Japologism savaged by a dead sheep

TL;DR summary:

  • Mr Johnson, I think I’ve put you in check. You have in my opinion recklessly disregarded a lot of things that have happened in the pursuit of your vendetta. I’ll just refute you here, but as for Eido, I don’t think he got to where he is today without knowing the right time to be a hard-nosed bastard. I reckon you’ll soon be informed of a couple of facts that, well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. :evil:

Japan’s greatest investigative journalist publishes yet another screed of ill-sourced nonsense, including this not-really-an-accusation-honest:

Nicolson, meanwhile, claimed on Japologism on Feb. 19 at 9:25 am (regular Panasonic business hours)

Oh noes, that’s the same day as I skived off in the afternoon to go to the pictures:

Les Miserables

Furthermore, Mr Johnson reports:

Debito, who has withstood a barrage of Japan Probe attacks, noted on his website in December how anonymous amateur bloggers are increasingly taking the place of traditional journalists trained in ethics, balance, and the “role of media as a watchdog and an influencer of public opinion.” He wrote that many bloggers are indulging “in an unethical means to amplify their voice by masquerading as others by writing under multiple monikers or within multiple venues — sometimes having conversations with themselves (“sock-puppeting”) as a means to create the veneer of majority-view legitimacy. This has led to bullying of minority voices by a very small but dedicated cadre of people, who use their anonymity to make sure that their activities will very rarely be uncovered because of the lack of direct evidence.”

He then follows it with an archive of a URL featuring a story that was written by someone writing under what I believe to be one of multiple monikers, and a story that furthermore Mr Arudou wholeheartedly apologised to Eido for.

Nicolson, perhaps anticipating an investigative article about himself and Havill, has deleted a series of comments on Japologism, which might show evidence of Havill’s behavior.

No, that is a flat-out lie. I have only deleted off-topic chit-chat from iLD and friends and repeated posts by someone engaged in "unethical means to amplify their voice by masquerading as others by writing under multiple monikers". (And, if you want to be pedantic, the very occasional double-post or "Please fix my typo above"-type comments. And not forgetting swearword-filled abuse.)

Havill spent a lot of time on Japologism that afternoon writing lengthy diatribes and joining sock-puppets urging Havill and Google superiors to contact police and lawyers to take actions against Havill’s perceived enemies.

Oops, you shouldn’t have said that!

Anyway, you say at the head of the article:

Nicolson […] wrote thousands of comments and articles harassing foreigners in Japan and staining their names online

You have failed completely to demonstrate that. Withdraw that accusation.

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  1. Ken,

    as for Eido, I don’t think he got to where he is today without knowing the right time to be a hard-nosed bastard

    I can’t believe I’ve missed the Reggie Perrin connection all this time!

    Particularly this bit.

  2. @VK: Any similarity to Reggie Perrin is purely accidental, and I didn’t think of it until now, and even more I now remember who said “I didn’t get to where I am today…” All very circular!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mr Johnson as a photo-journalist should be well aware of the copyright and ethical issues involved in using so many photographs without permission. :facepalm:

  3. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Fuck me, VK. You are part of the conspiracy and I don’t get a mention? Johnson has no taste.

  4. @The Chrysanthemum Sniffer:

    Do pay attention! We’re neither of us part of any conspiracy, as we are both the sockpuppets of Mr Ken and Mr Havill. Neither you nor I exist. And in any case, you are not “obdurate”. I am “obdurate” and a “shadowy cohort”. That means I’m special. I have a shadowy cohort badge and everything. Only I don’t, because I don’t exist.

    I am also, apparently, called Rob Fahey, which may come as much of a surprise to Mr Fahey as it did to me.

    @Ken Y-N:

    Actually, if you look at his attempts push his own article on Wikipedia, it’s not clear at all that he has a strong grasp of copyright issues.

  5. It was rather a lengthy piece but I read through it, and like yourself Ken, it is a shame CJ doesn’t have better things to do with his time.

    Where he does have a point though is that through Tepido you launched a sustained harrassment campaign against Debito and his supporters, all because they dare to criticise the country you constantly apologise for.

  6. @Johnny:

    Harassment? Was there a campaign to get Arudou fired? No. (Although Arudou did try to get people fired he didn’t like) Did people here contact his employers to compain? No. (Although again, Arudou’s supporters did that to others). Did people accuse Arudou of academic fraud and lying about his qualifications? No. (Although Arudou did that too to someone else and blogged about it.)

    All this blog does and tepido.org did was exist. No “harassment” except discussion of what was in the public domain, and an awful lot of that discussion produced by people who had been censored out of his blog for no good reason except ideological correctness.

    Along with your racism, Johnny, you’re also someone who doesn’t like free speech. Have you thought of starting a movement? I hear black shirts are the thing.

  7. Don’t have to read 9000 words.

    I can sum it up in 2.

    “Help me.”

  8. Naked women in a swimming pool is off topic chit-chat now?

  9. Either the women or the swimming pool has to be Japanese (or subject to Japanese visa regulations) for it to be on-topic. :grin:

    I don’t get it. Eido obviously has some legal muscle on call–especially noticeable after Ardwidnwind’s “apology” and retraction the other day–so why would you do the equivalent of dressing up in a deer suit, painting a target on yourself and prancing around the countryside during country season like Chrissy Boy just did?

  10. The Hypocritic Oaf

    @Simon: Well, when you look at who his armchair lawyer is…


  11. Aaaaaaaaannnnnd…it’s gone.

  12. Well, that was fast. Wonder if CJ’s stalker site got it up before it went bye bye?

    Have no fear – CJ’s stalker is here!


  13. Gordon Hampshire

    For those from the sinister side of the Atlantic who can’t place the “dead sheep” reference, no, it’s not an al-Qaeda expression. Rather, it’s a Denis Healey classic:


    I suppose it’s unfair to expect a Canadian late-onset schizophrenic journalist who only knows bike routes and live houses to have any familiarity with UK politics.

  14. @Jerry: not gone, he just changed the URL by moving the date back a few days to November 19. It is also linked from the top page of that “magazine”.

  15. Jesus Christ, Has the world has the wool pulled over their eyes?


  16. Havill has long been a main contributor to both stalker sites, which rival the salacious “FuckedGaijin.com” for schoolyard name-calling and moronic behavior.

    As administrator of FuckedGaijin.com I resent the insinuation that there could be other sites with an equal or indeed superior quality of moronic behavior. Our salaciousness is without parallel, and if I were not merely a fictitious construct of the Internet hive mind I’d be sending my minions round for a constructive tete-a-tete with the Chief Editor.

  17. Opps! That’s ‘Had’. It’s my Macular Degeneration. I’m legally blind or am I? It’s the net, what do you believe?


    Oh my god that’s funny. “a fictitious construct.”
    Thank you.

  18. Has he had a job in an office in the 21st century? Or ever?

    It would explain some of the ignorance as to how people are often allowed to make their own schedules. As long as they’re getting their work done, bosses don’t give a shit.
    It’s the trade-off for the intrusion of work life into nights, weekends and vacations (no) thanks to cell phones and email.

  19. I find the emergence of this ‘Gundlach’ chap as an expert in matters pertaining to the expat community in Japan fascinating.

  20. @Taurus:

    To be fair, the whole lawyer thing hasn’t really worked out for him, so maybe he’s trying a second career as “seasoned Japan hand”.

  21. @Taurus

    Ignore “Gundlach” or “Hoofin” or whatever he chooses to call himself. He’s a nobody looking to be a somebody. I strongly suspect he’s a little disappointed that he isn’t getting much of any attention from the blogosphere, and even less from journalists.

    Ken Y-N was correct to ignore his attention-seeking blog postings as being irrelevant noise. The whole point of discussing Debito Arudou’s columns and other mainstream media attention-grabbers was clearly spelled out on this website and elsewhere multiple times.

    At the risk of repeating the obvious, Japologism discusses the published writings of authors who choose to be public figures and attempt (albeit unsuccessfully) to influence public opinion, public policy, etc via mainstream publication outlets: journalists, activists, book authors, academics, etc.

    I cannot speak for Ken, Havill, VK or anyone else but I strongly suspect that no one cares one iota what no-name bloggers think about this website’s free discussion of published work by Debito Arudou and others.

  22. It’s like a flame war between website operators!

    And the rest of us mere mortals get to watch!

    To really sort things out though I’d bring the ex-ALT google guy and Mr Ken and CJ down the factory to belt it out with claw hammers.

    My bet’s on a raw, bloody, half-naked Mr Ken for the win.

  23. Get_a_life_all_you_guys


    But he doesnt get published in major newspapers and is probably not a public figure. So who cares. Just another insignificant blog. What are you gonna do, go after every little blog of a non-public figure that you dont like? Then your just acting like the real bullies.

    They forget that bullying only goes down the ladder. Not up. You cant complain about being bullied when your higher up the power ladder. You can be annoyed, but not bullied.

    People using their status and power as major news writers to attack private citizens with no outlet except a small blog? That’s bullying. How can they not see this I dunno.

    Same hand, this small apologist blog attacking an even smaller sadder blog would also be bullying.

  24. @iLikedolphins: Oh, ILD you are such a romantic.

  25. @Get_a_life_all_you_guys:

    Er.., no one here bothers with his blog. If a few comments when he’s clearly assisted Johnson in writing this trash as well as featuring heavily in it are bullying, then so are your comments here about this blog or any of us. Ya big bully.

  26. @Get_a_life_all_you_guys

    There is nothing inappropriate about reading, discussing, and (yes) even disagreeing with arguments published by activists, journalists, writers, etc. in the mainstream media. That’s the name of the game.

    Ken Y-N et al. do not go around attacking no-name bloggers making noise on the internet. What would the point be?

    The assumption that a journalist’s work and arguments should only be discussed, and then only positively, if he is published in major newspapers might be your definition of worthwhile, but I suspect that other people have different views on what amounts to a discussion-worthy publication.

  27. This is so much more fun than Downton Abbey. I’m always waiting for the chauffeur to kill Lord Crawley in the library with a pipe wrench but it never happens. Will someone please kill somebody on that bloody show! That program is sooo boring and overrated.

  28. “Mauled” or “savaged” by a dead sheep means to be lamely attacked by an ineffectual opponent. A British expression. To be contrasted against, say, being mauled by a live lion or such. A bit of British understated humor: a dead sheep could hardly savage you, could it?

  29. http://globalitemagazine.com/2013/02/26/panasonic-security-engineer-ken-nicolson-calls-reporter-a-dead-sheep-over-article-about-cyber-bullying-in-japan/

    I couldn’t imagine it, but the bar was somehow lowered, AGAIN! :headdesk:

    also, Ken, I thought you’d have better taste in movies!!! :grin:

  30. I would rather people’s place of work would not come into it, but given the nastiness on both sides it does not surprise.

    I asked Ken this before and he dismissed it, but when you work for a company that is literally bleeding red ink, would it not be better to keep your head down and not put yourself out there on the internet like this?

  31. Johnny is what people these days like to call a “concern troll”.

  32. @Johnny

    Why do you have such a problem with Ken Y-N et al. discussing published articles in the mainstream media?

    Just because some authors choose to focus on themselves sometimes in their articles (a big mistake in my point view, but they do it anyway) does not mean that readers are not allowed to read, discuss, and think about their personalized arguments. It’s a free society.

    The fact that these authors (e.g., Debito Arudou, Christopher Johnston) often confuse their deep personal problems with living in Japan with some kind of broad allegedly systematic and xenophobic conspiracy against all foreigners is part of the reason they encounter such mounting skepticism and critical commentary from such a broad array of commentators in academia, media, and the blogosphere.

    One only has to read the critical comments about the work of Debito Arudou and Christopher Johnston on the NBR Japan Forum from academics, think tank specialists, and the business elites to realize that their work is not respected in many circles.

    This should be fairly obvious to most people already by just reading the letters-to-the-editor of The Japan Times, but it surprises me that a few people still seem to think that it’s really about a secret conspiracy to destroy innocent well-meaning foreigners in Japan by a small allegedly evil cabal of anonymous and insincere netizens for fun.

  33. @Johnny:

    So, let’s get this straight. You come on here all angry and spouting racist abuse (on the “racism in Japan” thead), and now you’re warning people about the impact on their place of work if they continue to exercise free speech.

    That basically makes you a netto-uyoku, doesn’t it?

  34. Oh well played VK.

    Although everyone knows I pointed that out not so long ago and with a touch more flourish.

    My coattails are yours to ride on.

    Ride my brother, ride! Slay foul Johnny!

    Bring him to the Large Pit, where the claw hammers await!

  35. The Hypocritic Oaf

    @Simon: So, I just looked up what a “conern troll” is and that’s kind of interesting. Yes, I’ve seen this in other places on the internet, too, quite recently: someone who pretends to be an objective observer while in actuality participating fully and with partiality in the bunfight.

  36. The Hypocritic Oaf

    Maybe it is time to call it quits and walk away. Here on in, it can only be ad hominem, just feeding the machine.

    Yeah, I’m a quitter, but I’m not seeing the point now, either.

  37. It’s sweet to be reminded of the dorkiness of the Interneters in Japan. It takes me back to the reason I joined this site in the first place. I’m so wallowing in coolness in my private life that to me this is a veritable orgy of dork!

  38. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Large Pit? claw hammers?

    Does this mean… could it be that… You work in a mine or, better yet, A FACTORY???!!!

    How interesting!! Do tell us more.

  39. @Dfmoss: Sorry, when I was dumpster diving I couldn’t find any stubs for “Die Hard 4” or some other manly thing. :lol:

  40. @iLikedolphins: I know, I know! :lol:

  41. @Ken Y-N:

    Internet bully Ken Y-N admits falsifying evidence of his location during work hours and stealing private property! (garbage)

  42. @VK:

    Amusing comment, and let’s be clear there is no way I will be contacting anyone’s employer, but surely all this stuff must be career damaging, especially when your company is losing money and looking for reasons to reduce staff numbers?

    Ken obviously doesn’t care, but he should.

  43. @Johnny:

    How very passive aggressive of you. Out of interest, what is it that fuels your racism?

  44. @VK:

    What racism?

  45. @Johnny:

    Anyone who throws the word “J*p” about (and then defends doing so) is racist. Would you write “n*gger” racism, or “ch*nk” racism in a hostile conversation with a black or Chinese person?

  46. Being someone of Japanese descent growing up in the U.S. there were times that I was subject to that slur- it IS extremely offensive and Johnny’s use of it reflects more on him has than anything else.


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