Japan Today finds a real-life Fookooshimar!

Forgive me commenters for I have sinned! I was reading Japan Today and came across this portrait of western-looking people at the no-nukes demo outside the Kantei. The first person up was portrayed thusly:

Peter, the first visible Westerner to arrive at the protest, has lived in Japan since 1982. He works as a salaryman. He believes the severity of the earthquake has been exaggerated (from roughly 7 to 9 on the Richter Scale) to soft-pedal the avoidability of the Fukushima disaster. He would like to start an English-language talk group to discuss this and other revelations from alternative news sources; he has discovered that Japanese environmentalists are often preoccupied with beer and beef.

:facepalm: But "beer and beef"?

[Peter] was concerned that he would be photographed by police and deported. “I dressed as much like a tourist as I could.” (Slacks, blue dress shirt, ball cap). He wore large, dark sunglasses over his corrective lenses. He brought a surgical mask to cover his thick, white beard.

The best way for someone of (presumably) foreign build to appear inconspicuous is, I am sure, to wear sunglasses at dusk and what all tourists are wearing this season, a mask. Anyway, if he has a new RFID-ready Zairyu Card, I’m sure he can look forward to a fun time next time he goes through Narita.

The remaining people were also quite, err, odd, including one bemoaning the lack of violence, so for the first (and last, I hope) time I recommend you read a Japan Today article.

  1. “beer and beef”

    OK, I’m in! Where and When? :razz:

    Several minutes after the quake, CNN posted a breaking news update stating that the US Geological survey had reported an (estimated) 8.8 quake off the coast of Japan.
    That is one hell of a well prepared cover-up!

  2. I read Japan Today every day.

    There, I said it. And you know, I bet some of you do too. I read until I want to be sick and bile rises up in my throat. I can’t stop doing it.

    I especially read the child abuse cases so that I can read the same comments over and over about how the Japanese don’t love their children like the glorious westerners and I get a kick out of the hysterical over reactions to the most mundane news.

    My favorite random diatribes are the ones about how Japan is doomed and will no longer exist by 2080. I guess that’s why they are all here now, living in the place they love to hate.

    And shut up, I tried to stop, but I can’t.

  3. “Peter, the first visible Westerner to arrive at the protest, has lived in Japan since 1982. He works as a salaryman. ”

    Funny, the protest was on a weekday (Friday). The protest ended at 8PM and he’s the first gaijin, well first white gaijin anyway, to show up. (I assume the reporter ignored the darker-skinned gaijin. Oops! Well, it’s not racist to do that…somehow… :facepalm: ) And he took the time to change into his brilliant disguise.

    For a “salaryman” he must have some sweet hours. Or maybe he wears his tourist stuff to work under his salryman outfit and can zip to the protest site faster than a speeding locomotive…

    A Stuporhero? :wink:

    God, the list of these peoples’ jobs remind us that “Stereotypes exist for a reason”

    Yoga instructors, models, photographers, etc. Yup, I’m sure they can knock out a national energy strategy over some bong hits.

    And no, I don’t read Japan Today except when someone links to it. Those few examples I’ve seen put it on the same category as Gaijinpot for me. A vast collection of stupid people spouting useless racist bullshit.

  4. Isn’t a vast collection of little stupid Debitos somehow more worrying than one old fat one?

    Or is it easier to focus your ire on just one ruffled dork and pretend he’s all that stands between us and the world becoming one with Japan?

  5. @iLikedolphins:
    Shooting fish in a barrel is fun.
    Shooting fish in 1000 barrels is work.

  6. I thought you loved work.

  7. @iLikedolphins:

    Not pointless work.
    Pointless fun? Sure.
    Poitnless work? No.

  8. Japan Today seems squarely aimed at the English teaching demographic, and spouting casual racism seems to be a daily necessity for an obscenely large slice of that contingent.


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