Japanese Only: at least they keep the Muslims out

I hope you don’t all choke on your mochi when you read this extract from a random blog:

The country legitimately has policies in place to keep Muslims out of the country. It is impossible to get residency, pretty difficult to get any sort of visa, and bordering on impossible to find housing if you are Muslim. They site “neighbor discomfort” as one of the main reasons for housing discrimination in this case.

Err, “legitimately“? It’s bad enough that the author seems to have accepted at face value a stupid rumour doing the rounds of the web, but it’s pretty awful that they would praise it. And, putting my pedant hat on, it’s “cite”.

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  1. I don’t know where you find these blogs, Ken. Or more importantly, why you’re looking!

    For more amusement, check out the “White Girl in Tokyo” blog linked to in the first comment.

    For what it’s worth, Megalos Chofu (the fitness club she goes on about being rejected by) actively recruits non-Japanese citizens to work there.

  2. “Legitimately.”

    Yes, he uses that word, but I don’t think it means what he thinks it means. Perhaps the word he’s stretching for is “literally”? He’s just a JET so one shouldn’t set the vocabulary bar too high. Pretty sure he’s not praising the alleged policy, but using it as an example of how prejudiced The Japanese is (sic).

    Just another fish out of water story. What we have here, yet again (as the narrative makes quite clear) is a failure to communicate.

  3. She’s a little different from Johnny Beerbelly down the hub in that she doesn’t work for an agency, company or eikaiwa school but is employed by local government and her salary comes directly from our tax yen making her to all intends a public servant. With that in mind she should really be more careful about what she rants about on the internet. Slandering the Japanese gov when it’s the Japanese gov that gives you a handsome salary for speaking your native language might be viewed as being ungrateful. Someone should advise her on that.

    From what I’ve been told JETS get the same salary and benifits as Japanese public school teachers despite having less qualifications, less foreign language skills, working less hours and doing less paper work. Funny how they don’t crusade against racism when they benefit from it.

    But in general a nice throwback whine. These days newbies throw their tantrums on facebook or twitter and leave blogs to the middle aged man children on debito or Japan Today.

  4. Ken on another phone

    @ago: If I were being generous, I suppose I could assume she uses “legitimate” to mean “by legal means”, not the more usual meaning of “justified”.

  5. She’s from Kentucky; maybe it’s a mainstream opinion there? In any case, is exposing minor NJ blogs for politically incorrect comments really the best way forward for Japologism? Just saying.

  6. The whole thing about Japan having an “official” policy etc to supress/etc Muslims in Japan comes from a viral post that is so bad even I spent time to tear it apart:


  7. @pessoa:

    I think the point the post is making is “This is a [typical] Debito.org follower”.

    Bonus Points: I see from here references that she’s a Ron Kessler “freechoice.jp” (“Universal Health Care for foreigners Bad! Buy my [scammy] gap insurance instead!”) fan too. too.

  8. Ken on another phone

    @iLikeDolphins: Now, now, where’s your New Year spirit? Putting your comment on hold for now…

  9. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    gotcha Mr Ken.

    You’re playing it cool with the ladies.

    Let’s hope she turns up the heat on this intellectual fire.

  10. @Ken on another phone: I was already giving the benefit of the doubt when I assumed she just plain picked the wrong word and lacked a facility for the language.

  11. Ken on another phone

    @iago: Lacked facility for the language? But, but, she’s an Eigo Sensei.

  12. @Mr. Petty:

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  13. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    Eh, I don’t think we’ll see much more from her on the horrible condition of being white in Tokyo. Apparently, she very recently went to Kuala Lumpur (awesome place, great food, more history than Singapore) and was totally shocked to see that over there they have their own unique customs, culture, and can’t stop a tidal wave of negative comparisons to the only other culture she’s experienced (Japan).

    So yeah, another case of actually visiting a place Other Than Japan making yet another Occidental long for Japan…

    (also, I go to Megalos in Kichijoji; never had a problem there other than the typical “gym somehow linked to credit card company and therefore requires CC registration to join” shenanigans. There are several other foreigners there of all sexes and shades of skin; they speak Japanese and don’t have noticeable tattoos)

  14. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    Re: Mr. Petty’s dozens of posts.

    You are the face of mental illness. Very likely schizophrenia. Please seek help.

  15. If anyone still believes this kind of horsepuckey they can come visit me. I can take them down the road about 3 km from my house here in Gifu, and show them the local MOSQUE.

    I mean for Chri Allah’s sake what century do people think we live in?

  16. @Dedicated Whale Researcher:

    Such a cliche. The JET that spends all of their money and school vacations on travel to nearby countries so they can return back to their G7 country after their three year “assignment” with “Extensive Asian Cultural and International Experience” on their resume.

    If I recall, Mr. William Mulberry blew all his JET money on Asian jet setting, then begged for money to leave Japan. Due to Radiation. In Kyushu.

  17. @The 2-Belo: Yup. There’s a big mosque right in the middle of Yoyogi-Uehara, too, yet whenever I pass, no sign of jack-booted stormtroopers rounding up the inhabitants, nor even crowds of protesters with Muzzy Go Home banners (in English, of course).

  18. @The 2-Belo: I personally know a LOT of Muslims in Japan, people from predominantly Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, various gulf states. I dated a Muslim woman who was here on a work visa for a while, even.

    Why do people post such utter nonsense when it is completely, demonstrably false?

  19. Ken on another phone

    @Dedicated Whale Researcher: Sigh. I’m having to blacklist whole countries to try to shut him up.

  20. @Smorkoid: The Internet can still give anything an air of legitimacy, it seems…

  21. For shit and giggles I liked the girl’s Costco post.

    She went with some nameless middle-aged women that she couldn’t pick out in a line-up and included photos of herself desperately buying too many jars of salsa.

    She’s scared of Muslims dressing like muslims in their own country.

    What a fanny badger.

  22. Does this not present a conundrum for Debito Arudou?

    That this unsophisticated Idahoan potato farmer of a woman readily admits to being brought up in an atmosphere of prejudice and discrimination that equates “non-western looking” with “dangerous terrorist”?

    That her reaction upon meeting “gaijins” in their native environment is one of pure naked unadulterated fear?

    That her view of the “other” is swarthy, scary, and dangerous?

    Is this not the most In Appropriate behaviour that must be shrillily chastised with extreme prejudice at the very moment of publication?

    And banned from Debito.Org for life?

    These are pertinent questions only a righteously crusading man as Debito himself can truly answer.

    Unassailably with certainty there are ‘good’ Westerners who follow liberally literal teachings but does this isolated anecdote from a painfully non-male blog excruciatingly searched out by Mr Ken not prove beyond all reasonable doubt that most Western Women are poorly educated celebrity infatuated racist shits that believe all kinds of baseless tabloid information?


    Using words on the Internet trips u up bitches.

    Better to take photographs of things you don’t like and sell it all for money

  23. The LDP are paying you assholes to repeatedly bully completely innocent people who dare to criticize your fascist order.

    Fuck you.

    You are going to pay bigtime

  24. @State Troll Army:
    Go AWAY, Christopher Johnson! Go AWAY!

  25. KT88 (rising from the slumber, wearily shaking head)

    Man these m4DD 1337 h4xx0r skillz gun get this place shut down.

    Dun got rekt.

    Ken, hurry up, git gud.

  26. @State Troll Army:

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  27. @chuckers:

    Don’t use words that make him believe that he’s getting to you. I use “Move On” to let him know that he’s not only wasting our time, but he’s wasting his time and choosing to be a Loser by not Moving On with his life. It’s so easy to see his posts coming: the nick pattern, the huge multiple blocks of copy/paste, that nobody is reading a word he posts. The battle with Christopher Johnson now is no longer with the content of his words. He’s a technical problem now for Ken. He’s devolved into a common spammer.

    Move On, Christopher Johnson, Move On.

  28. Ken on another phone

    @State Troll Army: Which reminds me, regular Japoliposters, it’s time to cough up your annual shill posting rights fee. 2 BTC to 1KhF5Zq1FiYvk3vxndmUYGDyzwwqxH3pTv please.

  29. In her post on Kuala Lumpur, she also uses “legitamite” strangely – my friend “has a legitimate goal of visiting every Disneyland in the world.”

  30. @Ken on another phone:

    Done. I think the decimal point is not in the place you requested though.

  31. Ken, I hope you’re not seriously engaged in buttcoins? :shock:

  32. Looks like this debito.org fan JET has deleted this post out of embarrassment.

  33. in sort of defense of the blogger, there were ‘reliable’ sources pushing some of those rumors about muslims. some back-pedaling.


  34. From an unrelated website:

    “I used to work as a hostess for popular California restaurant chain (known for their pizza!), there was a family who often came for lunch along with their old grandma. I always try not to judge people based on their makeup, but this woman would legitimately line her entire eyes with dark black, under the skin bags and everything. Most of the time she looked like a confused elderly panda, but one day a server accidentally spilled a glass of water in her lap and she stood up and started cursing the server in tongues — I swear she looked like an enraged demon from a Miyazaki film, hair swirls, red eyes, and everything.”

    interesting post-teen usage of the word ‘legitimately’


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