Oh-oh, I have a funny feeling about this one…

Mr Arudou has published a trailer to this month’s Just Be Cause, and my initial thoughts were that I hope the Japan Times has had a lawyer read it over…

he claimed there is no evidence that the Japanese government sponsored the program

Wrong. He disputes the details of the system, specifically the coercion element.

suggested these exploited women were (and still are) a "necessary" outlet for a military’s primal urges

The "still are" is also wrong, unless you take the view that Japan’s adult entertainment business employees are the equivalent of sex slaves. Actually, there is definitely issues of human trafficking and the Entertainer Visa, but let’s wait to see what kind of equating goes on…

He has also presented us with a case study of how to keep people like him in check

I wonder if he’ll contradict last month’s opinion on censorship? :facepalm:

BTW, searching Google, I find an interesting article on the subject from the Telegraph, written by an ex-prostitute.

Another interesting thought: can we call soldiers conscripted during wartime "murder slaves"?

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  1. Furthermore, the Economist’s Banyan blog weighs in with phrasing like:

    Japan’s organised rape of wartime sex slaves


  2. Hmm, turns out to be rather predictable and dull. I’ll stay away from the JT comments section on this one.

  3. Generally, after Japanese politicians or bureaucrats burp up ignorant, bigoted, sexist or offensively ahistorical comments, they backpedal by claiming they were somehow misunderstood…

    yes, some would-be novelists pull that stunt, too…

  4. And this month’s installment of “Words I Don’t Appear to Know The Meaning Of:”

    To Paraphrase…

    Which actually means:

    To express the meaning of (the writer or speaker of something written or spoken) using different words, esp. to achieve greater clarity.

  5. @Ken Y-N: Not sure I disagree with Banyan’s wording. If the women were coerced, then it was, by definition, rape wasn’t it? And the government has acknowledged coercion and abuse.

  6. I find it interesting how guys like Debito and CJ like to focus their attention on the Comfort Women issue and don their finest white knight armor. Especially when you take a close look at their own outlooks on morality and women in general.

  7. @Tama Guy:

    Could you mean this little gem?


    On the other hand, I think it’s unfair to put Arudou and CJ in the same boat. Arudou usually just ignores women’s issues (particularly non-Western women), whereas CJ positively gives me the creeps in just 140 characters when he starts trying to groom.

    This column is actually – :shock: – not bad (I was worried he was inadvertently going to make Hashimoto seem sympathetic), which is maybe the first one I can remember that didn’t make me cringe. I don’t quite think he gets what Morris-Suzuki means by “performance”. It’s not meant dismissively (“reduce it to performance art”), but more a description of tactics.

    Although he calls for calm correction, he’s very vague on what it is that Hashimoto has wrong, but to be honest, I’m kind of glad that Arudou himself is not going to get involved in the detail.

  8. iLikedolphins

    I was at the Hub once and a group of well dressed language professionals nearby were pontificating on how they could not abide the vulgar sexism of the Japanese salaryman before gracefully moving on to lurid tales of private students they had fucked and abandoned on suburban train lines.

  9. @iLikedolphins:

    I was at the Hub once

    You don’t say…

  10. Kind of like those disenfranchised denizens who rail about xenophobic Japan and the racism of the natives before casually laying into “Nigerian Touts”, “Iranian Drug Dealers”, Chinese, Koreans and the fucking French?

    @VK: I think the column “isn’t bad” because it doesn’t actually say very much. I think he kind of phoned it in from the shotgun seat on the bandwagon.

  11. “It feels like lopping off one of the heads of a hydra”

    Is he actually saying that all Japanese people look the same to him? Massive racist.

  12. @Taurus: I assume you’re “paraphrasing” there?

  13. iLikedolphins


    sorry, should have clued you in earlier, but ‘the Hub’ is a kind of rhetorical device, or placeholder, to indicate a physical location where loser gaijins tend to congregate. I actually heard that on the bus.

    Anyway, best knock it on the head yeah? I’ve pushed you down so hard so often you’ve got tons of little scrapes and bruises all over your knees professor! lol professor of the Internet

  14. @VK: What about something a bit more up to date?

    Group-think gets people off the hook from trying to maintain intimacy, while people made to feel they “want sex too much” are sometimes told to take their loins elsewhere. No wonder sleeping around in Japan is a national pastime.

    It is one more disincentive to marry in Japan. Indeed, why lock yourself into a marriage to someone who becomes a sibling instead of a spouse?


    About the article, he did say before that he was not an expert on history so couldn’t comment, and as you say, it’s probably better that he didn’t. :???:

    Yes, and “paraphrasing” now equals “deliberately twisting the meaning”. :roll:

    (BTW, there were some funny control characters at the end of that URL, but I fixed it)

  15. @iLikedolphins: See? The whole point of me borrowing your schtick was to demonstrate how metaphor can be used as a substitute for the obsession with bland literal modes of writing and faux-sholarship that get thrown about here.

    Gimme something entertaining, weave in a point and if you’re gonna smack a bitch down, do it with style/flair/clawhammers.

    Meanwhile, thank you for the clarification, I agree: The Hub indeed rides buses, hangs out on discussion boards, lurks in stations, crawls through festivals… hell there was even one at the English pub I passed last night as I left work for the carpark.

    Anyway back on topic… yeah right…

  16. @ILikedolphins

    I would have answered “international parties” instead of “the hub” for loser gaijin hangouts. Seriously, ever been to one of those? You can cut the sexual desperation with a butter knife.

  17. iLikedolphins

    I’ve seen them a couple of times on TV. One was played for laughs in Osaka with a fat comedian girl trying to get a date. Light fluffy stuff. The other was from a fucked up Japanese girl’s POV in Tokyo. She would methodically go around to every nerd in the party and intensely inform them of a list of every country she had ever been too. She hated Japan. Comment from the studio guests, ‘you might as well leave then’…. (Subtext: stupid bitch)

    Actually the Osaka one also had a haggard country Gyaru with no teeth saying she preferred the foreign man to weak Japanese men. Cue derision from the studio guests again. Must be part of the show.

    I’d hate to be at one of those things for real though, even out of morbid curiosity. The worst both Japan and Gaikoku has to offer all under one awkward roof.

  18. Andrew in Ezo

    Once had an Aussie on the wrong side of fifty invite me to a “yukata party” where there were, he assured me, plenty of Japanese girls eager for ah, cultural exchange.

  19. @Andrew in Ezo: Just for clarity, which side of fifty is the wrong size for an Aussie?

  20. Aaaaand… The JT comments are starting to trickle in. Looks like Summer Troll Season has started early…

    Anyone who thinks JBC/debito.org is at the forefront of this debate, rather than clinging desperately to its coat-tails, clearly doesn’t read a whole lot.

  21. @Andrew in Ezo:

    I’ve met guys here in their forties (I think it was in the Hub) going on about how they wouldn’t touch anyone more than half their age for fear of dry vaginas. It was like talking to those lopsided-skull-kids from all-boys schools in the first few weeks of university, only with a creepy sad uncle element overlaid.

  22. @iago: Heh, that guy quoting the KCNA is classic. :lol:

  23. Mark in Yayoi

    Yeah, which one of you guys is the “Rodong Sinmun”? :lol:

  24. The Hubs started going downhill when they took those cheeseburgers off the menu, they were great. Now all that’s left are burnt pizzas and dry fish and chips.

  25. @COYP: So what can we read into your metaphor… I’ll let others do since my grandstanding days are over.

    I mostly do small clubs, you know the pay to play racket. The fans come out, that’s the main thing…

  26. iLikedolphins

    I’ve never paid to play in my life

  27. @iLikedolphins: Perhaps Mr Dolphins would feel more at home with the ex-pats of Dubai? :lol:

  28. @Ken Y-N: What’s not to like about Carpaccio of Guava?

  29. iLikedolphins

    The man that wrote that story felt inadequate at a socialite party and took his revenge on the Internet. And they were friends of his friends. Massively British class anxiety Fail.

  30. Looks like Fighty’s a little off his game today. A bit too obvious…

  31. That’s strange – no Just Be Cause today. Is it a newspaper holiday again?


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