Rewriting history

Today’s Just Be Cause is all over the place. I’ll skip the history bit and leave that to experts, so let’s try to stick to stuff I know something about:

The U.S., Japan’s strongest ally and chaperone for most of its foreign policy, is, given Japan’s powerless leftist opposition, basically the only one who can stop this.

So, the USA should interfere in Japanese politics. However, a few paragraphs down I see:

But the U.S., now assuming the post-Cold War mantle of world’s policeman, is undermining that goal by continuing to meddle in Japan’s politics.

So, the USA should not interfere in Japanese politics. I suspect that what he means is that they should only interfere with policies Dr Arudou doesn’t like.

So, in the name of “containing communism” at the dawn of the Cold War, the U.S. released the Japanese war criminals they hadn’t executed, who then went on to become prominent politicians, businessmen, organized-crime figures — even a prime minister.

That “organised crime” one looks straight out of Jake Adelstien’s playbook. Furthermore, the prime minister, Kishi, was not tried as a war criminal.


This seems to be a new term he has invented, but as many nationalist politicians have said, obtaining Japanese citizenship is good enough for them. Furthermore, Japanese naturalisation requirements are rather low and cheap, and I have not heard anyone from the LDP say that they should become more strict.

China’s rapid economic growth and heavy integration into the world market, both as its factory and lender of last resort, indicates that it shall not (and should not) be so easily contained. 

Really? Is he not bothered by them reclaiming land in the Paracels, etc, to build islands to try to extend their EEZ?

[Shinzo Abe] even recently sent his “liberal” wife to visit war-celebrating Yasukuni Shrine


This will be confirmed beyond doubt once we see the revival of prewar politics by assassination, the natural progression from the current trends of intimidation and death threats.

:facepalm: So when does he predict Diet members will start dying of lead poisoning?

Look out, non-Japanese residents, you’re going to attract even more attention now — as lab rats for Japan’s nascent foreign policy. 

What on earth is that supposed to mean?






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  1. @Whatever: You seem to have called that one right (it wasn’t a hard call to make, though). That “anonymous” who has been posting recently writes like Steve Jackman with Tourette’s.

  2. yeah, tossed off. lol. Debito admits he’s a wanker. snigger.

  3. Bit quiet round here… Anybody fancy offering any thoughts/opinion’s about VICE’s expose of the JK prostitution epidemic that is currently consuming Tokyo?

  4. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    Sure, here’s my take:

    It’s an epidemic.

    An epidemic that’s been around for at least 30 years. And at least heavily talked about *within Japan* from 20 years ago.

    But now someone at VICE heard about it so it’s a Real Problem now.

    “Kony 2012!”

  5. Okay, sample quote for anyone not following:
    “‘Part of the reason you have this sort of Lolita culture in Japan is because the life and the opportunities for women are so bad,’ crime correspondent Jake [Adelstein] said in the documentary.”

  6. “Let me tell you about this RACIST at the bank and how I got MICROAGGRESSED!”

    Meanwhile, on the Internets, right-wing trolls come in their undies at the thought of all Koreans being deported, scramble desperately for a phone and the courage to actually speak to another living being at the immigration department, swamp the clerks with reports of imagined Koreans.

    Wonder why this isn’t on his front page?

    “Koreans … ? Hey, let me tell you about how I got MICROAGGRESSED at the BANK!”


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