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Given that Japan Times seems to have basically killed off commenting on their site except for a couple of stories a day, if you’d like to see what is being discussed but don’t want to burn through your page view allowance, this link will let you keep track of the latest stories:


Chrome will happily ignore RSS, but this seems like a reasonable way to keep up to date. I use feedly, myself.

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  1. KT88 (the rss lunatic)

    Feedly’s ok, but feels clunky. While G2reader is a little slow compared to the old google reader, I much prefer it’s simple text based layout.

  2. KT88 (the catastrophic apostrophe)

    How did that apostrophe get in there…? The shame. My high school English teacher likely just now had a cold chill… :oops:

  3. Re the page allowance: it probably shouldn’t be mentioned that you can read any article on the site in full by viewing page source, since they don’t use a technique that actually obfuscates the content there.

    . . . oops

  4. Ken on the phone

    @Durf: not to mention, in fact I won’t mention that blocking cookies works too.

    However, I’m beginning to regret following the comment feed. Not a lot of difference between it and Japan Today, I feel.

  5. @Durf:

    The most convenient way to view the content (on most paywall newspaper sites) is to use your browser’s “Incognito/Private/Secret” mode… as that opens a browser window that doesn’t have access to any browser “memory” (cookies, cache, etc).

    Often, launching one of these windows is a simple hotkey sequence.

    Doing it this way allows you to read without needing to nuke (and thus re-login) your existing cookies.

  6. Actually the most convenient way is just to read the news a half-day or day in advance in the Japanese papers and avoid the JT translators’ take on things in the first place :wink:

  7. @Durf: Ultimately, the best way to read the news.

  8. The Japan Times

    “Today’s News… Tomorrow!”

  9. I shouted out “Japologism!” into my OK Google and it did a search for Chipotle Jism which is appropriate because that’s what this site is.

  10. @iLikedolphins: It’s actually quite fun isn’t it? 10 out of 10 you’ll get a different answer.

  11. Funny, I get Chipotle Jism every time. Maybe Mr Googles is fiddling with the rankings again.

  12. @iLikedolphins: Or at least fiddling with your chipolata. :lol:

  13. UPDATE: As the Japan Times moderation is now even worse than that at Japan Today, I’ve had enough of uber-apologist Gordon Graham and the guys he winds up, neo-Nazis and blatant racists chiming in, and Chinese trolls, to name but a few, so I’ve deleted my Feedly subscription.

    I’ll miss reading Starviking and Sam Gilmore on the nuclear issue threads, but I’ll try following them a bit more closely while keeping clear of the general spew.

  14. It’s too bad, really – there’s quite a bit of value in the sports and arts sections especially, I think. But the opinion and community sections are simply atrocious, and while I don’t think the moderation is as bad as Japan Today (hard to imagine anything that is*) it is pretty awful.

    Interestingly enough, once you get enough comments approved at Japan Times (not sure how many, maybe 100?) comments get approved automatically.

    *One of my friends works at GPlus media. I told him that everyone I’ve ever discussed it with thinks that the moderation at Japan Today is simply the worst. He said “I know, I know, they’ve tried to get rid of that person but they just won’t go away.”


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