Let’s green Fukushima with, err, coal!

I’m sure that many of you will have seen the news that Mitsubishi and TEPCO plan to build two new coal-fired IGCC power stations on the Fukushima coast.

I’m sure it’s just due to a lack of space that none of Reuters, Asahi, Japan Times and Japan Today took the opportunity to discuss the demerits of such a scheme, rather that the Nuclear Village bribing them not to show up nuclear :roll: , and I look forward to Taro Yamamoto passing another letter to the emporer to express his worries for the children near that plant, and I expect that there will be calls for Abe to explain to the Diet and IOC how they are tsunami-ready and if everything would really be Under Control and confined to a 1.3 km radius.

  1. @Rob:

    I’ve said it before, but that article is an absolute f**king disgrace. Even though they have qualified scientists telling them plainly and clearly not only that this has nothing to do with Fukushima, but explaining why, and in terms that a ten year old child could understand, they still push the “it might be Fukushima” line and roll out known crackpot Alexey Yablokov, a man who thinks radiation causes cirrhosis of the liver.

    If Adelstein and Stucky haven’t worked out that Yablokov is a crank by now, then I have to wonder about the reliability of their reporting in general. Just in case one of them is reading, this is well-referenced, if impolite:


    If Adelstein skews (or simply cannot understand) evidence like this in order to manufacture a story out of less than nothing, how do we know he’s telling the truth about anything else? How do we know his Fukushima reporting is accurate? Or his shtick with the Yakuza?

    And if Adelstein’s so concerned about not harming anyone with his reporting, why are he and Stucky going so far out of their way to scare pregnant women like this, even when they’ve been told quite clearly by the grown-ups that their theory is a load of tosh? What is it with anti-nuclear hacks that they are so convinced of their own saintliness?

  2. ummmm…..Adelstein is not actually a journalist, he’s a novel writer and soft target for jealous hacks like CJ. Have you actually read his website and seen the pictures of him doing yoga poses and talking about what he learned in life from the Yakuza? How people like you guys are still umming and ahhhing about whether Jake the Fake is fake or not is beyond me. I guess gaijins have a wide tolerance margin for fuckwits.

  3. @iLikedolphins:

    He was a real journalist. I don’t want to get so jaded as to just shrug my shoulders when someone who a lot of people trust churns out crap like this.

  4. Yeah, maybe he was a journalist, maybe he worked at a newspaper in the olden days, but what’s he doing now? Running a blog and pretending to have mob connections in order to pick up girls? Isn’t this Captain Obvious?

    Even if he was a well heeled crime reporter, his contacts were all cops weren’t they? I know some policemen too but I haven’t managed to parlay that into a ‘career’ involving stealing badly dressed women off of retards.

    I think his ‘blog’ speaks for itself. Show me some ‘news’ he has uncovered that doesn’t involve going to the convenience store to buy someone else’s tabloid magazine. And who trusts this guy what? Get off the Internet with that gaijin idol shit….

  5. KT88 (more impressed than Impressed)

    @iLikedolphins: Well played, sir! Boo yaa bitches! Jakety Jake, the Fakety Fake. Watch out! Imaginary libel lawsuit incomiiiiinnnng!


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