Jeff Kingston beats Martin Fackler with a vengeance

Following up on Martin Fackler’s dodgy translation, the Japan Times allows Jeff Kingston to publish his usual Abe hate, winding up the hate from “pay the price” to “vengeance”, not just once but three times. Here is the evidence he is quoting Fackler:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe […] vow[ed] retribution and justice by “making the terrorists pay the price.”

Yup, straight from the horse’s arse, and as I mentioned in the comments there, at least Mr Kingston managed to get one word correct, “justice”.

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  1. This is worth a read:

    I have a message and a suggestion for Jake Adelstein, Martin Fackler (NYT), William Pesek (Bloomberg) and the sanctimonious foreigners in Japan who gobble up and regurgitate what they write.

    You shameless charlatans have accused The Prime Minister of Japan of being responsible for the recent murders of two Japanese citizens in Syria, by depraved savages, because ‘he involved Japan in the Middle East’.

    Six years ago in Luxor, Egypt, I left a paper crane that I had made and a Japanese flag on the site where ten Japanese citizens, and DOZENS of Europeans, had been massacred by crazed Islamists, on November 17, 1997. Some of our citizens had been disemboweled and verses of the Qur’an inserted into their body cavities — punishment for the crime of being tourists in Egypt.

    I wonder who you believe was responsible for murdering them.

    I wonder who you believe was responsible for murdering the twenty-four Japanese citizens in the World Trade Centers’ obscenity.

    I wonder who you believe was responsible for murdering the ten Japanese citizens in Algeria.

    I wonder who you believe was responsible for murdering our citizens in The Philippines, Syria, Bali and Iraq.

    I am forced to wonder because I know that you couldn’t possibly believe that the savages who murdered them were responsible because that would conflict with your ahistorical narratives and deviant perceptions of reality.

    It’s a bit angry.

  2. Politicians and pundits jumped into the fray on TV talk shows and some made the claim that, after Japan’s own 9/11, a majority of the public is ready to stop daydreaming — they’re ready to back Abe’s agenda of upgrading the capabilities of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and strengthen security cooperation with the United States.

    Perhaps they did, but this opinion does seem contrary to the JT’s own view that Abe, Hostages labeled troublemakers in Japan, and in violent times young Japanese just shrug.

    So what’s it to be — after all, the collective Borg psyche of Team Japan can surely pick only one — hawkish, meiwaku or indifferent?

    Certainly couldn’t just be human.

  3. Here’s Michael Cucek’s more nuanced take on that article from his politics blog:

    “Those who wanted to accelerate change and switch Japan’s direction will say that the government’s inability to save Yukawa and Goto demonstrates the rightness of their views. Those who advocated steady-as-we-go, progressive, “normalizing” policies will downplay the failure. Instead they will declare the maintenance of a cool, cerebral demeanor paramount. Those who have disliked the expansion and transformation of Japan’s security behavior, advocating either a slowdown or more often a reversal of the processes of the last three decades, will see Yukawa’s and Goto’s deaths as justifying their caution and skepticism.”

  4. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    I interrupt the wank to bring you:

    YUSSSSS. Shibuya Daihyou, motherf***ers.

  5. Let’s say an American politician does a gaffe.
    Americans are well known dickwads and they sometimes do gaffes.

    I’m sure the Twitter will explode.

    Let’s say a dry sandpapered-up 80 year old Japanese vagina lady does the same. In a newspaper.

    Smears her raspy sandpapery goodness all over a readily-handled and publicly available godforsaken rag.

    Twitter also explodes.

    Now there are people in existence who say the is all a postmodern trick, a legitimate cuntmagnet of long game trollollery where masturbators go blind and waste their lives, and then there are the ones who believe he is deliberately grasping the extremely wrong end of a large horse’s cock not because he is a racist whore but because he is a ponytailed manfool in an aloha shirt with a beshizzled grasp of anything but the fact that men get drunk and like the asian ladies pouring honey on their hairy beary pubis monses, gasping silently and violently at the unspeakable voluptuousness of their bulbous proboscises.

    Is he not fair and balanced?

    Deep inside Debito Arudou is a very worried school boy in lightweight polyester blend short pants sucking on a big lollipop of angst that an older generation seeking to take revenge FOR THE WAR is actively moving to pry him from his beloved mental stock of poontang nextdoor.

    Never mind reality

  6. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    Oh man, when I saw that get picked up by Reuters ( ), I could hear the sound of furious Debito masturbation in the EM radiation range; the sound of a broken Filth Clock being right one out of two times a day (“SOMEBODY CALL DEBITO: Someone proposed ACTUAL gaijin ghettos. IT IS TIME.”)…

    …turns out he already posted it two days ago. Huh.

    Sono should be given a time machine, and made to live in Apartheid South Africa. Without the Japanese = White law that S Africa instituted to protect the steel interests in the 60s.

    Man, doesn’t matter who her audience was, she needs to be fucking slapped right in her fucking idiot face.

  7. I’ve been trying to find the post where Arudou himself proposed gaijin ghettoes. Anyone remember it?

  8. IIRC it was his JBC about why we wouldn’t follow his leadership. He’d tried to lead us, we just wouldn’t follow dammit.

  9. My God, that woman is hilarious. And her ramblings are getting exactly the reactions one would expect. Seems like the world remains in balance.

    I think the difference between her “proposal” versus our friend’s is that she is proposing ghettos, while he was proposing a Debitanic State.

  10. Shes a knob but the “people” on debito and japan today assuming that 127 million souls all secretly share her views are just as bad as her.

    I do prefer it when the looney tunes section of Japans right shut up as it gives Doctor Dim terrible writers block and we end up with hilarity just as ‘the eye’ or thought provoking revelations such as our age goes up by one year every time we have a birthday.

    I imagine hes going to milk this daft bats comments for the next couple of JBCs.

  11. NEWS FLASH – Aged, conservative crackpot writes crackpot article for aging media owned by aging/fading business interests. Article is conservative, crackpot – Debiman waits til English translation before critique. Sighs ensue!

  12. NEWS FLASH – Aged, conservative crackpot writes crackpot article for aging media owned by aging/fading business interests.

    NEWSFLASH conservative crackpots are still in full control of Japan.
    One of those crackpots, who was on a government advisory body concerned with the future education of young Japanese and has a monthly op column in the 4th biggest selling newspaper in Japan – equivalence in the USA, would be ‘USA Today’ and equivalence in the UK, would be ‘The Daily Mirror’!!!! – extolls the virtues of Apartheid South Africa and how it might be a good model for a future Japan to apply.

    NEWSFLASH Debiman waits til English translation before critique. Sighs ensue!

    NEWSFLASH No critique 48 hours after the event, from Otaku Ken, Mike ‘I got my MA from UBC, but I didn’t’ Guest or Havill.

    Sighs ensue!

  13. Yeh.

    I’m pretty sure next year a new class will be introduced to my daughter’s elementary school curriculum completely designed by this woman to teach children where the blacks’ ghettoes should be.

    I’m guessing downtown. dick.


    Varus posts.

    Laughs ensue.

  15. KT88 (legitimately!)


    The saving grace of this site is that only the truly certifiable crackpots get edited… and that’s only cos they copy/paste spam…


    dude, there’s a place for this trash. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called

    It’s a gathering place where along with anti-vaccine, chem-trail tin foil hat conspiracy nuts and 9/11 truthers you get to discuss the awful conspiracy conspiring beneath Japanese society to rob the rightful righteous white man of his rights and privileges all in the name of preserving the inscrutable, mystical, impossible for NJ (kudos to the ever excellent Debuto for that one!) to grasp, let alone comprehend.

    Here, most of us just laugh. At what? You. etc.

    But don’t worry, because you’re right and it’s only mere moments, three more Fukushimas, an Olympics, imminent economic collapse and a third world immigrant ghetto away before fools like me and maybe even Dolphins and the rest of us are crushed like the servile ass rags we are!

    Repent! Repent! Ken, it’s not to late, leave the country – FOR THE CHILDREN.


    Fuckin dweeb.

    In case you’re wondering (cos gaijin can’t/won’t/don’t learn Japanese) the implied subject is… you!

  16. Proper niffy in here innit?

  17. @Lack of Research: Ineded, and Ms Sono now clarifies (or perhaps more correctly backpedals) by agreeing with Dr Arudou about ghettos:

    “I have never commended apartheid, but I do think that the existence of a ‘Chinatown’ or ‘Little Tokyo’ is a good thing.”

  18. @Ken

    A longstanding complaint is that Arudou doesn’t work enough with Japanese activists. Well, now’s his chance.

  19. NYtimes magazine article that checks all the “Japan experience” boxes for its WASPy upper middle class readers.
    Tired “lost in translation” reference- check
    Being looked at while walking in Japan- check
    Everybody is so quiet here- check
    Mention of “no foreigners” sign- check
    Conformity- check
    n.b. maybe there aren’t so many listings b/c first, the homes are small, most people don’t open their homes to fellow Japanese, much less foreigners, and the fact you can find cheap, clean, and convenient accomodation in any reasonably sized city (Toyoko Inn, anyone?)

  20. forgot too add- the department store melon sticker shock- check
    *you can order off the net 2000 yen per melon, not cheap by “back of the truck” Rocky Ford prices, but this is the more average Japan experience.


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