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Oh look, it’s another new blog about Japan!

Over at Tepido.org, I feel I managed to create a space for a group of people who, despite its flaws, call Japan their home. However, Hikosaemon opened my eyes to Tepido.org being not much more than a virtual todger-waving contest, so I decided enough was enough for that domain.

Since that event, I’ve had a few emails from members of Notorious 12, I’ve had a think, and I feel there is a definite gap in the market for a blog that:

  1. Highlights both overly gushy and overly doom-laden articles in the foreign and local English-language press (I’ll try to stay away from personal blogs) with a fact-based response. People like Shisaku and Ampontan, for instance, have a very obvious political bias in their spin, making it easier to discount their views with an "Of course, they would say that!"
  2. Criticises the use of lazy stereotypes in the press.
  3. Is science-based, not emotion-based, especially with regards to the ongoing nuclear issues, stripping the tinfoil hat off sites like EneNews.
  4. And, of course, has a good laugh at stupid stuff like the Gaijin Gulag Guy.

There is of course other reasons for launching a new blog despite appealing to a similar readership as Tepido.org; Japologism.com will strive to avoid being involved in schlong-measuring, trolling, slamming and of course the completely overused and abused stalking. You’ll note that this would appear to contradict point 4 above, and you’d be right.

The old Tepido.org commenting rules will be basically retained but tightened a little, although The Wall will probably not.

Oh, and this seems rather appropriate:

You’re no fun any more
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  1. @Aceface:

    Wait a sec, my shitty expression skillz may have resulted in a misunderstanding. “tutt-tutting of ampontan” meaning seeing multiple Japan bloggers dissing ampontan, usually with a quip about the perceived political slant as the justification to never read it. Quite telling.

  2. Don’t blame yourself Level3.The guy at the other end of the line barely understands English.

  3. AceFace:

  4. @Ken Y-N:

    Ah. One of my favourite uni memories. Angry drunken Liverpudlian in fresher’s week in a stairwell yelling “Why the FUCK does everyone keep telling me to calm down?!”

  5. Dude,I’m only excited for the prospect of the blog.

  6. The people who would dismiss what I write because of political opinions are people who read solely to reinforce their prejudices, rather than to find new information. That only leads to sis-boom-bah political discussions, which is a waste of time.

    People who pay attention should realize that my facts are correct — it is the whole point — and can be easily separated from my opinions. That anyone would compare what I do in that regard to Shisaku demonstrates that they don’t pay attention.

    I still get stuff that I’m an LDP shill, which is proof positive whoever says it never reads the site.

    There are some left-wing sites who realize that the information I present is accurate and link to me.

    Anyone who chooses to dispute the facts I present may do so at any time on the site without being deleted or insulted, but they would have a hard go of it. I save all the material I collect in research. It’s not all small-government; I’ve quoted Akahata more than once. All opinions are welcome.

    People who read the English-language blogosphere (particuarly professional websites) know that left and right debate each other all the time, and no one should have any views. Apparently some people think Japanese issues should be an exception.

    Good luck on #2. I’ve been doing it for seven years. It’s a never-ending task, and will never end. In fact, I’ve stopped doing a lot of it, because it’s a waste of time. First, because there’s little to be gained by reading English-language coverage of Japan, second, the reading I do in Japanese, including newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, and Twitter, is more productive (and more time consuming), and third, they don’t want to know. It blows the Weird Japan image.

  7. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fl20120610x1.html don’t know where to post this, but what do y’all think of CJ’s last article? Hard to believe it, but he still has work!!!

  8. @David Moss:

    ..with the Japan Times, nothing in their content choices is hard to believe. :facepalm: Well, if they’re looking for loooooooooooooong articles, they knew who to go to. Maybe this article will earn it’s own entry here. I dunno, it’s the usual CJ tl;dr. :wink:

  9. @David Moss: Oh bloody hell! If he’d just stuck to writing about the Marshall Islands it would actually have been a decent piece, but his shoehorning in Fukushima and global warming deniers is utter :roll: :facepalm: :headdesk:

    Oh, and did you notice that their culture aged a thousand years in five paragraphs? :facepalm:

  10. @Ken Y-N:

    In his defence, the Marshall islands were colonised 3,000 years ago, with Bikini Atholl being colonised at least 2,000 years ago. According in both cases, to Wikipedia.

    But yes, it’s all a bit crappy in making the connection with Tohoku. Johnson likes to exploit other people’s suffering and fears to make money for himself.


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