Not "The Movie of the Book", but…

…more like the CM of the JBC, where the Sanitizer-General deals with a few WASPs.

Arse jet my ping-pong indeed.

  1. 1枚、2枚、3枚、4枚、郷!!!

  2. After last month’s record low interest in his self-promotion(or maybe lack of positive interest?), looking forward to JBC this week. The teaser is fantastic, surprised he baulked at a favorite topic – maybe they suggested that title due to time constraints, or maybe they too have seen through the BS and want something real.

  3. “The adverse effects of modesty and humility”

    How on earth would he know anything about that?

  4. Theyve got to be yanking his chain on this one.

    I said, “How can I do that without sounding boastful and self-aggrandizing?”

    They had no answer. 

  5. @Sublight:

    Thanks for making the Coke (cola, not powder) spew out my nose by revealing the topic.

    If CJ decides to tweet his approval of the article later on, please give some warning before telling us.

  6. @Sublight:

    If only there were a blog where we could pick apart the comedy of that exchange…

  7. @Beanstalker: Too busy stifling their laughs to answer? It’s such an easy “It’s never stopped you before!” comeback, he must be fishing for compliments, or indeed for a biographer to write his ex-gaijin legacy. I’ll definitely do tomorrow’s JBC, but I reserve the right to just post the link if it’s too pathetic. :facepalm:

  8. Now, if he spins that topic into how other gaijin are meekly bowing to Japanese microagression (by adjusting to the culture, like anyone does anywhere, and ending up with happy fulfilling lives instead of “writing 5000 articles” about how the culture sucks… in a foreign language) or some such bullshit.. well, all sense of surprise will evaporate.

    But I might be misunderestimating him.
    (See?! It can be a word, Bush-haters!)


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