Losing my racism, completing my transaction

This month, Dr Arudou decides to spin out a blog entry into an article for the Japan Times, on how “racism” at a Canadian bank and at Jamaican borders prove once again that Japan is horrible.

First, at the bank an “Asian gentleman” (I’ve learnt from the comments on his blog that it’s only racist if you categorise someone’s race behind their back, not while they are within earshot) denied the doctor’s inalienable human right to be both Japanese and white, although you’ll note that the Asian gent was denied his right to be Canadian and Asian.

Now, what exactly happened at the bank? According to debito.org and the second eyewitness, there is agreement up until we lose the racism and complete the transaction. However, he then says “Afterwards, I asked the teller”, but if we assume “afterwards” to be after heading to the car then returning to complain (as told by the third party), the teller had already been sent home! If it was after losing the racism and completing the transaction, according to the original telling the manager intervened leaving no opportunity for this exchange. This may seem like trivial quibbling, but as others have pointed out, and even as Dr Arudou himself has documented regarding his returning of his US passport, his reliability as a true record of events is questionable, and not of the degree of rigour that one would expect from an “independent scholar”.

Next, he touches on the Facebook flare-up, but glosses over, indeed backpedals on, the fact that he capitulated by admitting that “I overreacted, and in an unproductive way”.

There is then a ridiculous section of self-aggrandising, talking about how not having had more than a parking ticket then completing a tiresome paper chase to obtain Japanese citizenship is some sort of feat worthy of respect.

We then think of the children:

OK, how will you react the 100th time (or the fifth time in a day) that you hear, “Oh, what cute gaijin kids!”

I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate! And wouldn’t his sprogs have been called “haafu”s? I’m not going give myself nightmares by revisiting his archives to find out exactly how he classified them.

We’re fully formed adults — we can take these sucker punches

But wasn’t this article all about how he didn’t take the “You don’t look Japanese” sucker punch? Indeed he agrees:

But if they articulate thoughts inaccurate, unkind or alienating about us or the people we care for, we should reserve the right to push back accordingly

I’d be confused, but I’m already sucker punch-drunk from reading this guff.

Another thing, with him being out of the country he seems totally unaware of the coverage of two new star haafu sportsmen, the next Usain Bolt, Ghanaian-fathered Sani Brown Abdul Hakim (Ghana Web credits his ability to his Japanese mother), and one of the two Koushien Kaibutsu, some kid with a Nigerian (I think) father. I’m sure he’ll find a way to spin it all negatively (kaibutsu – scary black monster!), just like he has warned Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Universe Japan (respect to her PR team!) that she surely faces “frustration” when she fails to change Japan.

On a side note, Eido’s comment on his lack of negative experiences was deleted from the Japan Times, as was, apparently, a naturalised Japanese commenting on Arudou’s Facebook page that he travels very regularly without any similar bother from immigration.

Finally, as a bonus, here is some Vogon poetry.

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  1. That link leads to one of the most mental things I have seen on the internet.

  2. It is an interesting question though.

    Which Gaijin are taken seriously by the local populace and which Gaijin are not?

    I would imagine Mr Ken with his respectable job at such a well known company would be.

    I definitely am. Captain of industry and all that.

    Any kind of English teacher probably isn’t. Even those with families are treated as background noise by the natives in most social situations. Probably what led to Debito’s ‘activism’ in the first place.

    Adrian’s considered a bit of a clown on the English-language Internet and reading comprehension skills aside, I don’t think he’d be given a second glance by someone living in the real world.

    I wonder if Japanese people sense all this when they choose whether or not to sit next to you on the train?

  3. 50 shades of Di Griz

    ‘Help-desk’ Havil feels cheated out of his ‘gaijin fame’ in Japan, and hates on other ‘published’ gaijin :roll:

  4. Ken on another phone

    I’ve been thinking about posting about Atsugiri Jason’s tweet; maybe I will do, or maybe I’ll just comment. I also noticed Mr Griz trolling hard about it on Debito…

  5. Ugh, Japan Today comments, some of the most bigoted shits outside of debito.org whining like babies because some shit comedian met an old bloke who had to yell “Japanese Only” maybe because he was racist or maybe because he didn’t know the English for “FFS you twat, can’t you read, these are toilets for staff, we have to work here and don’t get many breaks, you tourists have a convenience store across the road to piss in!”.

    Out the many spackka comments my favorite was: From wtfjapan.

    ‘i would have just calmly said to the guy in Japanese, “Ok this is the toilet for small wieners, wheres the big weirner toilet!?”‘

    From debito.org we know that the neckbearded gaijin who has a fantasy about using his perfect Japanese to put the misery Oyaji in his place is usually an ALT who has been here for 3 years and can barely read the menu in McDonalds.

    This Jason is probably a twat but he probably makes more in a week than your average ALT/eikaiwa/IT monkey makes in 2 months. So his crime is not just being an apologist but also being more successful than the average FOB weebaboo, that can never be forgiven in the eyes of the bedwetting crybabies that are the English teachers.

  6. 50 shades of Di Griz

    @Sixth Sense:

    Fry that gaijin dancing monkey boy! FRY HIM! Race traitor. :twisted:

  7. @Orudo Debiru: To paraphrase, I think “this is not the Debito you are looking for!” (Shouldn’t it be ARUDOU Debito?)

  8. Ken on another phone

    I picked up this comment from Facebook, which might explain daily micro aggression in Hawaii. I have no idea how true it might be, but the context was Donald Trump’s supporter telling someone to “Go home”, and someone saying they experienced similar:

    “To whites by people of Hawaiian ancestry. There is an attitude held by some that whites are lower-status than those with native blood.”

  9. I think it’s really disappointing that the well-to-do gaijin twitterati haven’t already put together a commemorative tome of Where They Were when someone off the telly was told something bad by someone somewhere, available on kindle.

  10. @Sixth Sense: I think you mean “DCOTOR, Arudo DEBITO”, you racist microgaggressor!

  11. I note in recent post even Doctor Dunce is getting a little perplexed at how creepy and incoherent Baudrillard/Anonymous is being. He probably has a tattoo of Debi on his chest and a little shrine like the Jed character did to Alan Partridge.

  12. @Simon: You spelt “Doctor” wrong on purpose, didn’t you! I know your sort!-)

  13. @VK:

    “Still a Fish Out of Water”

    If you’re a fish out of water for long enough, you suffocate.

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