy works? They were on the losing side, so they should be struggling!

after the Fukushima meltdowns tainted the northeast with radiation.


Hiroyuki Kawai, who represents the commission’s [Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy] main sponsor, a private group.

"A private group"? Can we not get a name? The guy appears to be an anti-nuclear campaigner and lawyer.

"We need to draft a policy that everyone will have no choice but to accept," [Kawai] said.

Hmm, that sounds ominous!

Kondo claimed this prevented atomic energy from becoming an issue in the race [April 28 Upper House by-election in Yamaguchi Prefecture], allowing Ejima to trounce his antinuclear opponents.

I remember at the Yamaguchi governor election last year the green lobby also made excuses when they got defeated then.

They [the LDP] said they will review the DPJ’s policy (of ending nuclear power by 2040), but didn’t say if they will promote nuclear power, so it’s very vague

Well, that’s because they don’t want to bias the review (or at least make it too obvious that they are biasing the review!)

activists launched the advocacy group Ryokucha Kai (Green Tea Party) on April 24 to provide financial support to antinuclear candidates running in national elections.

Hideaki Takemura, an executive at Tokyo-based Energy Green Co. and head of Ryokucha Kai

Looking up Energy Green Co., as you have probably guessed, I see that they are a renewable energy supplier, so no conflict of interest there. :roll: They also seem to have a curious market where you can buy (or should that be "buy") 100 kWh lots of green energy; looking at this page it appears that it is a voluntary carbon offset type of idea, and for your money you get a certificate to download and print off. I cannot find anywhere on the site any information about what they do with your money, though, and considering that they can sell back the generated power at 21 yen/kWh, they are making an extra 50% or even more, if they get over-subscribed! Is some of the money being directed towards sponsoring candidates? How the money is being used should be clearly stated!

it won’t be backing anyone running for the LDP or New Komeito.

New Komeito had a manifesto pledge for phasing out nuclear power.

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  1. Another interesting question left unasked – it’s the first Tuesday of the month, has anyone else noticed something that is conspicuous by it’s absence?

  2. @Jerry: Today was a newspaper holiday, but I would have thought he would have posted if it was delayed?

  3. Like I said, conspicuous by it’s absence. If it were delayed a week or going to be posted later this week I would have expected him to do his normal preview or let readers know. But we shall see. :?: :?: :?:

  4. @Jerry: Good point, good point… Curious indeed!

  5. @Ken Y-N:
    Maybe his topic of choice was shot down…?

  6. @Sixth Sense: He’s already done one article based around slagging Donald Keene. How much more material could he put together for a second one?

  7. @sublight: He doesn’t seem to want to let it go…

  8. There are 2 kinds of “Greens”, those who actually believe, and those who are just using the environment (or the whales, etc.) as an easy cause to get money, fame and power. The ones selling these self-made “carbon credits” and “energy offsets” are the most blatant of the latter. The ones buying them are the former.

    Neither of them actually help make the world a better place. If their policies were implemented, quite the opposite.

  9. @Skeptic:

    Greenwashing is soon becoming a very effective tool for continuing business as usual and getting a vocal minority to sing your praises for doing it, that’s for sure.

  10. SelfPublishedSellout

    @Skeptic: Indeed, lots of people’s principles are flexible when there’s money to be made. For instance, publishing a guidebook to assist assimilation into Japan (or at least the attainment of “denizen” status) could be seen as disingenuous if you have been publicly and vocally on the record as saying Japan is hostile to immigrants, a place where one should never marry and have children, and into which assimilation is well nigh impossible.

    But a guy’s gotta make a living, right?

  11. @SelfPublishedSellout: In fairness, back when he published his guidebook, he was still at least paying lip service to being an activist involved in improving conditions for foreigners in Japan. It wasn’t until later (really hitting stride around the time of the 2011 earthquake, IIRC) that he devolved into his present “all anti-Japan, all the time” playlist.

  12. @sublight: In fairness to Sellout, this is an updated 2013 version, fresh off the presses, with an updated introduction, featuring statements like:

    Japan is very attractive to overseas labor

    :eek: Try making that comment on Debito.org!

    Oh, and that front cover – can anyone place the Buddha? It has a non-Japanese feel to it, as does the background mountains.

  13. @Ken Y-N: Ok, I take back my defense. Wow.

  14. @Ken Y-N: Ken, the Buddha statue is a Daibutsu, but a new one. Very Japanese. Can’t place it though since it really does look new.

  15. “Now for the first time in eBook format, GUIDEBOOK is here to help you with nuts-and-bolts advice to establish a good life in this wonderful country, Japan!”

    Does -anyone- ever recall him saying what a wonderful country Japan is except when he’s trying to sell this book?

  16. I am SICK of the hypocrisy and paranoia regarding nuclear debate. 20,000 people are dead or missing in the 311 disaster but some people do not give a damn about them because the nuclear hysteria is far more important.

    certain factions of society will always have strong anti nuclear sentiment regardless of the fukushima disaster [whale loving tree hugging liberal taiji cult,renewable energy, big oil] . Using Japantimes selective use of its moronic ‘people power’ argument they should ban abortion in US because x number of people protest…

    I personally find it DISGUSTING that on 3.11 anniversaries with one of Japans largest peacetime death-tolls people around the world choose to have anti nuclear rallies… Nice way to spit in the faces of the dead because of the post 311 nuclear hysteria.

    I wouldn’t expect trashy Japantimes to post a story regarding the anti-nuclear communities disrespectful timings of protests because it does not fit with their liberal dolphin hugging ‘yellow peril’ editorial standards…

    Japantimes is the top ENGLISH language Japan news outlet to the world, it annoys me that are they allowed to continually ABUSE their unique position to shovel their BIAS agenda.

    Is it difficult for them to have balanced arguments and show BOTH sides of the story? Japantimes covertly promote the anti-nuclear agenda which suits the needs of people and corporations who make billions of dollars profit from Japan’s so-called energy crisis and misplaced hysteria…..

    misinfo outlet Japantimes accuse the government of being corrupt and catering for the “evil” Nuclear lobbies but conveniently fail to report that the just-as-evil faceless big oil/coal/CNG corporations and renewable energy businesses are making billions$ from the Anti-nuclear hysteria and resulting energy shortfall..

    Japantimes LOVES to paint the false illusion that Japan wants NO-NUKES, sadly for the useless propaganda writers its slightly more complicated than that.

    Anyone remember the story about softbank ceo Masayoshi Son who demanded the Japanese government abandon nuclear for renewable energy?
    He proposed that Japan should move away from nuclear and build huge wind farms solar power grids.
    What he doesn’t disclose is that he is the the founder and chairperson of ‘The Japan Renewable Energy Foundation’ [http://jref.or.jp/en/about/Greeting.php#MasayoshiSon] and owns numerous renewable energy businesses. He also recommended to the government that they should make huge orders of HIS renewable products…
    Why should he care about the 20,000 dead/missing and 100,000s misplaced? He needs to profit from the nuclear hysteria to pimp his goods and add to his multibillion dollar fortune…

    You rarely get the true unbiased story in the Japan nuclear debate because almost everyone behind the scenes is hyping the “abandon nuclear energy” hysteria for personal gain.

    I am NOT denying that nuclear issue is serious one but the death toll from direct 311 radiation exposure over the long term is almost 0. Japntimes are not interested in the FACTS because the Anti-Nuclear hysteria and lies is BIG business!

    screw you japantimes!

  17. iLikedolphins


  18. And – I knew it was to good to be true. :lol:

  19. @Takeshima:

    Nice rant there Mr Dokdo.

  20. Basically, anyone you don’t like then?

  21. Takashima: sorry, quick nitpick. Masayoshi Son donated ¥10 billion to the people of Tōhoku from his own money (not Soft bank’s). Yes, solar is a big business opportunity for SB. But I don’t think it’s fair to accuse him of not caring about the victims of 3.11.

  22. Since this is the active thread, I’ll just point out that Just Be Cause is out, and after a recent bout of passable articles, this one is a real :facepalm: :headdesk: .

    I’m busy with other things tonight, but I’ll try to do a write-up for tomorrow! Calling for the police to control the press is a bit extreme, is it not? :facepalm:

  23. I also know that policymakers read the Japan Times Community pages and this column, because they have changed their policies after withering criticisms here.

    Yes, yes, that must be it. Keep fighting the good fight, every word written bolsters up the “NJ” race, sends the politicians running, and moves us ever closer to denizenry.

  24. Remedial actions inspired by this space include the Takamadonomiya All Japan Junior High School English Speech Contests

    Err… About a decade ago, as the issue was making a buzz, Arudou wrote a column about how the entry rules were discriminatory – bascially they presumed that someone with a foreign parent or grandparent of any nationality would give an unfair advantage in an English speaking contest. AFAICS, he didn’t organise a petition, or write letters or compain through schools or anything like that, which lots of other people did, and of which he was aware.

    Then, a couple of years ago, Arudou checked the rules. They had changed at some point to be much better. His verdict, despite knowing nothing more than that the rules had at some point changed? It was all due to his column. Apparently. Now, remind me, why is it that every single rights organisation he has ever been involved in has collapsed?

  25. So Kenny any comments on the Hashimoto statement re comfort women?

    Going to apologise for that too?

  26. iLikedolphins

    Men need to fuck bitches when they are about to die. Makes sense to me. Do we wanna talk about how American forces used the comfort women for fucking too? No, hold that, I don’t care.

    But 20-something college grads who never heard of ‘comfort women’ until they came to Japan really really care. They’re like the shiny protectors of geriatric Korea vaginas. But fuck Korean vaginas, literally.

  27. I think I shed a tear. Or did I come in my pants. ILD, we missed you man.

  28. Wow, just wow, wonder how long it will be before he takes credit for Japan signing the Hague Convention.

  29. I found this excellent comment on Japan Today after their reporter went all Fookooshimar-y in the introduction to an article:

    hundreds of thousands of residents of the Tohoku region of northeastern Honshu remain displaced, the power station teeters on the brink of further disaster and large swaths of northern Japan are so irradiated they’ll be uninhabitable for generations to come.


  30. @Ken Y-N:

    I believe you meant the Japan Times.

  31. @havill: It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference regarding the quality of their journalism. :smile:

  32. The author, Jon Mitchell, is an associate of JapanFocus. :roll:

  33. @VK: :facepalm: I’m going to be doing a JF article review soon. :lol:

  34. on a side note lol
    let’s make a rule, shall we? If you can’t be bothered to even spell out the word “nuclear power” in your English title, consider yourself immediately dismissible

  35. @Dfmoss: @Dfmoss: The insignia and old English lettering is a bit confusing. It looks like it was taken of a tattoo parlors wall. Why old English lettering? What does the star represent?
    We have to take into account that they are kind of new to this public protest/activism thing and there will be growing pains.


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