Just a quickie – a flyjin I can agree with!

Fleeing from Beijing and its genuinely contaminated air, and without a fake money-raising campaign to pay his wife’s air fare.

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  1. Yet another testimony showing how pathetic the complaints of Japan-bashing activisits are when compared to the troubles experienced by people in almost every other country in the world.

    This is why certain professional aspiring-academic Japan bashers will just never make it to the big leagues. Whining about how oppressive Japan is because someone gave you a fork instead of chopsticks? Or one or two out of millions of private shops denied access on the basis of race?
    Meanwhile bloggers from other countries experience the type of racism in which people are, you know, actually killed..often en masse. Where foreign reporters and brave local activists (real ones) are jailed, torutred and sometimes murdered.

    Even when we step away from race issues and consider Fukushima (after all, self-proclaimed anti-racism crusaders have no problem publicizing their ignorance on the topic and twisting it into yet another opportunity to express their Japanophobia ).. at worst maybe a few hundred more people will get cancer.. meanwhile millions are dying early from air pollution just in China. :facepalm:

    Would love to se this guy’s take on the flyjin scammers, but he probably hasn’t heard of them.

    Irony is, there probably are quite a few flyjin deciding to try their luck in China. Flyjin leaves for back home, finds he can only get jobs waiting tables, and decides to move to Beijing to be a “teacher” again.
    Silver lining of that cloud of pollution? I’ll assume that 1 month in China will cure anyone of fandom of certain Japan-bashing racist crusader sites. They’ll see Japan-bashing and “micro-aggression” (that’s soooo last spring) is an inflatable kiddie pool compared to the Olympic lanes of injustice in the rest of the world.

  2. Level3, the silver lining of that cloud is probably mercury or some other chemical I can’t pronounce.

  3. Of course to experience real racism, you need to be a minority in a Western country.

    White guys crying over microaggressions seem to forget they are the biggest baddest raciest scumbags of them all.

  4. That’s a sad story. Unlike flyjin, he does actually seem to have affection for the place he’s leaving.

  5. That’s an interesting blog. Quite a few friends of mine have moved to the PRC in the past few years for career opportunities; I sense that it can be a much tougher assignment than anything in Japan.

  6. Surely he would be a lǎoflỳ.

  7. I’m curious. Is any familiar with LA when the smog issue was a really big problem? Is Beijing similar to that? I’m just trying to put the scale of China’s pollution into perspective.

  8. One commenter pointed out that ‘Shanghai bounces to its own tune’ That was my experience also, not as oppressive politically; because the Shanghais are business people and are more concerned with getting wealthy rather than politics, it’s a special economic zone. You are only going to get grief if you question the state and it appears, because someone tried to “hack” him, he’s blogging about politics. You can do as you like these days in China but don’t question the state.
    In Beijing foreigners are only allowed to live in designated, approved apartments. Perhaps that’s changed but in Shanghai you live were you want.
    The city is cleaner and air quality is better but hardly good. If he really liked the place he could of relocated, but maybe it was time to go, sometimes its just time to go.

  9. What, you killed Matsuken Sambo thread? I have to admit my post were a bit of a wind-up, I was just trying to inspire you guys back into form but as it turned out you were already wound up, that thread was kinda fun.
    David, I come here because it’s always interesting, educational and fun. Nobody flames on the level the teb/gism crowd does, it’s a remarkably high brow brand of insult which I have credit to a level of intelligence on this site. That is, until someone used “that’s gay” that was a little offensive.
    I missed you guys. I know, I know, you didn’t miss me.
    Free Pussy Riot!

  10. lol teb/gism


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