Just Be Cause is back on form!

After a few months of disappointingly uncontroversial JBC’s, Mr Arudou is back on form with more ill-thought through material. The basic premise that 外国人風 is a useless and offensive term in police reports is one that I hope all my readers would agree with, however.

This is why judiciaries provide mechanisms to keep media accountable.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem quite right to me; I would say they provide mechanisms to provide redress from irresponsible media.

But what about broadcasting misleading or false information about groups? That’s a different issue, because Japan has no laws against "hate speech" (ken’o hatsugen).

We have two different issues conflated here; "All foreigners hate natto" is most certainly false, but it’s not hate speech. Furthermore, hate speech seems to be 憎悪発言, 差別発言 or just ヘイトスピーチ.

If there is a crime where the perpetrator might be a non-Japanese (NJ), the National Police Agency (and by extension the media, which often parrots police reports without analysis) tends to use racialized typology in its search for suspects.

I expect VK to pop up and explain why this use of "racialized typology" is all wrong!

Typology such as this has long been criticized by scholars of racism for lacking objectivity and scientific rigor.

:headdesk: The police and press are passing on witness descriptions, not carrying out a scientific analysis.

One might see […] the occasional chūgokujin-kei, firipin-kei, etc., for suspects involved in organized crime or the "water trade."

Tut-tut Mr Arudou. Shall I report you to your censorship police for suggesting Chinese and Filipinos are Triads and prostitutes?

1) When there is a suspect on the run, and the public is being alerted to be on the lookout, then give phenotypical details (e.g., gender, height, hair color) — the same as you would for any Japanese fugitive.

Does Mr Arudou believe that skin colour or indeed nose size is a phenotypical detail?

2) When there is a suspect in custody for interrogation (as in, not yet charged for prosecution), then it is not necessary to give phenotypical or nationality details.

3) When there is an arrest, giving out details on specific nationality is permissible

A suspect in custody by definition has been arrested. I think in 2) he means a person of interest, someone the police want to eliminate from their enquiries.

2) […]it is not necessary to give phenotypical or nationality details. Why? […] It is also not yet a fact of the case that this particular crime has been committed by this particular person — innocent before proven guilty, remember.

3) When there is an arrest, giving out details on specific nationality is permissible

3) contradicts 2).

when there is an acquittal, the police and media should mention the nationality of the former suspect in a public statement, to counteract the social damage caused by any media coverage that may have inadvertently linked criminality to a nationality.

I’m getting reminded of the Monty Python News for Parrots sketch

In addition, the police should repeatedly caution the media against any tone associating nationality with criminality.

NO, NO, and thrice NO!

Because the media must not only watch the watchers; it must watch itself.

I thought you just said that was the police’s job?

I also know that policymakers read the Japan Times Community pages and this column, because they have changed their policies after withering criticisms here.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Anyone ready to say in public "He’s a criminal because he’s from Osaka"?

Didn’t the Asahi Weekly imply Hashimoto was a criminal because of his Burakumin roots? And people seem quite happy to ask similar questions on Q&A sites. You’ll also see similar broad brushes on Japan Today and, dare I say it, Debito.org.

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  1. @nXn

    Dedicated to the best – RIP, speedy recovery or whatever*

    Let me answer you question with questions…

    (a) Did you read my post? (b) Did you read the passage under the photo? (c) Are you another pencil-necked pretend activist getting trampled under the boot of the xenophobic, divinely descended master rice race?

    (a) I said “file a complaint”. The “English” “Teacher” “Blogger” “Culture Shocked Nerd” claims to have filed a complaint. To you I say “ooh ooh… ooh, ooh, oooooohh” sorry, wrong album… Let me start again. To you, to the etc above, I say – To whom did you file the complaint? City level HQ? Prefecture level HQ? Also, you and I both know this is the internet (it is, right?) so no pics, no proof. Got a pic of the complaint form, completed and stamped? No, didn’t think so. “Filed” the report in English? They have a special cabinet for those ones at the police – it’s called 燃えるゴミ. Or was the “complaint” “filed” by phone call?

    I sure hope you (meaning the complainant) didn’t give the nasty yellow po po your address. If you actually did successfully make a claim that wan’t filed under 可燃物expect a gestapo like invasion of privacy in the form of a follow up call and a bicycle registration check soon! Be careful, they may try to stop you outside a station and make you show them your ARC/etc card! Have debito.org set to speed dial, dude.

    (b) Well, didja? Read the passage under the photo? Let me re-print it without permission: “This all took place near the Hanakawado Koban where these 2 officers seem to work.” So the legendary hero filing the complaint doesn’t even know if the two bacon twirlers are actually even stationed there! あかんべ~! Good luck trying to make a formal complaint when you don’t even know who it was…

    (c) I divine… yes!

    *My guitar’s nearly rendered ash and I’m just not feelin’ it anymore… and I really don’t like my singing voice. Time for an OD?

  2. iLikedolphins

    Christ on a stick, I feel like I’ve created a monster.

  3. I was born from the sweat of a…

    Man who am I kidding, I can’t keep this up. Fun while it lasted.

    All sentiments my own. Stylistic elements courtesy of ILD. Working class hero mindfuck.

  4. Kenny wants to suck Debito’s cock. That’s the end of it chaps.

  5. @Johnny: way to be random dude. keep telling it like it is! And fuck Sora while we’re at, ay? Right wing racist prick.

    Hey sora, sarcasm dude… :mrgreen:

  6. Well, that rants piece is obviously

    a. written by an eikaiwa teacher, note the bad punctuation and English illiteracy “this mans head”, “country-man” (a man from the country?)

    b. unable to speak Japanese, all “quotes” are what he thinks he heard – through his debito-filter

    c. Almost surely a total fabrication.

    Not only no photo (not even a blurred one) of the alleged Indian man (and how the fuck does this white boy know the guy is Indian? By the color of his skin? a smell of curry? Isn’t that..RACISM?! Oh, he notes he changed the details to protect his identity. uh huh)

    …but not even a photo of the floater?

    and of course, no video of police being assholes?

    and as others note, no scan of the “complaint” he says he filed.

    Christ, he sure has learned a lot from the debito-fan playbook. Tell a mostly unbelievable story where the J is all evil and the NJ are always right, produce no evidence, demand the yellow man listen to the gaijin, and expect praise.

    After reading one more of the “rants”, I get a feeling this guy is making everything up for attention. (His English versions of his biting sarcasm when facing down The J MAN! is just way too cool for school.) Though he is better at lying than certain pseudo-journalists, that’s not saying much.

    Don’t give him attention. And just hold back on mentioning the still-obvious problems with his stories for a later date, if anyone starts believing him.

  7. @Johnny: Ahh, so that’s what the content of one of your comments that failed the Japan Times moderator was. :facepalm:

  8. iLikedolphins

    Hilarious that the guy is getting called out for being a loser eikaiwa teacher, given the professional make-up of this ‘white-collar poser site’.

    Apparently language prostitution is a fine and noble profession up until the moment one of your fellow travelers decides to cast aspersions on the pure innocence of the Japanese and their egalitarian ‘agencies’. Then you get your ‘eikaiwa hate’ on!

    As a blue collar professional I am afforded the chance to sit back and laugh while you eat each other alive. It does sadden me though, that the language whores are looked down on so much by the natives. Their gullibility tested, their fashions scoffed at, and yet they still cling on to their floating dreams ‘of popularity’.

    That’s why you bend over for anyone in glasses with an Asian accent, right VK? You’re a good puppy.

  9. Your obsessive sexual interest in me is noted, Mr Dolphins.

  10. iLikedolphins

    Yeah, I’m really horny for stuffy pompous apologetic old dudes with pseudonyms on the Internet, a shame really, when I’m surrounded by steeled grease monkeys with their coveralls peeled halfway down and glistening in the sun EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY.

  11. @iLikedolphins:

    I suppose it would add an element of irony to the character that’s been missing for a short while.

  12. @Digdug: You better be ironically stealing my style with those a,b,c bullet points. I notice you’re lifting a bit from my tone too. :mad:

    I think it might be time to mix things up. :cool:

  13. iLikedolphins

    It’s easy to be dry when your spend your afternoons chatting with dessicated Saharan sand vagina ladies. Some if it must rub off.

    Seriously VK, your stunted emotions range from pedantic grammar rage to the green jealously monster envy hard-on that you seem to have for my job and that’s it.

    I’ve done something deep inside you haven’t I? Touched you in a place all the way up there? You’ve been bending over and taking from the Japanese so long that it takes someone like me to breathe a little fire on the dark hardened dead black knot of a whore’s soul that you keep slammed shut between your thighs.

    Gives me the willies sometimes thinking about a language prostitution whore desperately seeking attention on cyber bullying poser websites.

  14. @iLikedolphins:

    Even you have to admit that was a very tired effort. You need to regain your mojo somehow.

  15. @iLikedolphins:

    “desperately seeking attention on cyber bullying poser websites.”


  16. iLikedolphins

    This would be a strange site to pick if I wanted attention. A gaggle of flaccid English teachers and a couple of ‘web coders’.

    We all know IT in Japan is just Eikaiwa 2.0 anyway….

  17. Andrew in Ezo

    ot- Krugman on Abenomics

    *couldn’t help but chuckle at one comment, of a 25_year_resident in Japan, who says he first heard of Abenomics by reading the article :shock:

  18. @VK: Are you nuts? Didn’t you notice the stylistic shift? Before it was unreconstructed, indirect, ambiguous homo-erotica. Now it’s explicit, powerful, grand and even big. Haven’t been there myself, wouldn’t want to sully the master… just saying.

    Youse bitchez don’t know how to have fun. Youse all is gettin’ bent over by a bent back cetacean appreciatah!

    And nonsense about “mojo”. Pot/kettle VK, I think aside from the tough love handed out by ILD your spars with Varus have taken a toll. Do I need to get all care-bear-y on you too? Hey, if dolphin lovers can receive it, surely slightly spiky, linguistic pedants can too, no? I care because I care.

  19. @KT88: ‘Sora’ is the twitter user ‘Take Shima’, who claims to be resident in the UK, but tweets in contravention of UK anti-hate speech laws. Ken, you want to distance yourself and this site from ‘Take Shima’s’ racist hate tweets?

  20. @david winkle: No, 空 is not Take Shima, and Take Shima is an arse who really should be somehow held accountable for his tweets.

  21. @iLikeDolphins:

    Nice find. Interesting that “Ken Tanaka” (David Ury) is branching out from his usual comedy routine into more of a political message.

    A lot more silly and over-the-top (it is MadTV, after all) parody of the same message:

    Bobby Lee is Mad TV’s “Average Asian”

  22. Dear Kenneth,

    In that case, are you prepared to contact authorities in Japan, the UK and other countries and guide them to finding this person, in light of his death threats and other criminal behavior online. Or do you think that, as a website owner and operator, you are not responsible for content on your site?

    Also, have police contacted you already, or are you trying to evade them?

    As a person involved with security at Panasonic, and a responsible citizen of a civilized nation such as Japan, which you seem to dearly love and respect, do you consider it your duty to help police track down criminals?

    If not, could you kindly justify your own actions or inactions?

    Thanks in advance for your replies,


  23. Hi CJ!

  24. @Warrior M. Dog: Whew, that was lucky, I thought for a minute you were going to ask me when I stopped beating my wife. :roll:


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